Ring 211 May 2019 Report

The May workshop was packet tricks with chairperson Brad Lancaster. Six of our members demo’d and then explained the routine. Ring President, Jeff Brodrick, presented his version of Dots Impossible card routine. Hank Slagter followed with Twister. Gary Laundre’ showed us two versions of Mental Choice. One routine with cards and the other with poker chips. Dennis Favreau delighted us with Twisted Sister. Ron Carnell intrigued our eyes with Danny Archer’s Eye Exam. Brad Lancaster closed the workshop with Dai Vernon’s Twisting the Aces. We thank Brad and all who performed.

At this meeting the club had its election of officers. The following members will take on their newly elected positions at our June Board Meeting: Dennis Favreau, President; Gary Laundre’, Vice President; Charles Bennett, Secretary; Treasurer, Michele Parkes and Phil Gleason; Sgt. At Arms, Jim Parkes; Dave Bogdan, Board Member At Large; and Gil Scott, Board Member At Large. The club congratulates these members on their elected positions. The club also thanks Jeff Brodrick for being president the past term and Trino for being vice president. Charles Bennett, Michele Parkes, Jim Parkes, Dave Bogdan, and Gil Scott all have been re-elected in their positions. The club also thanks these members for their service of the past term. Note: The club appreciates the work that these members provided as within their term they worked with the 2018 I.B.M. Convention Committee as that year the convention was here in Grand Rapids. The I.B.M. also shared its appreciation as announced at the convention. Magic Top Hats Off to Ring 211!

Tonight, the program was Restorations with chairperson Ron Carnell. Tanyan Sanders opened the show by cutting up a paper heart and placing it in a bag for its restoration. Gerrit, a new member, performed a torn and restored corner of a card. Gary Oisten enlightened us with Colombini’s Signed, Sealed, & Delivered. Jeff Brodrick impressed us by tearing a long piece of invisible tape and then restoring it. Gary Laundre’ amazed us with a watch vanish using a handkerchief and the watch being displayed on his arm among a few more. Brad Lancaster added a little more comedy as he read newspaper headlines from various newspaper pieces he had collected, yet only to restore the pieces to a full newspaper. Ron Carnell closed the show with a Rubick’s Cube routine. He had the cube mixed and then matched one side to a side which was chosen by random from a group of choices printed on cards. Then, he quickly restored the entire cube.

This was another night of magic, fellowship, and fun. We thank all for coming to the meeting and the performers as well.

Ring 211 April 2019 Report

Our April workshop was on magic found in magic kits or sets such as what Marshall Brodien had manufactured. Six of our members performed magic from such kits. Our president, Jeff Brodrick, presented the quarter penetration, money tray, ink to water, paper version of What’s Next, mystic coin catcher, and a coin bounce (not in kit). Hank Slagter showed the card frame and then a ring and string (chain) penetration. Gary Laundre’ performed hole in rabbit and the multiplying sponge rabbits. Gil Scott presented two versions of ball and vase, one with a dime and the other routine with the ball vanishing into the vase. P. J. Weber escaped from the Siberian chain. Jim Parkes performed “think a number” and colorvision. Thanks to Jeff and our performers.

Tonight’s program was Money Magic with Ron Carnell as the emcee. Gary Laundre’ opened the show by magically vanishing and appearing golden nuggets, the famous one in hand — one in pocket — to two in hand with a large nugget finish. He called this “Dubloon.” P. J. Weber continued with a silver dollar appearance and it completely vanished from his hand. Tanyon Sanders side-stepped the money and presented a card and find with a four ace production. Jeff Brodrick did not have enough of the kit magic from earlier and did another coin vanish. Gil Scott stepped up the pace by displaying six coins in two rows and performing a three coins across routine. Ron Carnell closed the show with his version (could be his own) of The $188 (yes, one hundred eighty-eight) Dollar Bill Challenge. This was an entertaining “truth or lie” routine with a card selection and find involving a $100 dollar bill in one of seven envelopes of which smaller denominations of bills were in the remaining six.

That was another night of magic, fellowship, and fun. We thank all our performers. Also, “Magic Tops Hats Off!” to our magic friends of the Conjurors Club — Ring 36 in Flint for their hosting of the 50th Annual Michigan Magic Day.

Ring 211 Hosts Thom Peterson Lecture

Thom Peterson is The Amazing Guy! A one-man flash mob of magic and comedy. On March 21, Ring 211 laughed as he turned our lecture experience into a slumber party of fun and mystery. We learned magic that will blow spectator’s hair back and comedy that’s illegal in five states (or at least… frowned upon). Thom has been a fulll-time performer for over 30 years and provides a great mix of stand-up and close-up material he actually uses day-in and day-out. There was no “knuckle-busting” here, just material we could immediately put into our own performing repertoire. Indeed, there was something for everyone in this lecture. Tonight, we found out besides Thom being a member of both London’s Magic Circle and the British Magical Society, including him being a regular performer at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, why Thom is “The Amazing Guy!”

Highlights of Thom’s lecture were:

Cheers — This is Thom’s signature opener. First, a piece of fruit is produced, then a tall glass of liquid, then a bottle of your favorite beverage. It’s the perfect, logical set-up to a bill (or card) in lemon routine.

Kapow! — Thom’s favorite opener for walk-around magic. In less than 10 seconds you’ll be able to establish yourself as a fun fooler — worthy of being watched (and just maybe…worshiped). — Silver dollar coin to larger coin production.

George of the Jumble — What begins as a cruel joke, end up with the spectator’s bill being torn, restored BACKWARDS, and left with them. Thom loves routines that leaves a souvenir with the spectator where the magic is still happening. This one does just that.

Rock, Paper, Rabbit — Anytime you’re within arm’s reach of some PostI® Notes, you’ll have an amazing and fun way of leaving a positive, lasting impression on those around you. — An origami routine.

Killer Spoon — Another routine straight out of Thom’s stand-up show. First, a spoon visibly bends without any manipulation. This is immediately handed out. Next, Thom illustrates how this is possible by bending a 2-dimensional signed drawing of a spoon (Revenge of the Spoon 2.0). Oh yeah…this is handed out as well!

Wise Quack — Thom takes Al Koran’s famous Medallion Routine and presents it in a way that’s fun, while simultaneously removing all of the not-so-elegant moments. Think mentalism isn’t for you? Wait until you see this! — A lighthearted mentalism routine.

Walk-Around Williamson — Thom takes a wonderful card routine by David Williamson, and re-blocks it to make it practical for everyday performing, as well as a LOT easier! — A torn and restored card routine.

Just Fate — An ESP card symbol match.

Psycho — The Spectator finds his/her own card.

Thom had his lecture notes and many of his routines available for sale. One can connect with Thom through his web site at http://amazingguy.com/. Ring 211 enjoyed this lecture and recommends him for your club. We thank our lecture chairman, Dave Bogdan (bogsmagic@comcast.net), for obtaining Thom. Also, a thanks to Scott Wells (http://www.scottwells.com/) for lining up this tour.

Ring 211 March 2019 Report

Gary Laundre’ presented our March workshop. It was on “dice magic.” He informed us how we can use dice in our magic in ten ways, many of which he performed and then explained. Highlights were: 1) Ball to Jumbo Die (sponge die), 2) Die Through Die, 3) Die Smashed, 4) die in a hand vanish, 5) the famous two in one hand, one in pocket to three in one hand, then two in one hand to a big die finish. He continued with 6) pictured dice vanishing off of a paddle and back, 7) chop cup routine using a die with a larger two dice finish, 8) cup and ball routine using dice,9) Benson’s Bowl Routine using a sponge die and dice with a larger die finish, 10) using sponge dice instead of sponge rabbits in the classical sponge multiple rabbit routine. Also with the chop cup routine mentioned, Gary made his own sponge dice and gimmicked chop cup. One could even gimmick a coffee cup. Gary did have some items to sell, including some sponge dice, the Die Through Die, and the Die Smashed. Thanks Gary.

Tonight was Comedy Magic Night with emcee Ron Carnell. Gil Scott opened the program with Killer Spoon, a spoon bend routine by Thom Peterson who we just had as a recent lecture. Ring President, Jeff Brodrick as Jeffini presented a dryer sheet gag and then a card prediction routine in a top hat. Ron Carnell performed a truth or lie routine involving six various colored marbles which were placed in a bag and Ron was able to determine by how each person answered his questions who had what color marble. MagicBob Zoerman showed us his “Magic For Dummies” book and then performed a stunt rabbit routine in which the puppet changes face. Tanyon Sanders, one of our youth members, enlightened us with a two card sign and switch routine using AGT (America Gots Talent) dramatics. Phil Gleason impressed us with his “Cyrus the Blockhead” illusion, a rope and cube penetration. Just being past St. Patrick’s Day, Ron Carnell delighted us with “Last Two Irish Match, ” a routine involving the matching of five pairs of leprechaun cards. Gary Laundre’ in an encore appearance dazzled us by smashing a globe similar to his Die Smashed and then performed a mini die box routine in which a die in case went to a mini die and then was the “exploding die.” Gerrit Craymer, who may become a member, performed a signed card and switch, including an ambitious routine.

Another night of magic, fellowship, and fun. A thanks to all our performers and to all who came.

Ring 211 February 2019 Report

Our February workshop was presented by MagicBob Zoerman. He and his wife, SuZie, had just returned from two trips. One was their trip to India again in which he performs magic shows and she does her chalk art. Two other magi also were on this trip but did a different set of cities. In three weeks, they all performed 38 shows with an audience attendance of over 50,000 people. The other trip was a tour through Israel with a native as the guide. The focus of the workshop was that MagicBob performed seven tricks which were all made in India. He also had these for sale. The tricks were: Mental Dye, Shimmed Bicycle Cards, PK Rings, Okito Boxes, Super Mental Dye — Brass, Finger Chopper, and Wonders of the World (four card prediction routine). He also had some giveaways such as card packet tricks, magic routine writings, and the like from the June Horowitz Estate Sale. These giveaways were souvenirs to remember her. Thanks MagicBob.

Tonight was High Risk Magic with Ring 211 President Jeff Brodrick as our emcee. The focus was that each performer was performing a trick which enlightened some danger. Jeff performed a torn and restored tape routine. MagicBob Zoerman presented a book test with a “hangman” scenario in which he broke away as he retrieved the book. Randy Vander Wal successfully escape from chain cuffs. Dennis Favreau really got into this topic. He invited Jennifer Elkowitz to join him in showing the crowd what “he had learned at a cooking institute.” There was an array of cooking utensils, vegetables, dog food — bagged and canned, etc. Among the demonstration, Dennis ate from a bag of dog food, put a skewer through his hand, ate some canned dog food, swallowed a few big spoonfuls of mayo, smashed a bottle and enjoyed the chewing of the pieces of glass, sliced through his finger instead of the food, and drank a glass of gasoline finishing the aftertaste with a glass of window cleaner. Freaky and the element of danger was sure displayed by Dennis!

Tonight was another night of magic and fun. We thank all who came to the meeting and, of course, our performers.

Ring 211 January 2019 Report

Oh, Jim Parkes! We blame him, that jovial fella! Many should know that Jim and Michele Parkes operate Hippity Hop Magic. Well, he did it again. It happens every year but not to the degree of this year. Jim was fooling around with what is known as snow powder. As he tripped over the cord of his running room fan (why that was on in the winter, who knows?) while holding a 2 liter bottle of lemon-lime soda in one hand and a cup of the snow powder in the other . . . he fell . . . the soda and the powder from the cup along with all the piles of powder he was packaging for shipment mixed and a combustion of produced snow resulted! When he fell (and glad he is okay), he had also fallen toward the door to the outside. That door opened and the fan blew all the produced snow out of his southwest side home and completely covered the Grand Rapids area with a winter blizzard! Schools and businesses closed, with organization events all being canceled, including our January Ring 211 regular meeting!

Of course, the above paragraph is fictitious. In short, our meeting was canceled. The magic and fun at a Ring 211 meeting will thus continue at our February regular meeting.