Ring 211 November 2019 Report

For our November regular meeting we do not hold a workshop and the business meeting is very brief so we may have enough selling and buying time for our annual auction. The doors opened early for a flea market. Sellers were Gary Laundre’, Trino, Jim Parkes (Hippity Hop Magic), Eric Ross, Ring President Dennis Favreau, John Dudley, and Steven Elkowitz. Each had an array of magic product which enticed our eyes. The flea market part was ready at 5:30 PM for any early arrivals.

Just past 7:30 PM, as a tribute to the Late Dr. Jack Vander Wal, I had the honors of presenting the Candy Grab Bag Sale again. This sale is actually attributed to Percy Abbott as he had many of these types of sales back in the early days of the Abbott Magic Get Togethers. Ever since our Ring held auctions, my dad would present this sale with a unique fictitious story of how the candy was obtained. We continue this tradition. Eighty bags were filled with four pieces of special candied delights. This year the candy was personally delivered from PIP Michael Finney. He was the headliner at our 33rd Annual Hocus Pocus Party earlier in the month. We all know about his “Dry Heat Jalapeno Pepper Sauce.” But we learned that his father worked at a sugar manufacturer (of which Michael did for a very short time in his youth before the success of the magic) and Michael has access to this special sweetener to make his candied delights. About ten bags had an added magic surprise such as a puzzle, deck of cards, or a magic trick. Yet, five bags were a tad bit more of interest as each of these contained a one dollar bill. The bags sold faster than lit flash paper as they were fifty cents a bag or three for one dollar.

Over three lengthy (8 foot) tables displayed enticing magic apparatus, tricks, and books. Small illusions, various card tricks, rope, coins, and escape items appealed to many. Other items were sold as package deals. Pamphlets, books, magazines, posters, DVDs, and memorabilia filled in any empty spots on the tables. All these items were from the flea market sellers and any other member who had items.

Jeff Veley was in town (he now resides in Texas) for Thanksgiving and was asked by Brad Lancaster (who was the slated auctioneer) to take on the honors of being the auctioneer. Jeff used his auctioning skilled voice to force those bids to the highest potential. Many of the items sold. The sellers made their profits, the buyers were pleased with their newly purchased “toys,” and the club made ten percent of all sales. Ring Treasurer Michele Parkes and I kept track of each sale making sure the debits matched the credits. Carl Thorton, who rode up from Colon, Michigan with John Sterlini, was our biggest buyer this year. Our biggest seller for the flea market was John Dudley and for the auction was Steven Elkowitz.

Another night of fun and fellowship. The club thanks all who came and either bought, sold, and/or enjoyed the festivities. A thanks to Jeff Veley and Michele for their devotion to this auction. Thanks to Dave Barritt for supplying all the candy, trick prizes, and supplies needed for the Candy Grab Bag Sale.

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