Ring 211 Youth Chapter January 2015 Report

The Ring 211 June Horowitz / John DeVries Magic Club is excited to start off 2015 with a new Youth Chapter meeting monthly the Friday before the regular monthly club meeting of each month. We started with an information meeting with three youth, Noah Cranson, Evan Priem and Steven Elkowitz along with two youth advisors Peter Stobie and Jim Parkes present on December 20 of 2014. Peter Stobie presented the idea for approval by the board at the January 2015 Board Meeting on January 12, 2015.

We hosted our first official meeting on Friday, January 23, 2015 from 6:30-7:45pm at Trinity Lutheran Church in Grand Rapids. Youth present included, Evan Priem, Steven Elkowitz, Paul Vander Woude and Emmett Saltsman. Youth Advisors present included Peter Stobie and Jim Parkes. Ring 211 President Michele Parkes stopped in to show her support and observe the beginning of this exciting adventure. Parents and one Grandparent were present quietly observing the meeting.

Peter Stobie kicked the meeting off with some business encouraging Ring and IBM membership dues, information on upcoming meetings both Youth and Club, and explained the purpose of having a Youth Chapter. Everyone introduced themselves, shared why they got into magic and what they looked forward to from the Magic Club.

We then opened the floor up to share magic effects the youth have been working on. Evan started us off with a nice card revelation. Steven performed a nice routine where the spectator’s card leapt out of the deck. Paul performed a nice Ring on String effect he acquired from London. Emmett shared his interest in the program the “Carbonaro Effect” on Tru TV. Paul and Emmett continued to give us a play by play of several entertaining episodes by Michael Carbonaro. We then branched off into some rubber band magic where Peter, Evan and Steven shared several effects with the group. Jim shared a breakfast cereal version of dots impossible. Jim gave each youth a copy of this packet trick made up for the youth by Michele’s uncle and Ring 211 alumni Ray Bielecki.

We then talked about upcoming meetings, lectures and went around the group to have them mention one thing liked about the evenings meeting and one thing they are looking forward to for future meetings. It was a great first meeting and the kids are excited for the next meeting.