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Abracadabra Close-Up Magic Show: Ring 211 of the International Brotherhood of Magicians presents its Annual Abracadabra Close-Up Magic Show. Multiple acclaimed magicians perform in each of several limited-seating rooms, providing perfect close-up magic viewing.

Hocus Pocus Party: Known as The Earl Ray Wilcox Memorial Hocus Pocus Party, in its 24th edition, features a full dinner buffet, strolling close-up magic from Ring 211 magicians (and magi friends of), prize drawings including 50/50 raffle, cabaret show!

Club Holidays: All members are invited to our annual picnics and holiday parties. Bring family and friends too. Mingle with each other sharing magic stories. Enjoy a fabulous buffet of food. The event concludes with a Impromptu Magic Show. So bring a trick or routine to do.

Juice Ball: The annual Juice Ball is a mega-fundraising event sponsored by Grand Rapids chef/restaurateur Tommy FitzGerald to help raise money to purchase thousands of juice boxes for needy kids. Members of Ring 211 have participated, telling fortunes, creating balloon animals, and (of course) performing walk-around magic for up to 3,000 guests. It\'s fun, it\'s exhausting, and it\'s ultimately and eminently very rewarding.

2012 Juice Ball

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