Monthly Magic Programs for 2016


May the Force Be With You

We’re looking for any trick or routine that depends on a force, i.e., a volunteer unknowingly makes a choice that has been dictated by the magician. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a playing card, of course. Other items can also be forced. Be creative! (HINT: Magician’s Choice, or Equivoque, is also a force.)


Magic With a Message

EVERY magic trick tells a story, but some are clearly more explicit than others. Perform a trick or routine that delivers a message to your audience. Gospel magic certainly qualifies, but there are many other possibilities as well. Your message can be a serious one, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be.


Comedy Magic

Get ready to tickle your audience’s funny bones with a trick or routine designed to make them laugh. Cards, coins, silks, anything at all flies as long as it’s funny. And if you can amaze them at the end with some really strong magic, that works, too.


Money Magic

With April 15 fast becoming a National Day of Mourning, it’s only natural that our April Program focus on our continuing love/hate relationship with MONEY. Your trick or routine can center on money, or address it only obliquely, but it should definitely bring out the cash at some point.

Note: We’re setting up a special Escrow Account for anyone who wants to burn a volunteer’s hundred dollar bill this year.


Magician In Trouble

It’s a common theme in magic, and one that audience’s always seem to enjoy. They love to see us stumble and prove we, too, are merely mortal. Perform a trick or routine where failure appears imminent — just before you turn it around and once again do the impossible.


This Case is Open & Close

There are thousands of routines we can put into the middle of a show, but only a select few are strong enough to be Openers or Closers. Your Opening trick has to immediately grab their attention and set the tone for everything that follows, while your Closer needs to be powerful and memorable (because it WILL be the thing they remember the best). This month, we focus on the best of the best.


Mentalism or Mental Magic

Dust off those Zener cards and multiple-out envelopes, as you prepare yourself to utterly amaze your Ring 211 audience with a demonstration of your mental prowess. Telepathy, clairvoyance, telekinesis, it’s all fair game in July.

What’s the difference between Mentalism and Mental Magic? Mentalism can be too long and potentially boring because the performer wants us to believe he’s really psychic. Mental Magic is usually faster paced and more fun because we all know it’s just a trick. You can pick which one you want to do at July’s Ring meeting?


Annual Picnic


Tarbell Night

There are 61 chapters in the original Tarbell Course of Magic and an additional 32 chapters in the three books later added to the Course. It shouldn’t be too difficult to pick out one trick or routine from this encyclopedic collection to perform for the Ring 211 audience in September?


Hocus Pocus Table-hopping Round Robin

We’ll be looking for performers who would like to try out their walk-around routine for club members. Since many of us are performing tableside at Hocus Pocus, we don’t always get to see each other’s magic. EVERYONE intending to perform at Hocus Pocus is invited to first do their thing for fellow Ring 211 Members.

Please be prepared to do about five minutes at each of four to five tables.


Ring 211 Flea Market & Auction


No Meeting

2014 Program Schedule for IBM Ring 211

January 2014 Program – Sponge Sensations!

Perform magic with sponge balls, cubes, pieces or anything made from foam rubber. Be creative! We want to see a diversity of magic using sponges. Remember this is a performance, please do not lecture or sell anything at this time. We need performers and an MC! Contact Pete Stobie if interested.

February 2014 Program – Rope Revolution!

Perform your favorite effect or routine using rope cord or string! Be creative! We want to see a diversity of magic using ropes, cords or string! Remember this is a performance, please do not lecture or sell anything at this time. We need performers and an MC! MC – Contact Pete if interested!

March 2014 Program – Ring 211 Close-Up College Slam!

This will be a night to remember! Members will enjoy a combination of program and workshop through a unique round robin of 211’s finest! Join “Professors'” Dennis Favreau, Brad Lancaster, Gary Landre, & Gary Oisten will demonstrate 1-3 effects each and then teach you how to perform each. The meeting this night will start at 7:15pm so the 2 hour workshop can start sharp at 7:30pm. MC – Pete Stobie

Props for March 211 Close-up College Slam

People should bring:
1. 1 deck of cards
2. 4-6 coins, quarters or halves
3. If they want a matching coin shell
4. Pen or marker with a cap (sharpie)
5. Enthusiasm to learn and enjoy!

April 2014 Program – Ring 211 Flea Market!

More details to Come!

May 2014 Program – Assistance Required!

Perform an effect or routine in which one or more assistants are required. Remember this is a performance, please do not lecture or sell anything at this time. We need performers and an MC! MC – Contact Pete if interested!

June 2014 Program – Musical Magic!

This is a trick or short routine (3 minutes maximum) with no patter and to a suitable musical background! Remember this is a performance not a workshop! Please do not lecture of sell anything at this time. Please contact Program Chair Peter Stobie @ if you would like to perform! MC –

July 2014 Program – Bags of Fun!

Perform a trick using a bag made of cloth, paper, etc. Remember this is a performance not a workshop! Please do not lecture of sell anything at this time. Please contact Program Chair Peter Stobie @ if you would like to perform! MC –

August 2014 Program – Ring 211 Annual Picnic

Please contact Randy VanderWal if you would like to perform at the picnic!

September 2014 Program – Restaurant Magic Round Robin

Need Five Magicians who have performed Restaurant Magic! Contact Peter Stobie @ if interested! More info to Come!

October 2014 Program – Kiddie’s Corner

Perform a suitable routine for those under the age of eight years old. Contact Peter Stobie @ if interested! More info to Come! MC –

November 2014 Program – Annual Ring 211 Auction

Maybe at the next lecture you should buy two so you have something you can put in the auction and demonstrate after those months of practicing!

December 2014 Program

No Meeting this Month! But talk to Dave Bogdan because you might be able to twist his arm to have a lecture or two this month! 😉

Ring 211 Program Themes

Our Program Chair, Peter Stobie, is looking for Theme ideas for 2014. Coincidentally enough, the last issue of the Linking Ring, for October, lists 53 Theme Suggestions on pages 80 to 82. Pete has asked for everyone to pick five from the list and email him their choices before October 27 (that means, like, immediately!). He wants to be able to announce our future Programs at the next meeting.

Pete’s email address is:

For those who might not have their Linking Ring handy, here’s a quick recap.

  1. Kitchen Magic: Perform a trick using something found in the kitchen, such as a glass, paper towel, rice, spoon or cup.
  2. Hank Prank: Do a trick with a handkerchief, silk, or other cloth as the main component.
  3. Pocketful of Miracles: Perform an effect using anything usually carried in the pocket.
  4. Matchbox Miracles: Do a trick using any piece of apparatus that will fit inside a matchbox, or do a trick with the matchbox itself.
  5. Cheapskate Trickery: This is a trick or routine that you have made for less than three dollars.
  6. Mime-a-Miracle: Mime a trick, and the members try to guess it. Then perform the same trick with the apparatus.
  7. Rope Razzmatazz: Perform a trick using rope, string, or cord.
  8. Pasteboard Pranks: Do a card trick using no more than ten playing cards. This excludes lengthy tricks, such as those which require laying out pile after pile of cards.
  9. Sponge Sensations: Perform magic with sponge balls, cubes, or pieces, or anything made from foam or rubber.
  10. Kiddie’s Corner: Present a routine suitable for those under the age of eight.
  11. Adult Audacity: Perform an effect suitable for Adults, but not anything offensive.
  12. Tabletop Trickery: Do a trick using any apparatus that you can do close-up, on a close-up mat or a tabletop.
  13. Fantastic Food Magic: Perform a trick utilizing anything edible.
  14. Beginner’s Luck: Perform a trick that you already have, but have never performed in public.
  15. Mental Miracle: Do any mind reading effect that does not involve cards.
  16. Box Baffle: Use a trick utilizing a box, any kind of box, as long as the central apparatus is a box of some kind.
  17. Honesty Time: Perform a trick that you borrowed from someone ages ago and never returned.
  18. Screen-Printed Sorcery: Do a trick utilizing props that have been screen-printed (silk-screened), such as printed cardboard or fabric props.
  19. One-off Wonder: Perform a trick of your own creation that no one else will have.
  20. A Good Thing – Going, Going, Gone: Perform a trick in which there is a vanish of some kind.
  21. Blast from the Past: This is an old trick that you have revamped, either by updating the apparatus or updating the routine.
  22. Novelty Notion: Do a magic trick that incorporates some form of joke or novelty trick item.
  23. Just Chance: Each member places a standard or reasonably self-working trick inside a paper bag. The bags are mixed and each member selects a bag by chance with no force involved. Each member has two minutes to view the apparatus and plan a trick before performing it.
  24. Incomplete Feat: This is similar to 23, but instead of being bagged together, the individual components of the tricks are all mixed together.
  25. Action Auction: Each member performs a trick of their choice ad then there is a vote for the best trick of the evening. The trick is then auctioned to the highest bidder and the money goes to the club.
  26. Siamese Sensations: This is any trick in which two or more single items join together, either tied or in a chain.
  27. Every One a Gem: Perform a trick using a gem or piece of jewelry.
  28. Plastic Fantastic: This is any trick, old or new, that is manufactured in plastic.
  29. Turn Back Time: This is a trick in which the main theme is time, and in particular, the present becoming the past again.
  30. New Lamps from Old: This is a trick, a recognized standard, that is now used for an entirely brand new purpose.
  31. Party Pranks: Do a trick using anything you would associate with objects found at a party.
  32. Jubilation Juncture: You show the best trick you ever bought and explain why you think it is the best.
  33. Disappointment Depot: Show the worst trick you ever bought.
  34. Honey, I Dropped the Prop: Perform a trick that you once had an accident with and have repaired yourself or have had some else repair.
  35. A Force is a Force, Of Course: This is a trick utilizing your favorite force of a card, a color, a number, a word, etc.
  36. Which Switch is Which: Do any trick using a secret change or switch of one item for another.
  37. Oriental Offering: Perform a trick with a Chinese or Oriental flavor.
  38. Paper Crane: This is a trick using any type of paper.
  39. Clever Currency: Do a trick using coins or bills.
  40. Wand-A-Rama: This is a trick using a wand of some type.
  41. Stooge on a Stage: Perform a routine using a stooge or confederate to achieve the end result.
  42. Musical Magic: This is a trick or short routine with no patter and to suitable musical background.
  43. You( r) Tube: This is a trick using a tube or cylinder of metal, board, paper, or plastic.
  44. Glass Master Class: Do a trick using a glass or plastic tumbler.
  45. Silent Night: This is a trick performed in mime. No props are used – only the miming of the performer indicates (or should) the trick being performed.
  46. Bags of Fun: Perform a trick using a bag made of paper, cloth, etc.
  47. Balloon Ballonacy: This is a trick using one or more party balloons.
  48. I Can See Ya Thread, Fred: Do a trick using fine or invisible thread to accomplish the end result.
  49. The Art of Black Art: Perform a trick using the black art principle in any form.
  50. Assistants Required: Do any trick in which one or more spectators assist the performer.
  51. Transpo on Show: Do any trick in which one or more items transpose during the effect.
  52. Days of Yore (First Trick): Do the first trick you ever performed before an audience.
  53. Strike Up the Band: Perform a trick using one or more rubber bands.

Anthony Lindan Lecture

OCT 14, 2013 (MONDAY) 7:00 PM

ANTHONY LINDAN Corporate Entertainer

Admission @ Door:
2013 Ring 211 Members: STILL Free!
All Others: just $15.00
Brann’s Sizzling Steaks & Sports Grille,
4157 S. Division Avenue, Grand Rapids, MI 49548. Lecture in back banquet room. Arrive 5:30 P.M. or so if joining other magi for dinner and fellowship.

SO OLD, I’M NEW AGAIN!* (* in accelerated internet years)

ANTHONY LINDAN (who IS NOT old) is a hugely popular corporate magician and speaker in Canada, based in Toronto. In addition to his corporate work, his client list reads like the Fortune 500, Lindan has performed in every major convention city in North America. His magic has been featured in The Linking Ring, Minotaur, Apocalypse, The Trap Door. He’s been invited to the Fecture’s 4F Convention 13 times, founded and co-produced The Magic by the Falls convention for 3 years.

LINDAN is the creator of the hilarious Incredible Suit Jacket Escape, and the stunning newspaper test, REDONKULOUS, both released by Bill Abbott Magic. He is the creator of Star Gazer, Fortune & Fate, Presents of Mind videos.


THE INCREDIBLE SUIT JACKET ESCAPE! A comedy escape routine that fits in your briefcase!

REDONKULOUS! THE NEWEST HOT NEWSPAPER TEST- AN AMAZING REVEAL OF A THOUGHT OF WORD FROM an ordinary newspaper! Magic Reviews have rated this a 10 out of 10!

PEOPLES CHOICE OPENER- The audience decides what show you’ll perform!

UNKNOWN PSYCHIC! A hilarious version of Ari Soroka’s “Red Carpet”

UPDATED MAGICIAN’s INSURANCE POLICY: a classic updated, complete with new templates. (But does it work with Obama Care??)

AND MORE … but if you must have CLOSE UP MAGIC, LINDAN has you covered!

For CLOSE UP DIE HARD’s: Free Fall: selected card appears in a photo;Happy Face: spectator draws a “sad face” and it changes to a “happy face” IN THEIR OWN HANDS; Psychic Connection: specatator cuts to 3 cards revealing the identity of his selection; Blank Card Ideas: great magic using just 1 blank faced playing card!



June in August

June Horowitz’s 100th birthday isn’t until September 12, and her official Ring 211 Party doesn’t take place until September 21 (see the Events calendar for time and place!), but the unofficial acknowledgements, accolades, and celebrations started more than a month earlier, culminating in a barrage of events during the first few weeks of August.

Even before August, Randy Vander Wal and Jim Parkes started the June Horowitz ball rolling with a video-taped interview in June’s home. There’s about twelve minutes of Q&A with our Grand Lady of Magic, followed by more than twenty minutes of Show & Tell as June talks about some of her magic memorabilia. To comply with YouTube’s 15-minute limitation on uploads, the full interview has been edited into three sections.

On August 8, during the Abbott’s Get-together, a two hour ceremony was conducted at FAB Magic in Colon to present June with her own star on the village’s Magicians Walk of Fame and, of course, help celebrate her upcoming centennial birthday. The presentation was organized by Carole Ryal, who was also responsible for spearheading the month-long drive to finance the $1,275 Star. Donations came from far and wide, from both individuals and institutions, easily covering the cost of June’s Star. The plaque will be installed, probably in September, in the sidewalk outside the old Abbott’s building on State Street, just up from the old Opera House (now the village bank).

June’s Presentation was very well attended, including newspaper staff (see articles in Sturgis Journal and Michigan Live), and it seemed like everyone in town wanted to get their picture taken with the beaming Ms Horowitz. Punch, iced tea, and 100 decorated cupcakes (carefully laid out by Carole) were offered to those celebrating June’s birthday.

Here’s a short video of the actual presentation, including June’s as always pithy response.

The following Saturday, August 10, June was again honored, this time by Greg Bordner and Abbott’s, when she was awarded the Jerry Conklin Magic Family Award for her many contributions to the Get-together. June is quite probably the only person in the world who can claim to have attended every single one of the 76 Get-togethers (though Greg tells me at least one other is close to June’s record).

Following is a gallery of some of the photos taken during the presentation of June’s Star on August 8. There are also a few pictures from the Abbott’s ceremony on August 10, included here with permission from Greg.

Photo Gallery

June Horowitz would like to wholeheartedly thank the following Friends and Family for making her Star a Reality!

Evan Ginsburg
Mike McNee
Bruce and Sarah Wehr
IBM Ring 211 Grand Rapids
The International Brotherhood of Magicians
Eugene Burger
Irving Shapiro
Bob Bloenk
Milt Larson for the Magic Castle
Bill Watson
Carole and Krag Ryal
IBM Ring 386 Colon
Jim and Michele Parkes
Bill Rasmussen
Wayne Ramsdell
Ron Carnell
Raven Keckler
Michael and Harriet Jacobsen
Rick Fisher for FAB Magic
Jeff Nalazek
IBM Ring 36 Flint
Merlin Terrill
George Shindler for SAM
Sonny and Allison Tgiros
Dick Oslund
Steve Weikel
Gene Anderson
Al Leoni
Tim Ogden
Mr. and Mrs. Don Wiberg
Jerry and Kathy Herdegen
Dr. and Mrs. Rick Howell
Ardan James
Mrs. David Weikel
Mark Ginther Family
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Reinstein
Carson and Doug Gancer
Roger Bus
Pete Stobie
Vince Russo
and anonymous donors.

Ring 211 July 2013 Report

Our July workshop was presented by Bob Panlener. Bob is always ready to perform. In his “real job” he takes opportunities to amaze his clients. It makes them feel good and who knows . . . it can lead to gigs. For Bob it has. His topic was Money Magic. He performed and demonstrated a torn and restored dollar bill by Terry Seabrooke, having a two dollar bill fold and unfold into two single dollar bills, magically taking the face off of a dollar bill, and the Wonderland Dollar. Thanks Bob.

img_3161Tonight’s program was “Deckless.” Magi were encouraged to perform a card packet routine. Our chairperson was Gil Scott. He amazed us with a signed card and a Three Card Monte.

Ron Carnell (He is our web master. View our site!) astonished us by having four Jokers magically change to four Fives. Dr. Jack Vander Wal nicely performed Five Card Royal. Jerry Herdegen (AKA Choo Choo The Clown) impressed us with the penetration of a jack knife through a balloon and topped it off with the formation of a turtle balloon. Bob Panlener intrigued us with Chance Or Fate.

img_3179Gil wanted to perform another and got us with Open Prediction. Krag Ryal further challenged us with and ESP prediction routine and another prediction involving the date on a coin among five coins. Jim Parkes added to the entertainment value by showing Doug Henning’s See Through Card. P. J. Weber continued the astonishment by having a selected card vanish from the deck only to be revealed from his pocket. Dennis Favreau thrilled us by a having the ashes of a burnt piece of paper containing the selected card revealed upon his arm the name of the chosen card.

img_3146Ring President Michele Parkes presented the following awards: Peter Stobie (Workshop of the Year, Excellence in Stage, and Service — Program Chair), P. J. Weber (Excellence in Close-Up), Kathy Herdegen (Most Service to Club), Dave Bogdan (Service — Lecture Chair), Ron Carnell (Service — Web Master), and Randy Vander Wal (Service — Ring Scribe). She announced that Christian & Katalina received Outside Lecturer of the Year.

Wow, another night of magic and fun. Big thanks to all who came to the meeting and our performers. Also, a thanks to my nephew, Jesse Shira, for taking notes for the submitting of this report. Check out our web site for information regarding the 2nd Annual Bob & Judie Kramer Stage Magic & Novelty Act Competition and our upcoming 27th Annual Earl Ray Wilcox Memorial Hocus Pocus Party. We dedicate the Hocus Pocus Party this year to our own “centennial lady” June Horowitz.

Photo Gallery