Ring 211 May 2019 Report

The May workshop was packet tricks with chairperson Brad Lancaster. Six of our members demo’d and then explained the routine. Ring President, Jeff Brodrick, presented his version of Dots Impossible card routine. Hank Slagter followed with Twister. Gary Laundre’ showed us two versions of Mental Choice. One routine with cards and the other with poker chips. Dennis Favreau delighted us with Twisted Sister. Ron Carnell intrigued our eyes with Danny Archer’s Eye Exam. Brad Lancaster closed the workshop with Dai Vernon’s Twisting the Aces. We thank Brad and all who performed.

At this meeting the club had its election of officers. The following members will take on their newly elected positions at our June Board Meeting: Dennis Favreau, President; Gary Laundre’, Vice President; Charles Bennett, Secretary; Treasurer, Michele Parkes and Phil Gleason; Sgt. At Arms, Jim Parkes; Dave Bogdan, Board Member At Large; and Gil Scott, Board Member At Large. The club congratulates these members on their elected positions. The club also thanks Jeff Brodrick for being president the past term and Trino for being vice president. Charles Bennett, Michele Parkes, Jim Parkes, Dave Bogdan, and Gil Scott all have been re-elected in their positions. The club also thanks these members for their service of the past term. Note: The club appreciates the work that these members provided as within their term they worked with the 2018 I.B.M. Convention Committee as that year the convention was here in Grand Rapids. The I.B.M. also shared its appreciation as announced at the convention. Magic Top Hats Off to Ring 211!

Tonight, the program was Restorations with chairperson Ron Carnell. Tanyan Sanders opened the show by cutting up a paper heart and placing it in a bag for its restoration. Gerrit, a new member, performed a torn and restored corner of a card. Gary Oisten enlightened us with Colombini’s Signed, Sealed, & Delivered. Jeff Brodrick impressed us by tearing a long piece of invisible tape and then restoring it. Gary Laundre’ amazed us with a watch vanish using a handkerchief and the watch being displayed on his arm among a few more. Brad Lancaster added a little more comedy as he read newspaper headlines from various newspaper pieces he had collected, yet only to restore the pieces to a full newspaper. Ron Carnell closed the show with a Rubick’s Cube routine. He had the cube mixed and then matched one side to a side which was chosen by random from a group of choices printed on cards. Then, he quickly restored the entire cube.

This was another night of magic, fellowship, and fun. We thank all for coming to the meeting and the performers as well.

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