Ring 211 November 2011 Report

For our November regular meeting we do not hold a workshop and the business meeting is very brief so we may have enough selling and buying time for our annual auction. This was our second year to have a flea market prior to the auction. Over ten lengthy (8 foot) tables displayed enticing magic apparatus, tricks, and books. Some items were single such as an attractive table, production boxes of sorts, a wrist chopper, various card tricks, rope, coins, and escape items. One item too large to fit through the doors of the room was a doll house illusion. Other items were sold as package deals. Pamphlets, books, magazines, posters, and memorabilia filled in any empty spots on the tables.

Before the auction began, Dr. Jack Vander Wal, had the honors of presenting the Candy Grab Bag Sale. This sale is actually attributed to Percy Abbott as he had many of these types of sales back in the early days of the Abbott Magic Get-Togethers. One hundred bags were filled with at least two pieces of special candy delights. The candy again this year just arrived from Alaska. Happy Jack’s son, Randy, enjoyed an Alaskan cruise back in May. Randy had performed a trick at the Red Onion Saloon in Skagway. The ladies there “never miss a trick” (actually the saloon’s slogan — it also has a brothel museum). The ladies were so impressed that they had shipped to us their homemade candy delights. Randy has been the butt of many jokes all year. In fact, Chuck and Cindy Bennett also enjoyed an Alaskan cruise this year. The ladies gave Chuck candy to bring back too. Some of the bags also had magic puzzles and trick prizes donated from Jim & Michele Parkes of Hippity Hop Magic. Five bags yet were a tad bit more of interest as each of these contained a one dollar bill. The bags sold faster than lit flash paper as they were fifty cents a bag or three for one dollar.

MagicBob Zoerman used his also auctioning skilled voice to force those bids to the highest potential. Many of the items sold. Brad Lancaster offered up two trunk deals which included over 50 video tapes and much magic — all one needed to be a pro. Rick Laven (not present) offered his doll house. In fact, he obtained the doll house from a church a few years back of which it so happens that P. J. Weber had left this illusion in that church . . . and now it’s at our auction! The sellers made their profits, the buyers were pleased with their newly purchased “toys,” and the club made ten percent of all sales. Michele Parkes and I kept track of each sale making sure the debits matched the credits. This year’s biggest buyer was Wayne Ramsdell just skipping by Bill Rasmussen. Our biggest seller was Brad Lancaster, followed by Charles Bennett, and Tom Coverly.

Another night of fun and fellowship. The club thanks all who sold and bought with an extra thanks to Dr. Jack, MagicBob, and Jim and Michele Parkes. Next Ring 211 event is the 4th Abracadabra Close-Up Magic Show, Sunday, February 12. See the club’s web site for details. Also, Michigan Magic Day is April 20 and 21 in Lansing. View http://www.michiganmagicday.com/ for details.

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