Rick Merrill Lectures for Ring 211

What do cards, coins, Sharpies, and “home schooled” comic wit blended altogether produce? The result is a Rick Merrill Lecture! This took place on January 12, a new and exclusive lecture to Ring 211, his home club, The June Horowitz/John deVries Magic Club, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Highlights were:

  • His multi-revelation of six cards freely chosen. Chosen cards were revealed from his sock, card from out of deck while in mouth–the card being hung from his lip after a smack on the head, a card change known as Double Agent (Antinomy Magic), card springing out of deck, and off of the bottom of his shoe from obtaining it from an array of cards on the floor. His “Predator Sock” gag added more laughs.
  • An ambitious card routine involving the chosen card to repeatedly appear as the top card of the deck, in the pocket, from his mouth, and from appearing folded inside an attractive trinket box.
  • A card metamorphasis between his mouth and the deck using a banner
  • A signed hockey puck vanish only to reappear from one our member’s jacket pocket
  • A find the Aces routine involving turning top card over as an Ace, then cutting to the other three, and resulting in a Sybil cut to a Royal Flush.
  • Pulling a ball off of its rubber band of its paddle, only to have it magically restored onto the rubber band again.
  • His award winning coin and Sharpie manipulation routine

Rick showed us the “how to’s” of his routines and also gave examples of “thinking outside the box,” such as with the hockey puck routine. Many of us know his recent history of becoming one of the most sought out entertainers but he did spend some time sharing his story for some new comers. Interestingly, he shared with us his routes and challenges he faced as he developed a competition type act. He admired the coin work of Rune Klan and wanted to further develop his own coin work. Rick took first place in both the I.B.M. and S.A.M Close-Up Contest in 2004, including the People’s Choice Award, plus a few other distinguished awards, and then received the top prize for Close-Up of FISM in 2006.

He had items for sale, all published from Gene Taylor’s Antinomy Magic. This included Double Agent (color change card gimmick), a DVD of his England lecture and FISM act, Antinomy’s CD Annual 2005, and note pamphlets (excerpts from his lecture note book, Home Schooled): Sharpies & Coins, Playing Cards, Competition, and Three Change.

The club thanks Rick for a super fun and magical time and recommends him to any club. One may contact Rick right through his web site at http://www.rickmerrill.com.

One thought on “Rick Merrill Lectures for Ring 211

  1. Excellent Lecture! I loved the hockey Puck routine! Sharpie stuff was great. We are truly blessed in Ring 211! Pete 🙂