The Monday Mystics

THE MONDAY MYSTICS — meets every Monday at 7:00 PM, except if on a major holiday night. Location: Camp Ticonderoga, 5725 Rochester Rd., Troy, MI 48085. Phone is(248) 828-2825. Web site is For more info. E-mail **** Greetings Magic Lovers! I invite everyone to join us on this coming Monday night. My name is Chuck Stroud, I am the organizer of the Monday Mystics on the East side of the state. History of the Monday Mystics… I (Chuck) started going to the meetings in 2000 though it was organized several years ago by the late “Doc” Condon, who originally dubbed it the “Clare Cummings Roundtable.” It was quite an active group, and two or three years after Clare’s death, Ron Bauer began to bring Milt Kort to the meetings (mainly to get him out and about). The name changed January 9th 2006 to Monday Mystics… In the processes of the group doing a magic show for the Hamlin Pub on January 9th 2006, while helping with the advertising and name badges Ron Bauer & Sandra Kort needed a name to identify the magicians strolling around entertaining to non-magician crowd, “Clare Cummings Roundtable” would not make any sense to a non-magician audience so…Monday Mystics, was created… There are no officers or rules. We enjoy applauding any performer’s efforts, and respect the right to voice an opinion. There may be the occasional arguments, but, so far, nothing serious because our goal is to help each other entertain (or at least amuse) the public, and if someone doesn’t fool a magician. It doesn’t matter!