Ring 211 October 2019 Report

Our Ring President Dennis Favreau lead our so-called workshop for October. He printed seven pages of trivia titled “Magic Questions” directly from the I.B.M. website under Ring Resources. These sheets contain 130 questions or short phrases which challenge one to come up with the correct answer. Dennis randomly asked many of the questions and phrases and the club responded back with answers and many times with the correct answer. This is good and interesting trivia. Check this out for your club. Thank you Dennis.

Tonight our program was Hocus Pocus Sampler. Every year our club puts on its annual Hocus Pocus Party which includes strolling table to table magic. Many of us do not get to see each other perform since we are strolling so tonight as the party is just a week away, we had a sampling. P. J. Weber impressed us with a coin routine which involved multiple coin productions and vanishes. Gil Scott dazzled us with a card selection and an ambitious signed card to pocket and to an “Altoid’s” box. Gary Oisten teased us with a playing card harmonica gag and then onto a sponge ball to rabbit and then a sponge ball to frog routine. He teased us again with a loaded die gag and concluded with some dice magic involving a flattening of a die into a bunch of mini dice. Tanyan Sanders presented a card box trick in which the chosen card was revealed from a door flap located on the bottom corner of the card box. Not only that but the door flap also vanished. Dave Barritt challenged us with a prediction of a choice of color dice and number. The correct color and number was revealed in its own box. He followed with a spot flip stick and die routine. Jeff Brodrick performed a card routine in which the chosen card was the “right” card back among the “wrong” card backs. Randy Vander Wal performed a card packet routine in which the only three matching pairs were among the many different backs and all the faces were the Eight of Hearts. Dennis Favreau was our last performer who amazed us with a deck vanish in card, a deck box appearing into two deck boxes, and a card selection and a match among all the cards being different.

Another night of magic and fun! We thank all who attended and performed. Read about the Hocus Pocus Party in an upcoming issue.

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