Ring 211 September 2019 Report

Prior to the September workshop, Jeff Brodrick (stepping in for our Ring President Dennis Favreau) had each person announce his/her name and interest in magic, etc. P. J. Weber was in charge of this month’s workshop which was on “openers and closers.” P. J. mentioned that usually an opener is between thirty seconds and a minute and a half in which the performer performs a trick or a routine which catches the attention of the audience and makes them want to see more. He told us that he usually opens with a mouth coil to dove production. In a few cases, he will do the “Spike and Bag” routine in which he uses equivoque to know which bag is covering the spike. He had members mention what their openers were. Phil Gleason does the Floating Sign. Dave Storms enjoys the Appearing Cane and David Ginn’s Tape Measure Wrist Watch. Jim Parkes likes Stiff Rope. Tanyan Sanders uses the Professor’s Nightmare. Gil Scott reminded us that one’s opener may depend on the particular audience at the time.

For closers, P. J. mentioned that most of the time he will do the famous Gene Anderson Torn & Restored Newspaper. He has closed with a silk routine using the Square Circle and producing the U.S. Flag and Staff. Tanyan Sanders closes with Cups & Balls. Dave Storms likes the Temple Screen. Jim Parkes closes with the Square Circle and Jeff Brodrick mentioned his origami routine. A thanks to P. J. Weber for leading the discussion and all those with input.

The program tonight was on Halloween Magic. Jeff Brodrick impressed us by performing Houdini’s Influence, a card routine using photos of cards in which the prediction matches the photo of card selected. Tanyan Sanders performed his Cups and Balls which had the production of two larger balls and a toy duck finish.

Another night of magic and fun. A thanks to our performers and to all who attended.

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