Ring 211 December 2016 Report

T’ was the night exactly four weeks after Christmas and all through the house not a mouse was stirring, except at the Hibachi Grill Supreme Buffet restaurant on the northwest side of town where Ring 211 held its annual Holiday Party. Each member and spouse received a gift bag compliments of the Ring which included festive candy pieces, candy canes and a gift, such as a pair of dress socks, a bow tie, and perhaps other appealing repertoire. After a delicious filling dinner amongst the lively friendly chatter, a few of the members also performed a trick informally in small groups, in some cases, “a teach and do.” No formal performance program today. Just a good time of food, magic, fun, and fellowship. Looks to be a bright and exciting year ahead in 2017! Stay tuned with Ring 211 by viewing its web site.

What a fun holiday party. We thank Michele Parkes for her work designing this party. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy New Year! Michigan Magic Day 2017 will be in Grand Rapids! Our Ring will host the event on Saturday, May 20, 2017. A Friday Night Before Party will be on May 19. Details as they develop at http://michiganmagicday.com.

Ring Event: Ring 211 Hosts 30th Annual Hocus Pocus Party!

On Saturday, November 5, Ring 211 — The June Horowitz/John deVries Magic Club in Grand Rapids, Michigan — held its 30th Annual Earl Ray Wilcox Memorial Hocus Pocus Party. Members sold tickets to a crowd of 240 people. Attendees came from all over West Michigan. Members, their friends and family members enjoyed a fun-filled evening of magical wonderment which included a delicious buffet dinner and cash bar, a strolling close-up magic period, sponsored raffle giveaway prizes such as a fifty/fifty cash drawing, and a fabulous cabaret show.

The event was held at KC Banquet Center on the southwest side of town. Magically, attractive designed table décor invited the guests to their tables. Magic-themed posters, streamers, and other party related décor were placed on the side walls to add to the festive appeal. This event was also advertised on local newspaper and TV station web site calendars, Facebook, Twitter, and on MLive.com. Ring President P. J. Weber had a spot on FOX 17’s “Morning Show” the previous Sunday. A few days later on FOX 17’s “Morning Mix,” Dennis Favreau astonished viewers.

Prior to the full dinner buffet and until the cabaret show, there was fortune telling by Bogga Kahn (Dave Bogdan). Also there was face painting by SuZie Zoerman and Cassandra Heimbecker as Whimsey T. Clown. Jerry Herdegen provided many balloon creations to not only any kids, but to adults too. Raven Keckler as Harvee The Rabbit was also a favorite attraction. The strolling close-up magic began during the food buffet period and continued for about an hour after the dinner. Magicians began by going to tables waiting to go through the buffet line. The following Ring 211 magi amused, amazed, and dazzled our guests: MagicBob Zoerman, Bill Rasmussen accompanied by his son Christian, Gil Scott, Jesse Shira, Nicholas Watkins, Wayne Ramsdell, P. J. Weber, Gary Oisten, Dennis Favreau, Dr. Jack Vander Wal, Randy Vander Wal, Bruce Wehr, Randy Baker and his grandson Julian, Bob Panlener, Jeff Brodrick, and Leo Peters.

Gil Scott along with Michele Parkes recognized PIP June Horowitz (still “magic-partying” now at 103!) as she had the honor of pulling the ticket winner of the fifty/fifty raffle. A lucky winner received $205.00 and other winners received the giveaway prizes which included small beginner magic tricks from Hippity Hop Magic, pizza coupons, and other novelty items of Christmas and circus themes.

The evening concluded with an extremely entertaining cabaret show featuring Jesse Shira as the emcee, Trino, Bill Rasmussen and son Christian, Gene Anderson, and headliner Rod Snow. Ring 211 President, P. J. Weber enlightened us with his mouth coil to dove production and then introduced Jesse. Between the acts, Jesse dazzled the audience with a unique blend of comedy and magic, including Scott Alexander’s Candle to Flower, a phone number gag, and the Pom Pom Pole (Prayer Stick). Trino impressed yet continued the laughs with the Appearing Bowling Pin (Michael Mode), a comedy book test plus, and a straitjacket escape. Bill Rasmussen and his son Christian, our dynamic duo for the evening, was the third act. Bill mesmerized the audience with “Sympathetic 10” (from Card-Shark by Jorg Alexander). Christian followed with his “Top Secret Briefcase.” This coincided with the recent Presidential Election. After his revelation of the 38D bra, he mentioned that he was planning to run for president someday and that he “already was working on his strategic plan to attract the female vote.” To counteract any repercussions that may have stirred up among the Trump supporters, he mentioned that he “will continue to have his own private email server – and that no one would ever have access to it.” The duo concluded their act with their version of Sword Through Neck. Magic Tops Hats Off to Christian as this was his first time appearing on stage for Ring 211! Gene Anderson spiked up the show further with his performance which included his newspaper “Hello” cut, Picto-Transpo, Nemo Jumbo Rising Cards (double card rise), a Professor’s Nightmare and restore, his die box routine to the nursery rhyme of “Mother Hubbard,” and his torn and restored newspaper. Rod Snow closed the show. He is a ventriloquist and put on the final comedy touches with an animated drawing vent, a sock puppet with turtle vent, his The Baby and Gee Tar vents, and the last two vents were two kids from the audience.

What another astounding Hocus Pocus Party! There are many to thank: the entire membership for selling tickets, Jim and Michele Parkes for obtaining the place and managing all ticket sales, Gil Scott and Dave Bogdan for putting the show together, our stage, close-up performers, and other artists, Brooks Alder for operating the sound and lighting, Charles Bennett with Jim & Michele Parkes for heading the prize drawings and raffle, Dr. Jack Vander Wal with supplying the jet sets, Jeff Veley for use of his attractive backdrop, Jerry and Kathy Herdegen for decorating each table to magic affair, and to my cousin Derek Lieverdink for photos and videotaping. A thanks to Bruce and Sara Wehr, Jeff Brodrick, P. J. Weber, and to Bill, Julie, and Christian Rasmussen for night before help as well as video tapping and video projection on large screen. Also, a thanks to Monica Cooper, Teresa Krause, Stacey Krause (relation to Michele Parkes) in assisting with ticket handling, decorations, and the prize drawings. A final thanks to any other member who helped out in any way and to the KC Banquet Center’s staff for their pleasant hospitality. An event such as this allows Ring 211 to host many lectures throughout the year to its club members.

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Ring 211 November 2016 Report

For our November regular meeting we do not hold a workshop and the business meeting is very brief so we may have enough selling and buying time for our annual auction. The doors opened early for a flea market. Sellers were MagicBob Zoerman, Rick Howell, Eric Ross, John Dudley, Jesse Shira, and Trino. Each had an array of magic product which enticed our eyes. The flea market part was ready at 5:30 PM for any early arrivals. Just past 7:30 PM, Dr. Jack Vander Wal, had the honors of presenting the Candy Grab Bag Sale. This sale is actually attributed to Percy Abbott as he had many of these types of sales back in the early days of the Abbott Magic Get Togethers. Sixty bags were filled with at least two pieces of special candy delights. This year the candy was purchased from a little ole’ lady who ran a candy shop at one of the ports along the Alaskan coastline. Dr. Jack informed the members he came across this fine candy shop while upon an Alaskan cruise. Five bags yet were a tad bit more of interest as each of these contained a one dollar bill. The bags sold faster than lit flash paper as they were fifty cents a bag or three for one dollar. Over five lengthy (8 foot) tables displayed enticing magic apparatus, tricks, and books. Small illusions, various card tricks, rope, coins, and escape items appealed many. Other items were sold as package deals. Pamphlets, books, magazines, posters, DVDs, and memorabilia filled in any empty spots on the tables.

MagicBob Zoerman was the auctioneer. He used his auctioning skilled voice to force those bids to the highest potential. Many of the items sold. The sellers made their profits, the buyers were pleased with their newly purchased “toys,” and the club made ten percent of all sales. Ring Treasurer Michele Parkes and I kept track of each sale making sure the debits matched the credits. Wayne Ramsdell was the biggest buyer followed by our president, P. J. Weber. Our biggest seller was Rick Howell followed by Eric Ross.

Another night of fun and fellowship. The club thanks all who came and either bought, sold, and/or enjoyed the festivities. It was a delight to see Antony and Laura Gerard from Ring 333 visiting. A thanks to MagicBob, Dr. Jack, and Michele for their devotion to this auction. Heads up: Michigan Magic Day 2017! — Grand Rapids — presented by I.B.M. Ring 211 — Michigan Magic Day 2017 will be held Saturday, May 20th with a pre-party on Friday night, May 19th at the beautiful facilities of Grace Bible College! Details as they develop at www.michiganmagicday.com.

June Horowitz Enjoys Master of Illusions Live Show

The Master of Illusions Live Show made a stop in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on Thursday, October 20, at Forest Hills Public Schools Fine Arts Center. A handful of Ring 211 members were in the audience to witness a spectacular show. Among the audience attendees was PIP June Horowitz. Even at 103 years young, there is no stopping June from the magical arts! Her friend Diane Downs, the mother of B. J. Mallen (Abbott’s Magic Company), drove up from Colon, Michigan to attend the show with June. June was also recognized by Jonathan Pendragon during his segment. Here is a pic of June Horowitz with the cast.


Top row: Michael Turco, Trino Schincariol (Ring 211 member who was part of the show’s October tour), Tom Burgoon, and Greg Gleason.

Middle row: Farrell Dillion and Gay Blackstone (Executive Producer).

Bottom row: Jonathan Pendragon and June Horowitz.

Photo taken by Jeff Brodrick. He is with June in the other photo.


June and Jeff at Masters of Illusion (1)

Ring 211 October 2016 Report

For our October workshop Jeff Brodrick brought in a few videos of Don Alan’s “Magic Ranch TV Show.” This show ran for thirteen episodes in 1961 on the ABC network. In the selection we saw Senator (Clarke) Crandall and Jack Gwynne. Thanks Jeff.

Tonight was Table-Hopping Round Robin in preparation of the upcoming Hocus Pocus Party (report to soon follow in upcoming edition). It will be the 30th Edition. Bill and son Christian Rasmussen (who will be one of the featured acts on the cabaret show of the party plus join together in performing strolling magic) performed an astonishing card routine called “Whitewash” (by Auke van Dokkum) from Card Shark. MagicBob Zoerman (in which the club . . . should have done this years ago . . . was just named Ring 211 Chaplain) presented a mind boggling challenge involving a spectator to lift three decks of playing cards. This was a weight challenge. He also performed a lottery type routine in which he matched the lucky number. Jeff Brodrick performed “Houdini’s Influence” (a photograph card routine) and a his Card Printer (a card silk routine). Randy Baker had his grandson Julian Leeball (5 years old — who will join him in performing strolling magic at the Hocus Pocus Party) impressed us with a three-shape prediction. Then Randy continued with another card selection and matching prediction along with a double prediction revelation. Wayne Ramsdell . . . oh boy . . . intrigued us with a string and ring routine and followed with a nut magically screwing itself off of the bolt. Dr. Jack (Happy Jack) Vander Wal performed Doc Eason’s “All Screwed Up!” This is a fabulous nut and bolt routine. He followed with Norm Nielsen’s (Japanese) Chop Cup Tea Cup Routine. Dennis Favreau closed the evening off with a thumb cuff escape, a two card transposition, and a dandy ribbon and finger ring routine.

Another night of magic and fun. Thanks to the performers and all who participated.

Ring 211 September 2016 Report

The September workshop was presented by Jeff Brodrick. Jeff has interest in magic on TV and on film. He showed us excerpts of the following: “The Magician,” Thomas Edison filmed, February 28, 1900; “Magic Ranch,” 1961, starring Don Alan featuring Ralph Pierce and John Hurtz; “Cardini Festival of Magic,” 1957; and Slydini on “The Dick Cavett Show,” 1977. We enjoyed these moments of magic history and thank Jeff.

Tonight was Tarbell Night. Magi were encourage to perform a routine from the 61 (plus 32 added later) chapters of the Tarbell Course. MagicBob Zoerman performed Magical Bow Tie Knot (volume 1, page 374), Al Baker’s Handkerchief Through Arm and instead using a rope going through his neck (volume 1, page 385), Chefalo’s Knot (volume 2, page 358), and a bill vanish as a prediction using Buddha Papers Mystery (volume 7, page 202). Jeff Brodrick followed by magically dissolving a coin known as The Vanishing Coin In Glass. Another night of magic and fun was had. We also thank the performers.