Ring Event: Ring 211’s Fall Kick Off — Nathan Coe Marsh Lecture!

Nathan Coe Marsh is from Orlando, Florida. His blend of genuine warmth, hilarious audience interaction, creativity, youthful energy, topical comedy, and stunning impossibilities has captivated millions on TV and in live performances in thirteen countries. Over the course of his career that has included television, corporate events, cruise ships, casinos, trade shows, and comedy clubs he has been featured on NBC, CBS, FOX, and The CW, where Nathan was named “one of the stars” of Penn & Teller’s hit series “Fool Us” by WESH-TV. Joanie Spina in MAGIC Magazine described his work as “a breath of fresh air.” Event Solutions Magazine chose him as one of five finalists for “Entertainment of the Year.” As part of Armed Forces Entertainment’s “Operation Magic All-Stars” he has entertained service members stationed overseas and he has served as an international headliner for Holland America, Norwegian, and Silversea cruise lines. He has performed at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood. He is a regular headliner at House of Cards in Nashville, Tennessee. He has provided headline entertainment for clients including GE, Microsoft, Siemens, Jockey, and has entertained in venues as diverse as the private yacht of Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shah Khan, to the Top of the World club in Thule, Greenland, to performances in French Polynesia, the Mexican Riviera, the Carribean, and South America. In addition to performing full time, he is a review columnist for Genii Magazine. With all of this we were eager to kick off our fall season early on August 31 with a lecture from Nathan as we were one of his stops of his current tour.

His Practical Impossibilities Lecture has the first half focus on strong stand-up magic that Nathan has used professionally, packs small and plays big, and does not require on-stage volunteers (there’s nothing wrong with audience interaction — a major feature of Nathan’s full show — but Nathan talked about why he has made a conscious effort to cultivate this kind of material). Nathan also discussed his “Focus, Rapport, Climax, Emotional Connection” template for the structure of an act.
He performed and taught:

A Spirited Opener

This is a startling visible vanish of a silk followed immediately by the production of a full shot glass of liquid, a powerful 1-2 punch that,
in under 90 seconds, grabbed the complete focus of us while also setting the atmosphere of fun for everything that followed.


Any card called for was caught out of mid-air from the deck. The spectacle of a card sword without the cost, and Nathan’s new technique
for controlling a named card from a memorized deck had many applications explained for both close-up and stand up. For non-memdeck users,
this revelation could be also powerful with a chosen card.

Balloons — one routine was a card prediction inside the balloon, then an alternate version involving a prediction inside the balloon

Stage-filling, astonishing, comedy mentalism that packed small and involved no on-stage volunteers.

The Thumb Tie — Nathan’s presentation of Jay Marshall’s “Jaspernese Thumbtie” was an object lesson in how to milk the comic potential of one’s props and generate “playtime.”

Test Conditions Signed Bill in Orange — The result of 15 years of experimentation and hundreds of live shows, this was Nathan’s baby that came from the relentless pursuit of the most impossible version of the classic plot. The orange and the signed bill were in in full view. The bill vanished. The orange was shown whole on every side. The signed bill truly appeared inside the orange. We were awed.

The second half highlighted his close-up magic:

Smart Coins — a three coins across routine

This featured a charming, motivated, topical, and original presentation that steered clear of what Eugene Burger termed “the adventures of the props
in the magician’s hands” script that is typical of coins across, Nathan’s version blended brilliant work from Roger Klause, Larry Jennings, and Mike
Pisciotta which created a strong routine that made us gasp.

Card Divination — revealing selected cards in four varying ways

Inspired by a single sentence in Juan Tamariz’ Mnemonica, this is the card routine Nathan has performed every single time he has done close-up
magic professionally since 2004.

Every item in the lecture has been performed professionally by Nathan and every detail has been worked out. This was real world material that works. He had his lecture notes and items such as The Impossible Jar, his videos Magic Tricks You Can Do!, The Living Room Sessions, and Penguin Live Acts: Nathan Coe Marsh. We enjoyed his lecture and recommend him for your club. We thank Nathan for his lecture and also our lecture chairman, Dave Bogdan (bogsmagic@comcast.net). See what Nathan has to offer on his web site, https://nathancoemarsh.com/.

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