Ring 211 October 2018 Report

For our October workshop, our workshop chairperson Brad Lancaster had four magicians perform a coin routine or trick and then explain it. Gary Laundre’ performed three coin transpositions from hand to hand using “wiffle dust.” He also vanished a “marked” coin from his hand which appeared in a small box. Hank Slagter used the “Rattle Box” to vanish a coin which then appeared in his hat. Gary Oisten (Good to see Gary back as he had heart surgery recently.) performed David Roth’s take off of the Chink-a-Chink coin matrix routine. Phil Gleason showed us his own coin sleight he calls a “Reverse French Drop.” P. J. Weber presented his version of Miser’s Dream.

Tonight was Hocus Pocus Table Hopping Round Robin. Well, we skipped the round robin part. Since our annual Hocus Pocus Party was coming up we had a handful of performers show us what they may be performing table to table during the close-up period of the upcoming party. Tanyon Sanders, a new youth member, dazzled us with a copper/silver coin transposition. MagicBob Zoerman performed a coin routine in which one Chinese coin multiplied into three, then to an American half dollar, and back to a Chinese coin. P. J. Weber impressed us with a short silver dollar coin routine which included appearances and vanishes with a few transpositions. Hank Slagter raised our eyebrows with his performance of “Marked.” This was a four card packet routine with a color change. Randy Vander Wal received a few chuckles as he presented the vanish of two Chinese coins into nun, the appearance of a miniature nun.

Tonight was another night of magic, fun, and fellowship. We thank Brad and the magi who presented the workshop and the performers for the program. A report of our 32nd Annual Earl Ray Wilcox Memorial Hocus Pocus Party may be in this issue or an upcoming one.

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