Ring 211 Hosts Four Fabulous Spring To Summer Lectures

From spring into summer, our lecture chairman, Dave Bogdan (bogsmagic@comcast.net), booked four spectacular lectures for Ring 211 — The June Horowitz/John deVries Magic Club — Grand Rapids, Michigan. Olmac (Olivier Macia), PIP Joe Turner, Dan Fleshman, and Dameon (Hal Meyers) were the Fab Four. To read about the bio of each lecturer in depth and to view the product line of each, go to the web sites listed below. Olmac was obtained through Obie O’Brien (rjobie@gisco.net). Joe Turner was through our own Jeffrey Alan Brodrick. Dan Fleshman and Dameon came through Scott Wells (lectures@scottwells.com).

Olmac Lecture

Olmac which stands for Oustanding Lecturer, Magician, And Conjuror is what Olivier is. He is an expert at close-up magic, internationally renowned, and is a FISM 2003 winner. Highlights of his lecture were:

From his Control Freak DVD —

* an impressive ambitious card routine which includes his own moves and steals for the chosen card to appear on top of the deck, on the bottom, and from his pants pocket
* another card to pocket routine including the deck to pocket
* Boomerang Card
* four aces invisibly to appear each out of thin air

From his Olmac in London DVD —

* Full Deck Vanish To One (two versions)
* Card In Box Repeat (mini suitcase)
* use box as to reveal a prediction such as a credit card information
* box levitates
* use as a pad prediction
* use with Rubrik’s Cube or a finger ring or any other small object wrapped up as a gift with ribbon
* use box to produce folding bills and then multiple bills as a climax
* cigarette lighter vanish and reappearance routine and cigarette vanish

From his Olmac In The Desert: the secrets of visual coin magic DVD —

* Perfect Vanish
* Olmac Vanish and its plus version
* a coin change
* 3 Fly Olmac

Then more such as —

* two card selection (red and black) in which one card appears from mouth and the other being wrong from deck only to appear from mouth with a color change (Control Freak DVD)
* single card color change to many varieties such as Multi Change Back (8 times change), Multi Face Change (9 times change), Vegas Olmac Change, Blink Olmac Change, Twist Air Change, Bim Bam Change, and Snap Olmac Change — all from his Olmac in Las Vegas DVD.
* Boomerang Card Change
* Impact — Card appears from two and is dropped into one’s hand
* another card appearing from beneath deck

Visit Olmac at https://magicolmac.com.

Joe Turner Lecture

Joe M. Turner is a magician, mentalist, a professional keynote speaker, a columnist for Genii Magazine, and a Past International President (PIP) of the I.B.M. He has performed in all three show rooms at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, appeared at Monday Night Magic in New York City, and at the Dickens Parlor Theater at the Tropicana Atlantic City. His primary expertise is sleight of hand card magic and comedy escape magic. Highlights of his lecture were:

* Unwedding Ring, a ring and string routine, involving an impressive move
* Vanished Card To Wallet with importance on the impact of the half effect known as the vanish.
* a ten signed across card to pocket one at a time routine — could also do with business cards
* a card to pocket routine, one routine involved the chosen card sandwiched between two cards and placed in the middle of the deck, the other involved the spectator take the card out of the magi’s pocket
* Practical Matchmaker, Mindwriting, and Smiling Tiger (by Jim Surprise) using the Numerical Memorized Deck
* his sharing of thoughts and ideas on estimation and using the memorized deck for mentalists
* Zaro Skill, a card prediction routine involving nine piles of cards down to three piles with three predictions having matching outcomes

Visit Joe at https://turnermagic.com.

Dan Fleshman Lecture

Dan Fleshman has been practicing magic for over forty-five years and as a pro since 1991. He is the house magician (eleventh year) with the Chop House restaurants in Beaver Creek and Vail, Colorado. He has performed in a vast number of top restaurants, hotels, and nightclubs with great success. The only two states he has not lectured in are Maine and Alaska. Plus, he is the only four-time lecturer to Ring 211. Shoot, he is a favorite to my dad, the Late Dr. Jack. He is featured in many L&L DVDs, including many of the World’s Greatest Magic series, Live At The Jailhouse DVD (three DVD set) with six other performers, and his just released DVD, Every Table is a Stage (two DVD set produced by Kozmo Magic).

Dan has effects that are both visually appealing, highly commercial, and entertaining. He gave tips on routining, timing, the use of body language, how to connect with the audience, and how he resets. He shared his thought process behind his selection of effects and tips on working restaurants today. Highlights were:

* Professor’s Nightmare Ring on Rope Routine (uses BTC rope)
* Ninja Rings
* Jiggernaut
* Pointless, a pen and cap routine by Gregory Wilson
* Clone Deck by Joker Magic — produced Kids’ Kards from it
* No Two Alike
* Now Look Here (Chad Long)
* a metamorphosis card trick using a himber wallet — The Pocket Grenade Wallet by John Luka (card to wallet)
* Mona Lisa’s Secret (card routine)
* Extreme Burn (Richard Sanders)
* Kinetic Key Jr. (Viking Magic)
* a four ace production then to Oil/Water/Rough Triumph
* Unplunged (card routine)
* Copper/Silver/Brass Jumbo Coins Across Routine
* Turn Around Swivel Pass
* Kids’ Kards

Visit Dan at https://www.danfleshman.com.

Dameon Lecture

Dameon is an accomplished prestidigitator and entertainer specializing in manipulative magic, creating visually captivating presentations to music. A performer for over thirty-five years, appearing in numerous shows and revues worldwide, he was a top feature at the 2018 S.A.M. National Conference in Orlando and at the 78th Abbott’s Magic Get Together (2015) being honored with the Bill Baird/Neil Foster Award. His lecture, more of a mini seminar, was unique, fast paced, fun-filled, and interactive as each of us were given balls, rope, cards, etc. to follow along as a “learn by doing.” We could even take these items home. Dameon drew far and wide as a few attendees came from Indiana and even Toledo, Ohio, like Andrew Martin.

Highlights of what he demonstrated and explained were:

* quick basic roll and flourish sequence, palming, reach out produce, and three color changes with balls. Also, the importance of how balloon material helps with gripping and how mime enhances the performance
* for rope — Overhand Vanishing Knot, Shoelace Knot, Threading the Needle, and Jumbo Ring and Ribbon Penetration
* One to Ten Count Two Sponge Ball Vanish
* act set up — talked about the many supplies, extra materials, and importance of timing of one’s act
* basic thimble moves including the jumping thimble (Buckingham)
* cards — back palm, front palm, card tossing, split fanning, second dealing and doubles, and passes.
* doves — talked about the cage, the vanish, his tail coat, and harnesses.

Visit Dameon at http://www.halmeyers.com and follow him on Facebook as well.

Wow, what a fabulous four lectures we just had. Each lecturer took time to address questions and explained patiently any requested moves. We thank each of our lecturers, the contacts, and SuperDave. A thanks to Jim Parkes for his promoting and for contributing to this report. Ring 211 highly recommends each lecturer to your club.


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