Ring 211 October 2011 Report

Dennis Favreau presented our October workshop. It was a Powerpoint presentation titled “The History of Gambling & Games of Chance” with special emphasis on how that history has influenced the practice of magic. Major points covered were: why learn about gambling history; artifacts and early forms of gambling from China, the Romans, Egypt, and Europe; U. S. Gambling; quotes one may hear from a gambler; the games of chance including dice games, the three shell game, cups and balls, three card monte, keno, roulette, craps; history of playing cards (Italian, Spanish, German, French); poker; blackjack; slot machines; top things not to do at a casino; beating the odds — understand how to play the games, play fair, knowing the odds, entertainment and attitude, comps, and a game plan. This was quite an enlightening workshop. One may obtain an Adobe PDF file on this presentation at ring211.org. Well worth to view it. Thank you Dennis.

Tonight was Children’s Magic with chairperson Peter Stobie. He is now our program chairman. Peter as Professor Anson Pantz (in costume) opened the show by singing “My brother eats bugs . . .” He even got us all involved in singing along. He also did a three balloon balance (focus on an insect’s body) and a bee out of a hive gag. See, Peter works at a nature center and does many workshops involving kids at the center and also at schools. So he involves magic as part of the learning.

Mike McNee as a referee magician placed a basketball uniform on Jesse Shira and presented the multiplying wands, a torn and restored card involving a basketball player card. He pumped up a flat basketball inside a dove pan. The restored card was inside the basketball.

Jerry Herdegen amused us with a dragon silk to a bunny gag and his “Choo Choo The Clown” foldable sign which produced a rock, an apple, a clown silk, two rabbits, and a hopping rabbit. He also had multiplying wands but clear. He had a spectator place a red, white, and blue balloon (each) into a dove pan and a string of U.S. flags appeared. He concluded by forming a small poodle balloon which could beg, stand on its nose, roll over, etc.

Professor Anson Pantz intrigued us with a puppet routine involving a Spitlerbug puppet and its life cycle from nymph to a beautiful adult.

Brad Lancaster closed the show with his dazzling persona involving Laflin’s Russian Rings, his egg bag routine, Patriotic Ropes, Fluff his puppet rabbit in a hat routine. Fluff as a chicken laid an egg, then as a rabbit multiplied wands from his hat, did a chain escape (gag), produced a dove (the bar soap), and vanished a balloon, . . . of course by letting the air out.

Another night of magic and fun. Big thanks to Peter and all our performers.

Ring 211 presents it Fourth Annual Abracadabra Close-Up Magic Show on Sunday, February 12. See flyer on the web site.

Ring 211 September 2011 Report

Mike McNee presented our September workshop on his topic of Create Creativity. As many of us have realized, Mike has used plenty of creativity in his performance of magic. Mike supplied a detailed multi-page handout. He stated his top ten reasons for one to be creative. He pointed out how to be creative: do an existing trick but with different props, combine two or more tricks into one routine, take a pop or routine and add something to it to make it yours, an take an existing prop and make a unique story around it. He provided a few examples to the above points. He enticed us with a few quotes from Andre Kole, Albert Einstein, Dr. Seuss, and others. He discussed the stages: problem, preparation, frustration, incubation, insight, verification, and communication. He concluded his workshop with a mapping process. Contact Mike McNee at mmcnee@denooyer.com if interested in his booklet. Thanks Mike.

Tonight was Spook Night! Members performed a favorite Halloween type trick.

I performed an Egg Bag routine using a mini pumpkin. Mike McNee as Freddie Kruger (Friday the 13th movies) presented a card selection in which Dennis Favreau’s card was revealed upon a large picture frame. Jim Parkes showed us his Polish portable razor as a friendly joke on his wife, President Michele Parkes. Jim then had a card selected, returned to the deck and mixed, and a razor blade placed inside the deck box with the deck. The box was thoroughly shaken. The only card not cut up was the chosen card.

Krag Ryal freaked many of us with his witch finger surprise and vanish. Ron Carnell magically crumbled a deck and then had four silver dollar coins mysteriously pass through a napkin. Must have been the ghosts. Dennis Favreau performed a Vampire Block routine, a stake and block penetration. Peter Stobie at first displayed a frog in his throat only to proceed to determine who in the room was the vampire using his Transylvania Vampire Detector. . . it revealed him to our surprise. Two other routines I performed were a Chords of Phantasia using Halloween ornaments and a card rise in which a skeleton rises from a tomb with the chosen card on his forehead.

That is it for this meeting. Thanks to our performers.

Ring 211 August 2011 Report

In August, we hold our annual picnic, instead of the regular meeting. Here members bring themselves, family, and friends for a great time of socializing, eating, magic, and also fishing.

Magi and friends began arriving just past 2 PM on Sunday, August 21, in the back yard of Dr. Jack Vander Wal’s residence. One could not ask for a better sunny and with a light breeze day. Gil Scott, Jeff Haddock, MagicBob Zoerman, and June Horowitz, I noticed were showing each other tricks. Gil and Jeff were exploring false shuffles. To add to the fun, Ron Carnell brought two people with him from Colon, about a ninety minute drive away. Dave Bogdan, eager to visit with Gil, Jeff, etc., found himself upon the shoreline of the adjacent lake unhooking the many fish being caught by his sons Keegan and Kellan and then other youngsters from the Sam Durocher clan: Savannah, Max, and Jasmine. Max came quite close to breaking the record set by Gary Oisten three years ago. Members brought delicious salads, desserts, chips, and dip. This went well with the hot dogs and burgers furnished by the club. Dr. Jack fired up his new grill and flame-broiled the burgers adding his secret spices. He left me grilling the hot dogs on the old charcoal one. Continue reading