Ring 211 January 2019 Report

Oh, Jim Parkes! We blame him, that jovial fella! Many should know that Jim and Michele Parkes operate Hippity Hop Magic. Well, he did it again. It happens every year but not to the degree of this year. Jim was fooling around with what is known as snow powder. As he tripped over the cord of his running room fan (why that was on in the winter, who knows?) while holding a 2 liter bottle of lemon-lime soda in one hand and a cup of the snow powder in the other . . . he fell . . . the soda and the powder from the cup along with all the piles of powder he was packaging for shipment mixed and a combustion of produced snow resulted! When he fell (and glad he is okay), he had also fallen toward the door to the outside. That door opened and the fan blew all the produced snow out of his southwest side home and completely covered the Grand Rapids area with a winter blizzard! Schools and businesses closed, with organization events all being canceled, including our January Ring 211 regular meeting!

Of course, the above paragraph is fictitious. In short, our meeting was canceled. The magic and fun at a Ring 211 meeting will thus continue at our February regular meeting.

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