Ring 211 July 2019 Report

Tonight’s workshop was on Rope Tricks. Jeff Brodrick shared the Color Changing Rope, Stiff Rope, and Standing Rope. Phil Gleason showed us Linking Parachute Chords and then a chord to travel from one finger to another. Ring President Dennis Favreau demonstrated the Shoelace Knot, Clap Knot, Throwing A Knot, mulit-knot throw and reverse, and tying a knot without either hand leaving the end. We thank Jeff, Phil, and Dennis for the workshop.

Bill Rasmussen and his son Christian, along with Dennis Favreau and Jeff Brodrick gave us their insights on what they experienced at the I.B.M. Convention Scottsdale! It was hot! We thank them for sharing with us.

Tonight was Mental Magic with Dennis being the emcee and he opened the show with Wild-Colombini’s Magic Zodiac Prediction. Gil Scott was able to mentally name a selected card and then was able to reveal Christian Rasmussen’s thought up word using four letter cards. Phil Gleason amazed us by having a metal slug slowly travel down a mental tube using his mental powers, thus defying gravity. Jeff Brodrick impressed us with a card prediction; the revelation matched what he had wrote. Hank Slagter followed with one of his own mental card predictions. Randy Vander Wal was next and revealed what color crayon a person had selected just by having the thoughts from the audience sent to him. Dennis Favreau closed the show by writing down a person’s initials on a pad after capturing the thought.

Another night of magic and fun. We thank all who attended and our performers. Heads up: The 33rd Annual Earl Ray Wilcox Hocus Pocus Party takes place on Saturday, November 2 with headliner Michael Finney! Party begins at 5:30 PM which includes a full dinner buffet, cash bar, balloon twisting, face painting, fortune telling, strolling close- up magic, prize drawings, and a cabaret show. Wow! Child tickets are $10.00 and adults are $25.00. John and Tammy Sterlini, Maciek, David Storms, and Jeff Brodrick as emcee join Michael on the cabaret show. Event takes place at the KC Banquet Center on Clyde Park Avenue SW. All details on the Ring 211 web site.

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