Ring Event: Ring 211 Hosts Steve Marshall Lecture

For Ring 211’s regular September meeting . . . call it a fall kick-off lecture! . . . we had the delight of having Steve Marshall present his East Meets West Magic Lecture Tour 2018. He also called this as Asian Astonishments: Magic & Mystery from the Far East. Steve Marshall is currently visiting nearby Holland, Michigan, where he was born. When he was three years-old his family moved to Zephyrhills, Florida, where he spent his youth. He has been living in Japan for the last twenty years but decided to come back to the USA for four months to perform shows and do a lecture tour that took him to six states. He attended the I.B.M. Convention this year in Grand Rapids and was part of the talent line-up of the recent Abbott’s Magic Get Together. Since he has family living in Holland he decided to base himself there for the tour. In October he will be doing a series of seance-style shows that were inspired by the Spook Shows of the mid 20th century. He will return to Japan in November.

Steve Marshall has been traveling the world entertaining audiences with strong magic, fun comedy, and original presentations for over thirty years. In his career he has been a circus clown, fire eater, escape artist, and TV commercial actor but his first love has always been the art of magic. Steve has also written, directed, and performed shows for major theme parks, cruise ships, and companies such as Louis Vuitton, Cartier, and De Beers Diamonds and he wrote an award winning column in M-U-M magazine for ten years called Asian Astonishments. Steve has appeared on Penn & Teller’s Fool Us and on the covers of the M-U-M and The Linking Ring and knows what it takes to entertain audiences of different ages, cultures, and walks of life. Recall, that Steve Schlanger produced an in-depth article about Steve Marshall in the November 2016 issue of this journal. Plus, Steve Marshall had a One-Man Parade in that issue.

Eagerly with a full house of magi, Ring 211 was ready for his lecture where we learned magic that Steve has personally used in his shows for paying audiences so he knows that it works and the strong reactions the material gets. Also, we learned his original effects as well as magic from Japanese magicians who are his friends and have a unique way of thinking about the art and presentation of magic. We experienced the “Japanese way” of creating a trick. Further, we learned items for close- up and stage routines as well as Steve‚Äôs presentation tips that make everything play well. He answered our questions. Plus, we enjoyed his love to discuss magic with us and his telling stories of his life and travels.

Highlights of his lecture:

* Color Bands by Nobuyuki Nojima — a rubber band color change
* Small Triumph Card Trick also by Nobuyuki
* Crazy Calculations by the Napoleons — impressive revelation for use on any calculator including on a smartphone
* All Messed Up by the Napoleons — card selection and reveal with use of a lunch bag
* Ben-san’s Bowl Routine — all heard of Benson’s Bowl Routine — this one using sponge Sushi and other fish with a bagel production as climax
* Strawman by Alan Wong — an Okito voodoo doll with a Glorpy routine
* His appearance on Penn & Teller’s Fool Us — stories of his dice stacking
* Wong Guess by Alan Wong — with use of a white board the wrong guess changes to the correct revelation with the eraser.
* Diamond Twist by Alan Wong — similar to Twisting the Aces in which the diamond drops from the Ace as climax and the PIP is gone
* The End — card selection and find trick in which the card is lost and then found in the deck and when placed between spectator’s hands, it magically appears on top of the deck and the card between the hands has changed to a gag card. His own trick which was featured in his One-Man Parade.
* Disappearing Knot’s by Chidori Shyokyokusai — a Knot’s Off Silk routine
* Lemon Prediction by Dr. Shigeru Tashiro
* Blister on finger and thumb to reveal image of card from Sharpie marker

He had his lecture notes available for sale as well as Alan Wong’s DVD on Souvenir Linking Lover Bands, Routines by Steve, Diamond Twist, Strawman voodoo doll, Disappearing Knot’s, pen caps, Ben-san (Benson) Bowl, pocket watch coin holder, neck crackers, and Alan Wong’s Presents Missing by Charlie Frye (DVD).

We thank Steve for this enjoyable lecture and we recommend him to any club. This lecture was set up by our Ring President Jeff Brodrick, a thanks to him. Most of our lectures are set up through Dave Bogdan (bogsmagic@comcast.net), our lecture chairman. Connect with Steve on his web site and Facebook Page:




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