The History of Gambling

At the October 2011 Ring Meeting, Dennis Favreau presented a workshop on The History of Gambling and Games of Chance, with special emphasis on how that history has influenced the practice of magic.

Dennis’s talk centered on a Powerpoint Slide Show he created, and he wanted to make that available to anyone in the Ring who was interested. You can view the Slide Show as an Adobe PDF document simply by clicking on the Slide image below. Most people already have Adobe Reader installed on their computer; if not, however, you can download a free copy of Reader here.

Open History of Gambling Slide Show

Click the slide to open Dennis Favreau's History of Gambling Slide Show

Randy will, no doubt, be filing a more detailed Ring Report for October’s meeting in short order (with pictures already submitted by Tina Weber). In the meantime, our thanks go out to Dennis for an enlightening and very entertaining workshop.

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