Ring 211 March 2019 Report

Gary Laundre’ presented our March workshop. It was on “dice magic.” He informed us how we can use dice in our magic in ten ways, many of which he performed and then explained. Highlights were: 1) Ball to Jumbo Die (sponge die), 2) Die Through Die, 3) Die Smashed, 4) die in a hand vanish, 5) the famous two in one hand, one in pocket to three in one hand, then two in one hand to a big die finish. He continued with 6) pictured dice vanishing off of a paddle and back, 7) chop cup routine using a die with a larger two dice finish, 8) cup and ball routine using dice,9) Benson’s Bowl Routine using a sponge die and dice with a larger die finish, 10) using sponge dice instead of sponge rabbits in the classical sponge multiple rabbit routine. Also with the chop cup routine mentioned, Gary made his own sponge dice and gimmicked chop cup. One could even gimmick a coffee cup. Gary did have some items to sell, including some sponge dice, the Die Through Die, and the Die Smashed. Thanks Gary.

Tonight was Comedy Magic Night with emcee Ron Carnell. Gil Scott opened the program with Killer Spoon, a spoon bend routine by Thom Peterson who we just had as a recent lecture. Ring President, Jeff Brodrick as Jeffini presented a dryer sheet gag and then a card prediction routine in a top hat. Ron Carnell performed a truth or lie routine involving six various colored marbles which were placed in a bag and Ron was able to determine by how each person answered his questions who had what color marble. MagicBob Zoerman showed us his “Magic For Dummies” book and then performed a stunt rabbit routine in which the puppet changes face. Tanyon Sanders, one of our youth members, enlightened us with a two card sign and switch routine using AGT (America Gots Talent) dramatics. Phil Gleason impressed us with his “Cyrus the Blockhead” illusion, a rope and cube penetration. Just being past St. Patrick’s Day, Ron Carnell delighted us with “Last Two Irish Match, ” a routine involving the matching of five pairs of leprechaun cards. Gary Laundre’ in an encore appearance dazzled us by smashing a globe similar to his Die Smashed and then performed a mini die box routine in which a die in case went to a mini die and then was the “exploding die.” Gerrit Craymer, who may become a member, performed a signed card and switch, including an ambitious routine.

Another night of magic, fellowship, and fun. A thanks to all our performers and to all who came.

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