Ring Event: Bernardo Sedlacek Lectures to Ring 211

On August 17, Ring 211 had the pleasure of having Bernardo Sedlacek present his current lecture to Ring 211. Bernardo Sedlacek is known by his strong card magic, creativity, style, and extreme card skills. He began in magic at the age of nine. Considered one of the best card magicians in Brazil, he has performed in many countries including USA, Australia, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay and a few others, acting side by side and fooling the most known and brilliant minds in magic, such as Michael Vincent, Alex Pandrea, Woody Aragon, Bill Mallone, Lennart Green and many others.

The lecture he calls “nameless lecture” has been seen in four countries (USA, Spain, Mexico, Brazil). Using his own effects, he taught and showed us the most important things in magic: psychology, theories and subtleties, that can be used in any kind of magic. The lecture was divided in three parts: mini show; explanations in full details including all the subtleties, theories, and psychology applied; and a la carte (informal talk about magic) plus a surprise. Gil Scott, one of our card magic experts, enjoyed the lecture. The following members provided their input. “Bernardo Sedlacek is the leading card magician in Brazil. His style and performance are genuine. Although he is only twenty-one, his presentation and ability appears to be from years and years of practice. His lecture is smooth. It includes interesting psychological aspects to card manipulation. It is also very entertaining.” — Ring President Jeff Brodrick

“Great lecture! He had great routines that showed how psychology and subtlety works.” — Al Munro

“I enjoyed the Sedlacek lecture, and I thought he was a good choice. The techniques were simple and effective. I especially liked his version of the classic force. That being said, almost all of Sedlacek’s techniques depended on his very talkative style. His classic force is an example. It depends on an ongoing stream of patter that’s interrupted with an aside at the moment of choosing a card. Without the rather rapid, fluent patter there would be no interruption and no misdirection. I don’t know how one achieves this level of loquacity. I suspect it’s some scripting and a lot of exposure to audiences. Classes in improvisation? Lecturers who depend on a skill rather than on a series of concrete steps are inspiring but very difficult to emulate.” — Phil Gleason

He had material to sell. Ring 211 recommends him to any club. We thank him for his lecture and our lecture chairman, Dave Bogdan (bogsmagic@comcast.net), for obtaining Bernardo. In fact, upon having dinner with Jim and Michele Parkes, he sparkled, impressed, and amazed not only the waitstaff but nearby patrons. Michele exclaimed, “He gave us yet another show! The waitstaff was just bewildered.” Visit Bernardo on You Tube at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ2EWsoQWvSeD4SfH0dp64g and on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/bernardosedlacek/?hl=en.

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