Ring 211 Hosts The Great Kaplan Lecture

the-great-kaplanAs a treat for our members and other area magi from the recent Hocus Pocus Party, Ring 211 hosted a David Kaplan Lecture. He was the headliner of the Hocus Pocus Party on November 5 and the next day presented an enlightening lecture on character development and creativity which included showmanship.

Highlights of his points were:

  • comic gag on his door handle struggle entrance and straight jacket
  • card in shoe using his crazy glasses
  • story of how he began approaching tables at restaurants
  • his coin work, appearing from his beard, false transfer, and coin balance
  • his views on videotaping one’s show, to use as enhancing “events” in one’s show
  • change of invention from his mentor Levant, process of reverse engineering
  • turkey baster playing
  • hat trick routine
  • cane balancing and how he has three lengths of cane for situations
  • perpetual ping pong mouth production, proper finger palming
  • color changing knife routine
  • Gags such as his large pill production for his Big Headache
  • spin innovation gadget for The Growing Head Illusion
  • types of volunteers he seeks
  • in depth showing of Kerry Pollock’s Media Star Sound System

He had his DVD and lecture notes along with some of his other items for sale at the end of the lecture.

We enjoyed his lecture and recommend him to any club. Dave can be reached through his web site (http://www.greatkaplan.com). Another splendid lecture through our lecture chairman Dave Bogdan.

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