Ring 211 Hosts Thom Peterson Lecture

Thom Peterson is The Amazing Guy! A one-man flash mob of magic and comedy. On March 21, Ring 211 laughed as he turned our lecture experience into a slumber party of fun and mystery. We learned magic that will blow spectator’s hair back and comedy that’s illegal in five states (or at least… frowned upon). Thom has been a fulll-time performer for over 30 years and provides a great mix of stand-up and close-up material he actually uses day-in and day-out. There was no “knuckle-busting” here, just material we could immediately put into our own performing repertoire. Indeed, there was something for everyone in this lecture. Tonight, we found out besides Thom being a member of both London’s Magic Circle and the British Magical Society, including him being a regular performer at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, why Thom is “The Amazing Guy!”

Highlights of Thom’s lecture were:

Cheers — This is Thom’s signature opener. First, a piece of fruit is produced, then a tall glass of liquid, then a bottle of your favorite beverage. It’s the perfect, logical set-up to a bill (or card) in lemon routine.

Kapow! — Thom’s favorite opener for walk-around magic. In less than 10 seconds you’ll be able to establish yourself as a fun fooler — worthy of being watched (and just maybe…worshiped). — Silver dollar coin to larger coin production.

George of the Jumble — What begins as a cruel joke, end up with the spectator’s bill being torn, restored BACKWARDS, and left with them. Thom loves routines that leaves a souvenir with the spectator where the magic is still happening. This one does just that.

Rock, Paper, Rabbit — Anytime you’re within arm’s reach of some PostI® Notes, you’ll have an amazing and fun way of leaving a positive, lasting impression on those around you. — An origami routine.

Killer Spoon — Another routine straight out of Thom’s stand-up show. First, a spoon visibly bends without any manipulation. This is immediately handed out. Next, Thom illustrates how this is possible by bending a 2-dimensional signed drawing of a spoon (Revenge of the Spoon 2.0). Oh yeah…this is handed out as well!

Wise Quack — Thom takes Al Koran’s famous Medallion Routine and presents it in a way that’s fun, while simultaneously removing all of the not-so-elegant moments. Think mentalism isn’t for you? Wait until you see this! — A lighthearted mentalism routine.

Walk-Around Williamson — Thom takes a wonderful card routine by David Williamson, and re-blocks it to make it practical for everyday performing, as well as a LOT easier! — A torn and restored card routine.

Just Fate — An ESP card symbol match.

Psycho — The Spectator finds his/her own card.

Thom had his lecture notes and many of his routines available for sale. One can connect with Thom through his web site at http://amazingguy.com/. Ring 211 enjoyed this lecture and recommends him for your club. We thank our lecture chairman, Dave Bogdan (bogsmagic@comcast.net), for obtaining Thom. Also, a thanks to Scott Wells (http://www.scottwells.com/) for lining up this tour.

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