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The Michigan Rings

IBM Ring 22 -- The Warren Stephens Ring, Detroit
IBM Ring 36 -- The Conjuror's Club, Flint
IBM Ring 54 -- The Magicians Guild of Lansing/Doug Dean Ring, Lansing
IBM Ring 210 -- The Ann Arbor Magic Club/Duke Stern Ring/Hank Moorehouse Assembly, Ann Arbor
IBM Ring 211 -- The June Horowitz/John deVries Magic Club, Grand Rapids
IBM Ring 212 -- The Dr. Boris Zola Ring, Saginaw
IBM Ring 333 -- The Timid Rabbit Magic Club/Fox Ring, Kalamazoo

Magic Events

Ring Event: Ring 211 Hosts 32nd Annual Hocus Pocus Party!

On Saturday, November 3, Ring 211 — The June Horowitz/John deVries Magic Club in Grand Rapids, Michigan — held its 32nd Annual Earl Ray Wilcox Memorial Hocus Pocus Party. Members sold tickets to a crowd of 230 people. Attendees came from all over West Michigan. Members, their friends and family members enjoyed a fun-filled evening of magical wonderment which included a delicious buffet dinner, cash bar, a strolling close-up magic period, face painting, balloon twisting, fortune telling, sponsored raffle giveaway prizes which included a fifty/fifty cash drawing, and a fabulous cabaret show.

The event was held at KC Banquet Center on the southwest side of town. Magically, attractive designed table décor invited the guests to their tables. Magic- themed posters, streamers, and other party related décor were placed on the side walls to add to the festive appeal. This event was also advertised on local newspaper and TV station web site calendars, Facebook, Twitter, and on MLive.com. Ring President Jeff Brodrick and Randy Vander Wal shared the upcoming news of this event with a spot on FOX 17’s “Morning Mix” on Halloween. WWMT Channel 3, the Kalamazoo CBS affiliate, also posted a write-up on their web site.

Prior to the full dinner buffet and until the cabaret show, there was fortune telling by Bogga Kahn (Dave Bogdan). Also there was face painting by SuZie Zoerman and Cassandra Heimbecker as Whimsey T. Clown. Preston Eakins, Scoop the Balloonatic, provided many balloon creations to not only any kids, but also adults. A table had a memorial display set up in honor of three of our members who have passed this past year: PIP June Horowitz, Wayne Ramsdell, and Roselynne Peters (wife of Leo).

The strolling close-up magic began during the food buffet period and continued for about an hour after the dinner. Magicians began by going to tables waiting to go through the buffet line. The following Ring 211 magi amused, amazed, and dazzled our guests: MagicBob Zoerman, Bill Rasmussen, Christian Rasmussen (youth member and Bill’s son), Gil Scott, Nicholas Watkins, P. J. Weber, Gary Oisten, Dennis Favreau, Phil Gleason, Roger Bus from Kalamazoo, Marcus Denton, Tanyon Sanders (youth member), Al Munro, Randy Vander Wal, Bruce Wehr, Bob Panlener, Jeff Brodrick, Hank Slagter, Don Tremblay, Gary Laundre’, and Leo Peters. One of our headliners, The Amazing Corbin, joined the magi at strolling.

Just prior to the cabaret show, a lucky winner received $238.00 from the raffle and other winners received the giveaway prizes which included small beginner magic tricks from Hippity Hop Magic, pizza coupons, and other novelty items.

The evening concluded with an extremely entertaining cabaret show featuring Gary Laundre’ as the emcee, Steven Michael, Dennis Favreau, the Amazing Corbin, and The Vegas Magic of Joel Douglas. Gary Laundre’ after a few inviting jokes introduced our first performer, “The Magic Stylings of Steven Micheal (Elkowitz).” This was his third appearance on the Hocus Pocus stage. This past year he has enlightened people at the American Museum of Magic, as a competitor in the recent Abbott’s Get Together, at an assembly at his high school, and busking during ArtPrize 9 and 10 on the Gillett Bridge. We were ready to be enticed with his spell- bounding manipulative act to music. From a petal of a white rose and a flame, a ball was produced to vanish to a silk appearance to knot vanish in silk to ball pop out to a silk and ball manipulation including a ball vanish from silk to silk roll up vanish to ball appearance and vanish to silk appearance with ball to a ball color change back and forth with hand vanishes and appearances to a vanish and reappearance from a top hat to production of multiple balls to more vanishes and appearances to multiple single ball productions to ball fans to ball to single card production and back to another single card production to card fan production to multiple card fan productions with productions of more single cards to a card fan from mouth to more card fans and single card productions to a color change card production to multiple color change card productions to varied color card fan productions to his vanish of Twix, his rabbit, from a folding box. One can see his act has become polished over the years from working with his mentor John Sterlini and his attendance at the Lance Burton Teen Seminar at the I.B.M. Convention Grand Rapids.

Gary Laundre’, known for his variety of hats for comic relief, wore a hunter’s cap with deer antlers for a brief moment as he entered the stage and then performed a gag on a cut and restored rope routine. He introduced Dennis Favreau, our second act. Dennis who is a diversified actor and entertainer who has appeared in print, television, commercials, and feature films also made made his third appearance. Dennis to music performed a smooth and impressive rope and knot and a “no ends” cut and restored rope routine which included a Professor’s Nightmare. Also, to music we enjoyed his two linking ring to a six linking ring routine. He got us laughing by doing the Vanishing Bandana . . . or banana. He concluded his segment by inviting a little girl from the audience to witness Knots Off Silk. And the expression on her face as she assisted with the tying and taking the knots off . . . magical moments!

Gary Laundre’ walked back on stage wearing a light bulb hat in which the bulb lit as he tapped it. I think he had an idea for correcting the first attempt at his cut and restored rope from previous. Yet, this time he mistakenly cut his tie. Well, he snipped more of his tie and the rope and placed the pieces in a bag and the result was one long “tie piece, rope piece, tie piece, rope piece, etc.” Is this the Gary Laundre’ who opened for the Statler Brothers, appeared in Las Vegas with Brenda Lee, and on national television? Yes. The Amazing Corbin — The Charming Cheat followed. Corbin is from London, Ontario, Canada and is the current president of Ring 265. He engaged us with sleight of hand, swindles, and con-games of skill. He presented a four card monte in which we were swindled upon following the Ace among three blank cards, in which the climax was three aces and a blank. Next, he invited a lady to assist in a “tell.” Three times the lady chose a number on a die and Corbin revealed the number by studying how she answered questions. First she answered “no” to all questions, then “yes.” The final reveal she said not a thing, just body language and in fact, the last reveal was spoken from a girl in the audience — a good way to get blown away. He concluded his segment with a rope tie escape. We were enthralled and delighted by the Amazing Corbin.

Gary Laundre’ entered the stage again but this time wearing a silver turban around his head. He informed us that his hair had to dry. He invited Ring member Ben Turner to assist with making a cake. Eggs and milk went into a container and mixed. This container was placed upside down on top of Ben’s head. Oops. Gary needed the instructions only to realize that sheet was between the container and the Ben’s head. He removed the sheet with no spill at all. Instead of a cake in the container, there was the appearance of a flower since Gary forgot the flour.

To close the show was Joel Douglas and Donna in “The Vegas Magic of Joel Douglas.” Joel has performed in Las Vegas for over twenty years and has been the opening act for Florence Henderson, yet a native of Lansing, Michigan. We saw a production of a dove from fire in a cage, the shrinking of one of his magic gloves to a size to fit a child assistant, and Ball to Jumbo Square and the red ball appearing from the child’s pocket. Next, there was a bunny silk to a live bunny production from a box. Then the bunny was flattened through another apparatus. Both the child and Joel agreed that is was better to bring “Mystery” the bunny back so the flattened bunny went into a feeder bucket and Mystery returned. Donna had us laughing as she tied two bandannas together and tucked the tied ends into his pants only to pull with the result of Joel’s large under briefs appearing between. Joel got Donna back with the Head Twister Illusion. To close the show, Joel did an underwater chain escape wearing a swim cap, goggles, and placed his head in a bucket of water.

What another astounding Hocus Pocus Party! There are many to thank: the entire membership for selling tickets, Jim and Michele Parkes for obtaining the place and managing all ticket sales, Jeff Brodrick for putting the show together, our stage, close-up performers, and other artists, Brooks Alder for operating the sound and lighting, Jim & Michele Parkes for heading the prize drawings and raffle, Randy Vander Wal with supplying the jet sets, Jeff Veley for use of his attractive backdrop and extraordinary sound system, Kathy Herdegen and Michele Parkes for decorating each table to magic affair the night before, and to my cousin Derek Lieverdink for photos and videotaping. A thanks to Christian Rasmussen for being the stage hand. A thanks to Jeff Brodrick, P. J. Weber, Dennis Favreau, Jeff Veley, Gary Laundre’, Jim Parkes, Dave Bogdan, and Julie Rasmussen for assisting the night before. Also, a thanks to Monica Cooper and Stacey Gitchel (relation to Michele Parkes) in assisting with ticket handling, decorations, and the prize drawings. A final thanks to any other member who helped out in any way and to the KC Banquet Center’s staff for their pleasant hospitality. An event such as this allows Ring 211 to host many lectures throughout the year to its club members (Dave Bogdan, our lecture chairman at bogsmagic@comcast.net). View all photos on the club’s web site and its Facebook Page (Search I.B.M. Ring 211).

Michael Ammar Experience Visits Grand Rapids

On September 10, Penguin Magic brought the Michael Ammar Experience to Grand Rapids, Michigan. The Experience has been happening in various cities and the last stop was Grand Rapids. Even though this was not a Ring event, many Ring 211 magicians attended and magi were drawn from all over the West Michigan area and even from as far away as Bay City. This was Michael’s fifth appearance in Grand Rapids over the last four decades. Brent Braun was demonstrating and selling his favorite Penguin products. The event took place at the DoubleTree Airport Hotel on the southeast side. In short,The Experience is a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn magic hands on and up close. It was three hour hands on learning experience where he taught not only how it works but why it works. Michael was one of the lecturers at the I.B.M. convention in San Antonio which was reviewed in the September issue of “The Linking Ring.” A big thanks to both Penguin Magic and to Michael. Ring 211 member Jesse Shira summarizes the Experience by writing the following:

The lecture was really well planned out. Michael said he was going to do two hours worth of magic at the start and the lecture went about 3 and a half. And after that he stuck around just to talk with anyone who had questions, wanted to show him something, take pictures, anything really. He shared a multitude of magic for every skill level ranging from an absolute beginner to the polished pro. There was a nice Q & A at the end where he talked about a bunch of things, including practice tips and stories about The Professor and the differences of performing on Johnny Carson and David Letterman. At the beginning he said he wanted this lecture to be better than his “Better Than Live” video tape series, and I say he did it. When signing up on the Penguin Magic website they don’t call it a lecture, they call it an experience, and that is exactly what it was, an experience nobody there will forget.

Fielding West Lecture

On Monday, September 17, at 7:30 pm, Ring 211 will host The Fielding West Lecture at Brann’s Steakhouse (click the link for map).

Fielding West is not only a magician’s magician but he possesses that very rare and impeccable sense of comedic timing that has landed him the opening spot for some of the biggest names in show business. A winner in the prestigious Desert Magic Seminar’s Comedy Magic Competition, Fielding has opened the show for such A-List celebrities as Liza Minnelli, Glen Campbel, Earth, Win and Fire, Mel Tillis, Phillis Diller, and dozens more.

His numerous network television appearances include spots on The Smothers Brother’s Comedy hour, A&E’s An Evening at the Improv, Caroline’s Comedy Hour, and NBC’s The World’s Greatest Magic and World’s Wildest Magic specials.

Fielding has also worked as a writer, magic consultant and technical director with Lance Burton, Siegfried and Roy on many of their TV specials. Fielding’s first one hour comedy magic special “Hocus Pocus it’s Fielding West” aired on WGN.

Fielding’s lecture covers wide areas of magic and comedy with NO cards.

  • The Fielding West finger ring vanish and reappearance
  • Large coin tricks
  • New uses for a thumb tip
  • Unpublished dye tube techniques taught to Fielding by Dai Vernon
  • All of his balloon tricks (published and unpublished), swallowing, and how to pull a fully inflated 260Q from your mouth at any point in your act, and how to produce a fully inflated balloon from a bag of balloons
  • DOVE magic – Fielding makes and sells Johnny Thompson’s “Wings of Warsaw” dove production (with his permission) and teaches how to produce several other inanimate objects from the same harness for the none dove workers
  • The Fielding West glass of liquid production
  • Fielding’s techniques for developing comedy from common magic props
  • Fielding’s head painting routine
  • Staging techniques for performing more professionally

Fielding’s lecture is filled with laugh provoking comedy and strong magic. You will find the lecture extremely entertaining as well as very informative.

Clear Your Calendars!

With 2011 quickly drawing to a close, the new year is shaping up to be an extraordinarily magical one. At the final 2011 board meeting held on December 12th, Lecture Chair Dave Bogdan and President Michelle Parkes announced a plethora of planned events for early 2012, including (but not limited to) the following.

The Juice Ball is January 7, 2012 at the J.W. Marriott Hotel Grand Rapids, 235 Louis Campau St. NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49503, from 6pm to 1am.

Theme this year is Medieval or Renaissance. So come in appropriate costume. The Kostume Room in Wyoming, MI is now taking reservations for costumes, which they said run in the $30 – $40 range, for the most part.

Please arrive one hour prior to your shift time. First shift goes from 7 p.m. – 10 p.m. So arrive at 6 p.m. and look for Dave Bogdan on first floor near main entrance by circular drive. Second shift runs from 10 p.m. – 1 a.m. So this shift of performers should report at 9 p.m. to get see what is going on and be ready to perform at the start of their shift.

Performers are exempt from the Juice Ball ticket fee.

Note: Please feel free to work the entire night – as a handful of us did last year. The time really does go fast. We are expecting more than 3,000 people this year.

What type of performers are we looking for? Fortune Tellers telling fortunes and using the type of fortune telling that you would have seen during those times. We may be all set on this. Balloon Makers, making the same type of balloon creations that were popular during Medieval times. But seriously, if you can make jester hats, or swords, or any other creation that would fit the times, it would work.

And of course, magicians. As many as we can provide for the event. If you happen to know what type of magic was done during the Renaissance and can do it, then fine. But this has to be strolling, close up magic. Now if you don’t do any renaissance or jester style of magic, then any strolling magic will do, as long as you are in costume.

Money raised from this event goes to support the Kid’s Food Basket, which now provides more than 4,500 free lunches every day for kids in the Grand Rapids area. What an organization!!! This will be a who’s who of Grand Rapids” personalities at this event, mingled with people from all walks of life that support this cause.

Note: Ring 211 will be accepting a $1000 check from the organizers but will be providing a check in the same amount to be accepted by Tommy and the Kid’s Food Basket. At just this past board meeting, we elected to do this.

Please email Dave Bogdan at bogsmagic@comcast.net to let him know if you can join us at the JW Marriott on January 7th.

The regularly scheduled Ring 211 Board Meeting will be held Monday, January 9. All members are invited to attend the Ring’s monthly Board Meeting. If you want to have dinner with a few friends, show up about six o’clock; the meeting will start at 7:30. We’ll meet in the back room at Denny’s Restaurant, 715 44th Street SW, Wyoming, MI 49509 (44th Street @ US 131)

rickmerrillRick Merrill will be lecturing on Thursday, January 12, at Brann’s Sizzling Steaks & Sports Grille, 4157 S. Division Avenue, Wyoming, MI 49548. Rick, of course, needs no introduction to Ring 211 members. As is typical, the lecture will be in the back banquet room at 7:30 pm. Arrive near 6 PM if joining members for dinner and fellowship.

Ring 211 members: free. Other magicians: $15.00.

Visit Rick’s Web site: Rick Merrill – World Champion in Magic

Ring 211’s Holiday Party will be Sunday, January 15, 6 PM 5PM. It is at Ming Ten at 2090 Celebration Dr NE # 215 Grand Rapids, MI 49525. It is a buffet type restaurant serving excellent and delightful food: Chinese, Japanese, and American cuisine. View menu at http://www.mingtenrestaurant.com.

Part of our entertainment will be about eight of Ring Members doing a “Hocus Pocus” type of table hopping. We have six performers confirmed, and would like two more. Please let Randy know if you can perform.

The regularly scheduled Ring 211 Meeting on Monday, January 23, will include the Program Theme: NEW 2 YOU!

From Program Chair, Pete Stobie: “Present an effect you have learned in the last 6 months, August 2011 through January 2012. Perhaps you found something during your travels, bought something at the Ring 211 Auction, or got something new for the holidays? Please bring the effect or routine and perform it for our program.

“We will vote on the best performance. If interested contact Pete Stobie, Program Chair, or sign up the night of our January meeting. We will have as many magicians as we can perform within the 1 hour limit. Remember this is a performance, please do not lecture or sell anything at this time. The MC will be Pete Stobie.”

alainnuAlain Nu will lecture on Wednesday, February 8, at Brann’s Sizzling Steaks & Sports Grille, 4157 S. Division Avenue, Wyoming, MI 49548. The lecture will start at 7:30 pm, with optional dinner and fellowship at 6pm.

A headlining performer at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas for four straight years, Nu was also the international star of the 2005 TLC four-part hour-long television specials entitled “The Mysterious World of Alain Nu.” You can check out some of his TV clips on YouTube. On January 20th, 2009, Alain was asked to appear before many of the living recipients of the Congressional Medal of Honor at the Salute to Heroes Inaugural Ball which celebrated President Obama’s inauguration into the White House. Alain Nu is also the author of  “Picture Your ESP,” available at Amazon books. Nu is a true working mentalist.

Ring 211 members: free. Other magicians: $15.00.

Alain Nu is also offering his workshop for this same night, starting at 5 p.m. Cost would be $60 per person, and each person would get a free copy of any of Alain’s $50 manuscripts. This is an excellent deal and opportunity for this hands on attention and secret work. This will happen if five people sign up for the workshop, which will run from 5 p.m. – 7 p.m. Please contact Dave Bogdan if interested.

Visit Alain Nu’s Web site: The Mysterious World of Alain Nu

Abracadabra Flyer

Click to see flyer

The annual Abracadabra Close-up Show will be held Sunday, February 12, from 1:30pm – 5:30pm. It will be on the Upper Floor of Celebration Cinema North, 2121 Celebration Dr. NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49525

There will be two separate shows, one at 2 p.m., then another at 4 pm. All tickets are $10.00 and can be obtained through Hippity Hop Magic (Jim and Michele Parkes) at 616-742-3898 or 616-550-5406. Tickets are limited to 70 per show. Buy early! Six acclaimed performers will amuse and amaze. Each performer will travel to each of five rooms. The rooms only hold fifteen people, so we’re talking serious close-up viewing.

Scheduled performers include Ron Carnell, Tom Coverly, Krag Ryal, John Dudley, Brad Lancaster, and Jim Parkes.

The regularly scheduled Ring 211 Board Meeting for February will be held Monday, February 13. All members are invited to attend the Ring’s monthly Board Meeting. If you want to have dinner with a few friends, show up about six o’clock; the meeting will start at 7:30. We’ll meet in the back room at Denny’s Restaurant, 715 44th Street SW, Wyoming, MI 49509 (44th Street @ US 131)

The regularly scheduled Ring 211 Meeting on Monday, February 27, will include the Program Theme: Get LECTUREFIED!

From Program Chair, Pete Stobie: “Present an effect you have learned from one of our past lectures during January 2011 through December 2011. We had twelve amazing lectures for you to glean from. All you need to do is perform one effect from one of these excellent events sponsored by Ring 211.

“2011 Lectures included Jonathan Levit, Aaron Fisher, Dick Oslund, William Houston, Bill Wisch, Jay Sankey, Richard Osterlind, Aldo & Rachel Colombini, Duane Laflin x 2, David Kaplan and Wayne Houchin.

“We will vote on the best performance. If interested contact Pete Stobie Program Chair or sign up the night of our February meeting. We will have as many magicians as we can perform within the 1 hour limit. Remember this is a performance, please do not lecture or sell anything at this time. MC – Mike McNee”

leeasher2Lee Asher will lecture on Wednesday, April 11, at Brann’s Sizzling Steaks & Sports Grille, 4157 S. Division Avenue, Wyoming, MI 49548. The lecture will start at 7:30 pm, with optional dinner and fellowship at 6pm.

Lee Asher, a good friend of recent lecturer Wayne Houchin, was born in Florida, 1976, to semi-professional magician, Mark Horowitz. Horowitz learned his magic from the likes of Al Flosso and Lou Tannen in New York City during the Sixties. Lee knew, very early on, what he wanted to do with his life.

At fifteen, Asher invented an effect he called “The Asher Twist,” a card trick that quickly made an international name for him. In 1991 and 1992 he won 1st place, two years in a row, at the IBM Junior Close-up Championships. He was hired to work at Caesars Magical Empire in Caesars Palace performing card magic under the name “Cardius Sharkus,” from 1996 to 1997, often working with internationally known magicians like Jeff McBride, Chappy Brazil, Joey Burton, Daryl, Michael Ammar, Jonathan Pendragon and many more. In 2004 Asher set up the “X-elent Lecture Series” to bring the best magic lectures from around the world to his community (Pacific Northwest.) Since then, it’s grown into an eight city lecture tour spanning across Canada. Asher was also a featured lecturer at the inaugural Session Convention, a British convention for close-up magicians held in 2006.

Visit Lee Asher’s Web site: Lee Asher – CardStar Pro Magician


Ring 211 to host Duane Laflin and Wayne Houchin lectures

At the September 12 Board Meeting, Lecture chair Dave Bogden announced two lectures being added to the Ring 211 schedule.

October 10, 2011 – Duane Laflin Lecture

The Ring will host the first of what may be two back-to-back lectures by Duane Laflin (more details will follow should the second, very different, lecture be scheduled). Exact time and place will be forthcoming.

Update 9/27 – As hoped, Dave Bogden was able to schedule a second lecture for Duane while he’s in town. The first lecture will be Monday, October 9, with a second lecture following the next evening, Tuesday, October 10. Both lectures will start at 7:15pm and be held at Brann’s.

Duane is a sought-after lecturer among magic clubs, most recently both performing and lecturing at the 2011 Michigan Magic Day event (I was there; he was great!).  Duane was a featured lecturer at ClownFest 2004, a popular clown convention and also lectured at the 2007 convention of The International Brotherhood of Magicians held in Reno, Nevada. Duane produced and starred in a popular four-volume series of instructional videos on silk magic, and also produced and appeared in the instructional video, “Simply Beautiful Silk Magic”. For most of the past two years, his very popular stage show has been booked solidly at the “Magic Beyond Belief” theater in Pigeon Forge, TN, until the facility was sold in late 2010. Word has it that the Laflin family is currently building a new stage (literally) in South Dakota. We’re going to be very lucky to have him in Michigan for a few weeks this Fall.

Check out Duane’s Web site at http://christianillusionist.com/ for more details about the man and his magic.

November 11, 2011 – Wayne Houchin Lecture

Ring 211 will host a lecture by Wayne Houchin. We’ll get you the precise time and location as soon as we can.

Update 9/27The November 11 lecture with Wayne Houchin will start at 7:30pm and be held at Brann’s Steakhouse.

Wayne Houchin has been making national headlines since he was 16 (for escaping from a straightjacket while hanging upside-down fifty feet in the air). In 2003, or there abouts, Banachek stumbled across an underground tape featuring Houchin’s original magic and subsequently took the young magician under his wing. That led to consultation work for the A&E series, Criss Angel: Mindfreak, and that led to a DVD of Houchin’s signed quarter through soda can, Sinful, with Angel. Other effects released by Houchin include Stigmata and Indecent.

In 2007, Houchin joined forces with others to form www.theory11.com, a new online site devoted to the advancement of the art of magic that quickly gained in popularity.

Here’s a video of Houchin describing his X-Elent Lecture Tour, taped with Ring 211’s Lecturer of the year, Shawn Farquhar (okay, so Lee Asher makes an appearance, too).



Wayne Houchin Lecture

Wednesday, November 9:

Ann Arbor Magic Club hosts Wayne Houchin Lecture. Details to follow.

Ring 211 The Great Kaplan Lecture

Sunday, November 6:

Ring 211 The Great Kaplan Lecture, 2:00 PM, at Brann’s Sizzling Steaks & Sports Grille (back banquet room), 4157 S. Division Avenue, Grand Rapids, MI 49548. Lecture free to Ring 211 members and $15.00 fee for other magi. Contact Dave Bogdan for inquiries at bogsmagic@comcast.net.

Update 9/27 – The lecture has been rescheduled and will start an hour earlier, at 1:00 pm.

Ring 211’s 25th Annual Earl Ray Wilcox Memorial Hocus Pocus Party

Saturday, November 5:

Ring 211’s 25th Annual Earl Ray Wilcox Memorial Hocus Pocus Party, doors open 5:30 PM at Knights of Columbus Hall, 5830 Clyde Park Avenue, Wyoming, MI 49509. Full dinner buffet, strolling close-up magic period, cash bar, door prizes, 50/50 raffle, and cabaret show with The Great Kaplan as the headliner. Tickets: $15.00 and on sale beginning Sunday, August 21 from Hippity Hop Magic Shop at 616-742-3898.

15th Annual Motor City Close-Up Convention

Friday & Saturday, November 4 & 5 (NOTE NEW DATE & VENUE):

John Luka’s 15th Annual Motor City Close-Up Convention featuring David Roth, Ed Ellis, David Corsaro, and Dan Tong. As usual, you will have an opportunity to meet and mingle with these performers, ask questions, and share some of your ideas with them. You can also register quickly and easily on line via PayPal. In addition, there will be one NEW event which should prove to be very interesting as well as entertaining. I will provide details at a later date. Stay tuned! $90.00 Full registration until November 2, thereafter $100.00. Event takes place at The Knights of Columbus Hall, 24900 Brest Rd., Taylor, MI 48180. Lodging (where performers are staying): The Days Inn, 9501 Middlebelt Rd., Romulus, MI 48174. Phone: (734) 946-4300. Mention “The Motor City Close-Up Convention” or “John Luka Magic” for special room rate. Must reserve room by October 21, 2011 for special rate. More info at www.johnlukamagic.com.

Annual Halloween Spooktacular Magic & Illusion Show

Sunday, October 30:

The 3rd Annual Halloween Spooktacular Magic & Illusion Show featuring Alan Kazam, Alan Smola, Pete McLeod from California, Gordon Schott (Gordo The Magician), and Trino Schincariol. Show time 3:00 PM at the State Theater in Kalamazoo. Details as they develop. Contact Alan at kazam65@yahoo.com.

Boo At The Zoo, Potter Park Zoo

Saturday, October 22 and Sunday, October 23, 12pm – 4:00pm:

Boo At The Zoo, Potter Park Zoo, 1301 S. Pennsylvania Ave., Lansing, MI 48912. Price: General Zoo Admission. Little ghouls and boys will enjoy two days of spooktacular fun. Join us for two afternoons of not-too-scary Halloween tricks and treats for the whole family. There will be tons of activities for everyone to enjoy, including: Crafts for kids, Straw maze, Live animal presentations, Hayrides, The (in)famous Boo Tunnel, and Trick-or-treating (of course!). We encourage all kids (big and small!) to come dressed in their spookiest, scariest, or prettiest Halloween costumes. So get cracking on those costume ideas and we’ll see you at the Zoo!

Ring 211 hosts Aldo & Rachel Colombini Farewell Lecture

Thursday, September 29:

Ring 211 hosts Aldo & Rachel Colombini Farewell Lecture, Thursday, Sept. 29th, at Brann’s Restuarant, 4157 Division Ave. S. Wyoming, MI 49548 at 7:30 PM. For further information contact Dave Bogdan (616) 791-0095 ext. 261

Aldo and Rachel are old Ring 211 friends, having lectured here back in November, 2009. Long time Ring Members are still talking about that one, and everyone is looking forward to seeing them again. It looks to be one of those special lectures no one will want to miss.

The lecture will contain: *

  • Card Effects from the creative minds of Aldo Colombini, Nick Trost, Richard Vollmer and many more
  • A New Collection of ESP Effects together with a new set of ESP DVD’s
  • Easy Money Magic Effects
  • New Rope Magic
  • Great New Parlor Magic
  • Rachel’s New Effects

You can view the Colombini Lecture flyer here, and be sure to visit their web site, Wild Colombini Magic, for more information (and some great magic).

* taken from the Colombini Lecture flyer


Ring 212 hosts Aldo & Rachel Colombini Farewell Lecture

Monday, September 19:

Ring 212 hosts Aldo & Rachel Colombini Farewell Lecture, 7 PM, Bob Bloenk’s Condominium (lecture in “get-together room”), 1111 North Water St., Bay City, Michigan 48708. Members $5.00. Other magi $10.00. Inquiries and to request a pdf file lecture notice: Jeff Nalazek @ nologic509@chartermi.net.

St. Joseph County Grange Fair

Sunday, September 18 – Saturday, September 24:

St. Joseph County Grange Fair. Kandu & Company Magic Show and The Wild & Wacky Game Show. Daily by Kiddie Land. Plus for Monday only at 1 PM in the community tent a face painter Carol Anderson and The Magical Balloon Guy. Info at www.Centrevillefair.com or call 269-467-8935 for details.

The Colombini’s Farewell Tour/ ABC Sales and Raffle

Thursday – Saturday, September 15 – 17:

2009-11-aldo-and-rachel-colombiniAldo and Rachel Colombini will be at ABC Magic Shop on September 15th at 7:00p.m. for their “Farewell Lecture Tour.” Aldo and Rachel want you all to come and say “Farewell.” They hope to see as many of you as possible to share this special evening with them. Tickets will only be $10 at the door or $5 in advance. Also if you book your ticket in advance you will also receive a Nick Trost packet trick absolutely free. ($10 value). By that time construction on Gratiot should be done and all travel to the shop should be smooth sailing.

So in light of this we have decided to put on a sale and raffle! So here’s how it works: in September on Thursday 15th, Friday 16th and Saturday 17th there will be special sales each day. Everyday the sales items will change. No phone calls to find out what items are on sale, you must stop in. On those days for every $10 you spend you will receive a raffle ticket for our drawing. There will be 3 prizes. First prize is $100 gift certificate, Second Prize is $50 Gift Certificate, Third Prize is a $25 Gift Certificate. The raffle drawing will take place at the shop at 2:30 on Saturday September 17th, there will be hot dogs, popcorn and other snack for those who wish to attend the drawing. (need not be present to win) Also anyone attending the Colombini lecture will receive a free raffle ticket. Following the drawing on Saturday at about 3:00, Dave Schneider will be doing a lecture on kids shows. He does hundreds of them a year so he may know what he is talking about. This will be free for anyone who wishes to attend. If you have any questions please call us. We hope you all come out and join us for all the festivities! ABC Magic Shop, 39 Macomb Place, Mount Clemens, MI 48043. 586-790-3700.

Frank Everhart September Tour

Thu, Sept, 1 Redwood Steakhouse, Lewiston, MI 7pm – 11pm

Fri, Sept 2 Timothy’s Pub, Gaylord, MI BOOKED 7pm – 11pm

Sun, Sept 4 Snapper’s, Fenton, MI 4pm – 8pm

Tue, Sept 6 Crossbow, Grand Blanc, MI 5pm – 9pm

Wed, Sept 7 Crossbow, Grand Blanc, MI 5pm – 9pm

Thu, Sept 8 Spring Meadows, Grand Blanc, MI time ?

Sat, Sept 10 Fenton Winery, Fenton, MI 3pm – 6pm

Sat, Sept 10 White Lake Inn, White Lake, MI 7PM-11PM

Sun, Sept 11 Crossbow, Grand Blanc, MI TENTATIVE PRIVATE SHOW.

The American Museum of Magic

NOW OPEN FOR ITS 33RD SEASON: The American Museum of Magic in Marshall, Michigan!

On Friday, April 1, the American Museum of Magic will open its doors for an exciting new season. This year will mark the Museum’s 33rd year of delighting the public with the history of magic. The featured exhibit American Idol: Becoming Harry Houdini replaces the highly successful exhibit Penn & Teller: Bad Boys of Magic which was the highpoint of our last season. The exhibit uses artifacts and photographs from the Museum’s collection to tell the incredible story of Harry Houdini – an escape artist who not only became one of the biggest celebrities of his day, but whose name has become synonymous with magic. As several of our best known Houdini artifacts have been traveling this year on loan to major exhibitions in Houston, New York City, and California, AMM will be showcasing Houdini items that the public rarely sees. In addition, visitors from within the state will be especially interested in the story of Houdini’s final days, which have a Michigan connection. The coming season also promises a continuation of our highly popular Behind the Curtain lecture series produced by author, magician and historian Dennis Laub, and the realization of a summer day camp for young magicians. Details of these activities will be made available on our website (www.americanmuseumofmagic.org) and on our Facebook page. The American Museum of Magic is open Thursday through Saturday from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM during the months of April, May, September and October, and Tuesday through Saturday in June, July and August (Adults $5/Children $3.50), or by request (269-781-7570). The mission of the American Museum of Magic is to inspire and delight the public with the wonder of magic, as well as to document and celebrate the contributions and resilience of the magician.

On-going Magic Events

Marv Long Magic Sale

Marv Long Magic Sale: My friend, Marv Long, is down-sizing his library and magic collection. There are GREAT BUYS available. Check out what he has for sale at: www.marvlongmagic.com/. Check back for updates as Marv continues to winnow out his vast collection. John Luka

The Monday Mystics

THE MONDAY MYSTICS — meets every Monday at 7:00 PM, except if on a major holiday night. Location: Camp Ticonderoga, 5725 Rochester Rd., Troy, MI 48085. Phone is(248) 828-2825. Web site is http://www.campticonderoga.com. For more info. E-mail stroudchuck@gmail.com. **** Greetings Magic Lovers! I invite everyone to join us on this coming Monday night. My name is Chuck Stroud, I am the organizer of the Monday Mystics on the East side of the state. History of the Monday Mystics… I (Chuck) started going to the meetings in 2000 though it was organized several years ago by the late “Doc” Condon, who originally dubbed it the “Clare Cummings Roundtable.” It was quite an active group, and two or three years after Clare’s death, Ron Bauer began to bring Milt Kort to the meetings (mainly to get him out and about). The name changed January 9th 2006 to Monday Mystics… In the processes of the group doing a magic show for the Hamlin Pub on January 9th 2006, while helping with the advertising and name badges Ron Bauer & Sandra Kort needed a name to identify the magicians strolling around entertaining to non-magician crowd, “Clare Cummings Roundtable” would not make any sense to a non-magician audience so…Monday Mystics, was created… There are no officers or rules. We enjoy applauding any performer’s efforts, and respect the right to voice an opinion. There may be the occasional arguments, but, so far, nothing serious because our goal is to help each other entertain (or at least amuse) the public, and if someone doesn’t fool a magician. It doesn’t matter!

Michigan Magic Day

Michigan Magic Day 2012, April 21, Lansing, sponsored by Ring 54
Michigan Magic Day 2013, Flint, sponsored by Ring 36
Michigan Magic Day 2014, Ann Arbor, sponsored by Ring 210/Assembly 88
Michigan Magic Day 2015, Kalamazoo, sponsored by Ring 333

Please visit the official Michigan Magic Day web site for more details