Ring 211 September 2019 Report

Prior to the September workshop, Jeff Brodrick (stepping in for our Ring President Dennis Favreau) had each person announce his/her name and interest in magic, etc. P. J. Weber was in charge of this month’s workshop which was on “openers and closers.” P. J. mentioned that usually an opener is between thirty seconds and a minute and a half in which the performer performs a trick or a routine which catches the attention of the audience and makes them want to see more. He told us that he usually opens with a mouth coil to dove production. In a few cases, he will do the “Spike and Bag” routine in which he uses equivoque to know which bag is covering the spike. He had members mention what their openers were. Phil Gleason does the Floating Sign. Dave Storms enjoys the Appearing Cane and David Ginn’s Tape Measure Wrist Watch. Jim Parkes likes Stiff Rope. Tanyan Sanders uses the Professor’s Nightmare. Gil Scott reminded us that one’s opener may depend on the particular audience at the time.

For closers, P. J. mentioned that most of the time he will do the famous Gene Anderson Torn & Restored Newspaper. He has closed with a silk routine using the Square Circle and producing the U.S. Flag and Staff. Tanyan Sanders closes with Cups & Balls. Dave Storms likes the Temple Screen. Jim Parkes closes with the Square Circle and Jeff Brodrick mentioned his origami routine. A thanks to P. J. Weber for leading the discussion and all those with input.

The program tonight was on Halloween Magic. Jeff Brodrick impressed us by performing Houdini’s Influence, a card routine using photos of cards in which the prediction matches the photo of card selected. Tanyan Sanders performed his Cups and Balls which had the production of two larger balls and a toy duck finish.

Another night of magic and fun. A thanks to our performers and to all who attended.

Ring 211 August 2019 Report

In August, we do not have either a board meeting nor a regular meeting because we have our annual picnic. Once again, it was held at the Late Dr. Jack Vander Wal’s back yard which blends into Crystal Lake. Members, their friends, and family members arrived just past 2 PM on Sunday, August 18, which happened to be a beautiful sunny day after a morning of rain. Members brought salads and desserts. The club furnished the dinnerware, soft drinks, burgers, and hot dogs. Those who attended chatted among each other about their summer activities, the latest on the magic scene including recaps of the recent I.B.M. Convention Scottsdale, Magic Live, and Abbott’s Magic Get Together. We heard interesting stories from Bill Rasmussen, Dennis Favreau, P. J. Weber, and Jeff Brodrick. A few magi performed a close-up trick or two such as Phil Gleason and Hank Slagter. Jennifer Elkowitz and her son, Robert, (Steven is in basic training in the Army.) cast their fishing poles upon the lake and caught many. In fact, Robert beat his own record of 17.2 inches with a slightly larger Bass this year . . . or did Jennifer beat him? Christian Rasmussen kicked a soccer ball around with his mom, Julie. Randy Vander Wal grilled the burgers and hot dogs. The rotisserie chicken which P. J. brought was an added delight. The food was delightful and enjoyed by all.

Once again, it was a great fun time at this picnic. Thanks to all who came and also for bringing their edibles. Hocus Pocus Party is Saturday, November 2. It is the 33rd edition with headliner Michael Finney! Details are on the Ring 211 web site and on Facebook — just search “Hocus Pocus Party!”

Ring Event: Ring 211’s Fall Kick Off — Nathan Coe Marsh Lecture!

Nathan Coe Marsh is from Orlando, Florida. His blend of genuine warmth, hilarious audience interaction, creativity, youthful energy, topical comedy, and stunning impossibilities has captivated millions on TV and in live performances in thirteen countries. Over the course of his career that has included television, corporate events, cruise ships, casinos, trade shows, and comedy clubs he has been featured on NBC, CBS, FOX, and The CW, where Nathan was named “one of the stars” of Penn & Teller’s hit series “Fool Us” by WESH-TV. Joanie Spina in MAGIC Magazine described his work as “a breath of fresh air.” Event Solutions Magazine chose him as one of five finalists for “Entertainment of the Year.” As part of Armed Forces Entertainment’s “Operation Magic All-Stars” he has entertained service members stationed overseas and he has served as an international headliner for Holland America, Norwegian, and Silversea cruise lines. He has performed at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood. He is a regular headliner at House of Cards in Nashville, Tennessee. He has provided headline entertainment for clients including GE, Microsoft, Siemens, Jockey, and has entertained in venues as diverse as the private yacht of Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shah Khan, to the Top of the World club in Thule, Greenland, to performances in French Polynesia, the Mexican Riviera, the Carribean, and South America. In addition to performing full time, he is a review columnist for Genii Magazine. With all of this we were eager to kick off our fall season early on August 31 with a lecture from Nathan as we were one of his stops of his current tour.

His Practical Impossibilities Lecture has the first half focus on strong stand-up magic that Nathan has used professionally, packs small and plays big, and does not require on-stage volunteers (there’s nothing wrong with audience interaction — a major feature of Nathan’s full show — but Nathan talked about why he has made a conscious effort to cultivate this kind of material). Nathan also discussed his “Focus, Rapport, Climax, Emotional Connection” template for the structure of an act.
He performed and taught:

A Spirited Opener

This is a startling visible vanish of a silk followed immediately by the production of a full shot glass of liquid, a powerful 1-2 punch that,
in under 90 seconds, grabbed the complete focus of us while also setting the atmosphere of fun for everything that followed.


Any card called for was caught out of mid-air from the deck. The spectacle of a card sword without the cost, and Nathan’s new technique
for controlling a named card from a memorized deck had many applications explained for both close-up and stand up. For non-memdeck users,
this revelation could be also powerful with a chosen card.

Balloons — one routine was a card prediction inside the balloon, then an alternate version involving a prediction inside the balloon

Stage-filling, astonishing, comedy mentalism that packed small and involved no on-stage volunteers.

The Thumb Tie — Nathan’s presentation of Jay Marshall’s “Jaspernese Thumbtie” was an object lesson in how to milk the comic potential of one’s props and generate “playtime.”

Test Conditions Signed Bill in Orange — The result of 15 years of experimentation and hundreds of live shows, this was Nathan’s baby that came from the relentless pursuit of the most impossible version of the classic plot. The orange and the signed bill were in in full view. The bill vanished. The orange was shown whole on every side. The signed bill truly appeared inside the orange. We were awed.

The second half highlighted his close-up magic:

Smart Coins — a three coins across routine

This featured a charming, motivated, topical, and original presentation that steered clear of what Eugene Burger termed “the adventures of the props
in the magician’s hands” script that is typical of coins across, Nathan’s version blended brilliant work from Roger Klause, Larry Jennings, and Mike
Pisciotta which created a strong routine that made us gasp.

Card Divination — revealing selected cards in four varying ways

Inspired by a single sentence in Juan Tamariz’ Mnemonica, this is the card routine Nathan has performed every single time he has done close-up
magic professionally since 2004.

Every item in the lecture has been performed professionally by Nathan and every detail has been worked out. This was real world material that works. He had his lecture notes and items such as The Impossible Jar, his videos Magic Tricks You Can Do!, The Living Room Sessions, and Penguin Live Acts: Nathan Coe Marsh. We enjoyed his lecture and recommend him for your club. We thank Nathan for his lecture and also our lecture chairman, Dave Bogdan (bogsmagic@comcast.net). See what Nathan has to offer on his web site, https://nathancoemarsh.com/.

Ring 211 Hosts Four Fabulous Spring To Summer Lectures

From spring into summer, our lecture chairman, Dave Bogdan (bogsmagic@comcast.net), booked four spectacular lectures for Ring 211 — The June Horowitz/John deVries Magic Club — Grand Rapids, Michigan. Olmac (Olivier Macia), PIP Joe Turner, Dan Fleshman, and Dameon (Hal Meyers) were the Fab Four. To read about the bio of each lecturer in depth and to view the product line of each, go to the web sites listed below. Olmac was obtained through Obie O’Brien (rjobie@gisco.net). Joe Turner was through our own Jeffrey Alan Brodrick. Dan Fleshman and Dameon came through Scott Wells (lectures@scottwells.com).

Olmac Lecture

Olmac which stands for Oustanding Lecturer, Magician, And Conjuror is what Olivier is. He is an expert at close-up magic, internationally renowned, and is a FISM 2003 winner. Highlights of his lecture were:

From his Control Freak DVD —

* an impressive ambitious card routine which includes his own moves and steals for the chosen card to appear on top of the deck, on the bottom, and from his pants pocket
* another card to pocket routine including the deck to pocket
* Boomerang Card
* four aces invisibly to appear each out of thin air

From his Olmac in London DVD —

* Full Deck Vanish To One (two versions)
* Card In Box Repeat (mini suitcase)
* use box as to reveal a prediction such as a credit card information
* box levitates
* use as a pad prediction
* use with Rubrik’s Cube or a finger ring or any other small object wrapped up as a gift with ribbon
* use box to produce folding bills and then multiple bills as a climax
* cigarette lighter vanish and reappearance routine and cigarette vanish

From his Olmac In The Desert: the secrets of visual coin magic DVD —

* Perfect Vanish
* Olmac Vanish and its plus version
* a coin change
* 3 Fly Olmac

Then more such as —

* two card selection (red and black) in which one card appears from mouth and the other being wrong from deck only to appear from mouth with a color change (Control Freak DVD)
* single card color change to many varieties such as Multi Change Back (8 times change), Multi Face Change (9 times change), Vegas Olmac Change, Blink Olmac Change, Twist Air Change, Bim Bam Change, and Snap Olmac Change — all from his Olmac in Las Vegas DVD.
* Boomerang Card Change
* Impact — Card appears from two and is dropped into one’s hand
* another card appearing from beneath deck

Visit Olmac at https://magicolmac.com.

Joe Turner Lecture

Joe M. Turner is a magician, mentalist, a professional keynote speaker, a columnist for Genii Magazine, and a Past International President (PIP) of the I.B.M. He has performed in all three show rooms at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, appeared at Monday Night Magic in New York City, and at the Dickens Parlor Theater at the Tropicana Atlantic City. His primary expertise is sleight of hand card magic and comedy escape magic. Highlights of his lecture were:

* Unwedding Ring, a ring and string routine, involving an impressive move
* Vanished Card To Wallet with importance on the impact of the half effect known as the vanish.
* a ten signed across card to pocket one at a time routine — could also do with business cards
* a card to pocket routine, one routine involved the chosen card sandwiched between two cards and placed in the middle of the deck, the other involved the spectator take the card out of the magi’s pocket
* Practical Matchmaker, Mindwriting, and Smiling Tiger (by Jim Surprise) using the Numerical Memorized Deck
* his sharing of thoughts and ideas on estimation and using the memorized deck for mentalists
* Zaro Skill, a card prediction routine involving nine piles of cards down to three piles with three predictions having matching outcomes

Visit Joe at https://turnermagic.com.

Dan Fleshman Lecture

Dan Fleshman has been practicing magic for over forty-five years and as a pro since 1991. He is the house magician (eleventh year) with the Chop House restaurants in Beaver Creek and Vail, Colorado. He has performed in a vast number of top restaurants, hotels, and nightclubs with great success. The only two states he has not lectured in are Maine and Alaska. Plus, he is the only four-time lecturer to Ring 211. Shoot, he is a favorite to my dad, the Late Dr. Jack. He is featured in many L&L DVDs, including many of the World’s Greatest Magic series, Live At The Jailhouse DVD (three DVD set) with six other performers, and his just released DVD, Every Table is a Stage (two DVD set produced by Kozmo Magic).

Dan has effects that are both visually appealing, highly commercial, and entertaining. He gave tips on routining, timing, the use of body language, how to connect with the audience, and how he resets. He shared his thought process behind his selection of effects and tips on working restaurants today. Highlights were:

* Professor’s Nightmare Ring on Rope Routine (uses BTC rope)
* Ninja Rings
* Jiggernaut
* Pointless, a pen and cap routine by Gregory Wilson
* Clone Deck by Joker Magic — produced Kids’ Kards from it
* No Two Alike
* Now Look Here (Chad Long)
* a metamorphosis card trick using a himber wallet — The Pocket Grenade Wallet by John Luka (card to wallet)
* Mona Lisa’s Secret (card routine)
* Extreme Burn (Richard Sanders)
* Kinetic Key Jr. (Viking Magic)
* a four ace production then to Oil/Water/Rough Triumph
* Unplunged (card routine)
* Copper/Silver/Brass Jumbo Coins Across Routine
* Turn Around Swivel Pass
* Kids’ Kards

Visit Dan at https://www.danfleshman.com.

Dameon Lecture

Dameon is an accomplished prestidigitator and entertainer specializing in manipulative magic, creating visually captivating presentations to music. A performer for over thirty-five years, appearing in numerous shows and revues worldwide, he was a top feature at the 2018 S.A.M. National Conference in Orlando and at the 78th Abbott’s Magic Get Together (2015) being honored with the Bill Baird/Neil Foster Award. His lecture, more of a mini seminar, was unique, fast paced, fun-filled, and interactive as each of us were given balls, rope, cards, etc. to follow along as a “learn by doing.” We could even take these items home. Dameon drew far and wide as a few attendees came from Indiana and even Toledo, Ohio, like Andrew Martin.

Highlights of what he demonstrated and explained were:

* quick basic roll and flourish sequence, palming, reach out produce, and three color changes with balls. Also, the importance of how balloon material helps with gripping and how mime enhances the performance
* for rope — Overhand Vanishing Knot, Shoelace Knot, Threading the Needle, and Jumbo Ring and Ribbon Penetration
* One to Ten Count Two Sponge Ball Vanish
* act set up — talked about the many supplies, extra materials, and importance of timing of one’s act
* basic thimble moves including the jumping thimble (Buckingham)
* cards — back palm, front palm, card tossing, split fanning, second dealing and doubles, and passes.
* doves — talked about the cage, the vanish, his tail coat, and harnesses.

Visit Dameon at http://www.halmeyers.com and follow him on Facebook as well.

Wow, what a fabulous four lectures we just had. Each lecturer took time to address questions and explained patiently any requested moves. We thank each of our lecturers, the contacts, and SuperDave. A thanks to Jim Parkes for his promoting and for contributing to this report. Ring 211 highly recommends each lecturer to your club.


Ring 211 July 2019 Report

Tonight’s workshop was on Rope Tricks. Jeff Brodrick shared the Color Changing Rope, Stiff Rope, and Standing Rope. Phil Gleason showed us Linking Parachute Chords and then a chord to travel from one finger to another. Ring President Dennis Favreau demonstrated the Shoelace Knot, Clap Knot, Throwing A Knot, mulit-knot throw and reverse, and tying a knot without either hand leaving the end. We thank Jeff, Phil, and Dennis for the workshop.

Bill Rasmussen and his son Christian, along with Dennis Favreau and Jeff Brodrick gave us their insights on what they experienced at the I.B.M. Convention Scottsdale! It was hot! We thank them for sharing with us.

Tonight was Mental Magic with Dennis being the emcee and he opened the show with Wild-Colombini’s Magic Zodiac Prediction. Gil Scott was able to mentally name a selected card and then was able to reveal Christian Rasmussen’s thought up word using four letter cards. Phil Gleason amazed us by having a metal slug slowly travel down a mental tube using his mental powers, thus defying gravity. Jeff Brodrick impressed us with a card prediction; the revelation matched what he had wrote. Hank Slagter followed with one of his own mental card predictions. Randy Vander Wal was next and revealed what color crayon a person had selected just by having the thoughts from the audience sent to him. Dennis Favreau closed the show by writing down a person’s initials on a pad after capturing the thought.

Another night of magic and fun. We thank all who attended and our performers. Heads up: The 33rd Annual Earl Ray Wilcox Hocus Pocus Party takes place on Saturday, November 2 with headliner Michael Finney! Party begins at 5:30 PM which includes a full dinner buffet, cash bar, balloon twisting, face painting, fortune telling, strolling close- up magic, prize drawings, and a cabaret show. Wow! Child tickets are $10.00 and adults are $25.00. John and Tammy Sterlini, Maciek, David Storms, and Jeff Brodrick as emcee join Michael on the cabaret show. Event takes place at the KC Banquet Center on Clyde Park Avenue SW. All details on the Ring 211 web site.

Ring 211 June 2019 Report

At this meeting our newly elected officers took their positions. Dennis Favreau, President; Gary Laundre’, Vice President; Charles Bennett, Secretary; Treasurer, Michele Parkes and Phil Gleason; Sgt. At Arms, Jim Parkes; Dave Bogdan, Board Member At Large; and Gil Scott, Board Member At Large. The club congratulates these members on their elected positions.

The club also thanks Jeff Brodrick for being president the past term and Trino for being vice president. Charles Bennett, Michele Parkes, Jim Parkes, Dave Bogdan, and Gil Scott all have been re-elected in their positions. The club also thanks these members for their service of the past term. Note: The club appreciates the work that these members provided as within their term they worked with the 2018 I.B.M. Convention Committee as that year the convention was here in Grand Rapids. The I.B.M. also shared its appreciation as announced at the convention. Magic Top Hats Off to Ring 211!

For our June workshop our workshop chairman, Brad Lancaster, had lined up three or our expert magi. The combined years of magical entertainment experience between these three is well over one hundred and eighty years. Wow! The panel consisted of Dave Bogdan (our lecture chairman), Gary Laundre’, and Gil “one ‘l'” Scott. Jeff Brodrick was the moderator and had the following questions addressed. Oh, P. J. Weber was also to be part of the panel but was out performing a show. But, Jeff had gathered P. J.’s responses prior. Now that makes over two hundred and twenty years of combined experience!

* Your name and where you were born
* The first magician you saw
* The age you realized you wanted to become a magician
* The place you bought your first magic trick and what was that trick
* The length of time you have been in the magical arts
* Tell of your performance experience
* Your favorite trick and a second
* Why you like being a magician and your most rewarding part
* Most difficult magic trick
* Handling stressful situations
* Final advice to share

Here are some highlights from the discussion. For P. J. his neighbor was the first magician he saw and P. J. was three years of age. The neighbor also taught him magic. Gary mentioned Claire Cummings as his first magician. Gil Scott pointed to Lynn Miner and J. B. Bobo. Dave remembers Mark Wilson on the “The Magic Land of Allakazam.” P. J. wanted to become a magician already at age three. Gary and Dave became interested around 6 and 7 years of age. Gil caught the magic bug in his early teens. As far as performance experience, Dave began performing in his restaurant called “Bogdan’s Magic Palace” and had performed for many celebrities. Gil opened for Loretta Lynn, performed many trade shows, and early in his career performed eight shows a day on a six day schedule at Cedar Point Amusement Park. Gil did own his own magic shop called “Merlin’s.” Gary was Captain Magic on the local Bozo Show here in Grand Rapids (second longest running Bozo Show next to WGN TV 9 in Chicago), emcee’d and opened for the Statler Brothers for over seven years, other expos, Brenda Lee, and Sally Struthers. Of course, he did have a stint at Alladin’s Magic Shop before it changed to Merlin’s. P. J. has performed for four US Presidents, in sixty-eight countries, Gorbachev, and had vanished a local radio station’s (WCUZ) mobile studio with audience members touching it. He also was the headliner for the New Olympian International Show Team which helped him obtain shows world wide. Favorite tricks mentioned were the multiplying sponge bunnies, Invisible Deck, Chop Cup, Norm Nielson’s Floating Violin, Blackstone’s Sword Cabinet, Gene Anderson’s Paper Tear, and rabbit out of the hat. Most rewarding parts mentioned were the smiles, interaction, and reaction of the audience members. Final advice was “practice, practice, practice” and perform what you love and interests you; make it fun and your personality will come through. A few audience questions were addressed, in part, where are the opportunities for the the younger magicians these days.

The panel discussion was very much interesting and there more which could be written. To hear the full discussion check out the Ring 211 web site at http://ring211.org. This will appear under the June Ring Report. We thank our panel for their stories and insight.

Tonight’s program was Hanky Panky. Four us performed some kind of magic using silks. Gil Scott, generally a card guy, produced a deck from a silk so he could perform for us a card trick. It involved the chosen card which changed into the King of Clubs and then all four kings completed the routine. Jeff Brodrick produced a wand from a silk and continued with a color-changing silk through his hand. Randy Vander Wal performed a known classic, a 20th Century Silk routine. Ring President, Dennis Favreau, presented to music an enjoyable Knott’s Off Silk routine.

Another night of magic and fun with plenty of fellowship. A thanks to our performers and all who at the meeting.