Alain Nu Lectures to Ring 36, Ring 211, and Ring 22

Alain Nu’s lecture tour stopped in Flint (Ring 36), Grand Rapids (Ring 211), and Detroit (Ring 22) in early February. This writing is based on his appearance for Ring 211.

Alain was the star of the 2005 TLC four part hour-long series, “The Mysterious World of Alain Nu.” Alain Nu is also the author of Amazon number one hot new release, “Picture Your ESP!” Nu is a true working mentalist and his practical and creative ideas have been time tested over his illustrious career. He is known for his prolific background in creative methods for mentalism effects. His underground works have been published numerous times in countless publications and books, including MAGIC, Genii, The Linking Ring (Best Parade 1997), MUM (front cover December 1999), Syzygy, The Trap Door, Labyrinth (one man issue), Dear Mr. Fantasy, The Mystery School Book and among others, not to mention his own private releases both in print and no longer in print, many of his ideas have now become well-buried in rare and hard-to-find periodicals.

We learned some killer effects, but also his insights about this subject matter and saw mentalism from a most unusual, yet practical perspective. Reputation-making mentalism routines that he has put a considerable amount of work into, and hand-picked, mostly from his books Word Work I, Word Work II, Any Card, Astrologic, and Nu Wave Reloaded were performed and demonstrated.

A powerful arsenal was revealed, everything from clever to even impromptu book and magazine tests which included:

  • mentally calling out a selected word from that of many randomly words from a newspaper
  • What’s My Sign, mentally revealing one’s zodiac sign and also calling out one’s day of birth exactly to within three days and other zodiac divination principles
  • Nu Wave, an enhanced Bee Wave with use of equivoque and other subtleties regarding this process
  • his famous ACAAN (any card at any number) techniques using multiple people both with a memorized deck and also a normal deck
  • an amazing glimpse of his metal bending routine
  • Banachek’s Psycho-Kinetic, mentally changing a spectator’s watch time forward and under the right situation his own Psycho-Chronetic in which the time moves backwards
  • Peek To Peek book test even using a borrowed book
  • the Winston-Freer Puzzle by John Rogers

alain-nu-lecture-1All his manuscripts and products were available at the lecture. Those can be viewed online at Other manuscripts were Serial Thrillers, Nu Ways, XXX, and Psycho-Chronetic. He also had his DVD The Mysterious World of Alain Nu. Also check out This lecture was through Nathan Kranzo.

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