Ring 211 April 2019 Report

Our April workshop was on magic found in magic kits or sets such as what Marshall Brodien had manufactured. Six of our members performed magic from such kits. Our president, Jeff Brodrick, presented the quarter penetration, money tray, ink to water, paper version of What’s Next, mystic coin catcher, and a coin bounce (not in kit). Hank Slagter showed the card frame and then a ring and string (chain) penetration. Gary Laundre’ performed hole in rabbit and the multiplying sponge rabbits. Gil Scott presented two versions of ball and vase, one with a dime and the other routine with the ball vanishing into the vase. P. J. Weber escaped from the Siberian chain. Jim Parkes performed “think a number” and colorvision. Thanks to Jeff and our performers.

Tonight’s program was Money Magic with Ron Carnell as the emcee. Gary Laundre’ opened the show by magically vanishing and appearing golden nuggets, the famous one in hand — one in pocket — to two in hand with a large nugget finish. He called this “Dubloon.” P. J. Weber continued with a silver dollar appearance and it completely vanished from his hand. Tanyon Sanders side-stepped the money and presented a card and find with a four ace production. Jeff Brodrick did not have enough of the kit magic from earlier and did another coin vanish. Gil Scott stepped up the pace by displaying six coins in two rows and performing a three coins across routine. Ron Carnell closed the show with his version (could be his own) of The $188 (yes, one hundred eighty-eight) Dollar Bill Challenge. This was an entertaining “truth or lie” routine with a card selection and find involving a $100 dollar bill in one of seven envelopes of which smaller denominations of bills were in the remaining six.

That was another night of magic, fellowship, and fun. We thank all our performers. Also, “Magic Tops Hats Off!” to our magic friends of the Conjurors Club — Ring 36 in Flint for their hosting of the 50th Annual Michigan Magic Day.

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