Ring 211 July 2018 Report

The club held a Broken Wand Ceremony for June Horowitz in place of the July workshop. MagicBob Zoerman, our club chaplain, officiated. The wand was provided by Bill Rasmussen.

This month’s program theme was Mentalism or Mental Magic. Members had to dust off those Zener cards and multiple-out envelopes, as we prepared ourselves to utterly amaze ourselves with a dmonstration of our mental prowess. Telepathy, clairvoyance, telekinesis, was all fair game. We could pick to do mentalism, which tends to be long and potentially boring because the performer wants us to believe he/she is really psychic, or mental magic which is usually faster paced and more fun because we all know it’s just a trick. (This paragraph modified from Ron Carnell’s July meeting announcement. He is our webmaster, who posts our monthly program announcements on the Ring 211 web site.)

Just prior to the program, Bill Rasmussen and his son, Christian, showed us their table with camera set up for viewing close-up magic on stage. It was quite interesting and their set up table/smartphone video transmitting has quick set up and breakdown, is lightweight, and quite handy. They also shared how they entice their audiences to show up at the start of showtime with the posting of a “pre-show schedule.”

Ron Carnell, our program chairperson, opened the show with a truth or lie card routine. The chosen card happened to be the only card in a blank deck. Gil Scott demonstrated his fine mind reading talent by obtaining the correct wine Mackenzie Bradley was thinking. He continued with an exceptional book test revelation. Hank Slagter intrigued us with his reading of ESP cards. Ring President Jeff Brodrick borrowed Bill Rasmussen’s smartphone which transmitted a larger image of Harry Houdini on the available room screen. Looking at Houdini’s eye pupils one could see Bill’s card selection revealed. Impressive. Gary Laundre’ dazzled us by using a “third eye” trinket to reveal Randi Richardson’s card. We welcome Randi Richardson back to our meetings! Also, the whole deck changed to the chosen card which was the Eight of Clubs. Not only that, but then her card changed to the Hocus Pocus Party card. This card is about the size of a bridge size card and advertises our upcoming Hocus Pocus Party which will be November 3. Details on our web site. Great boost on the advertising Gary. MagicBob Zoerman enticed us by revealing which member had the black marble out of the many white marbles we could select from a bag. Next, MagicBob impressed us with a book test. Randy Vander Wal added some comic flair by presenting McCombical Deck. P. J. Weber puzzled us with a series of multiple coin tosses that he had Jeff Brodrick do. We could pick head or tails. Some how the coin always ended tails side up and Charles Bennett was the last one standing. Ron Carnell closed the show with a gathering of multiple numbers given from various audience members and when added together, it matched his prediction.

Tonight was another fun-filled night of magic and fellowship. We thank all our performers. Gear up for the Hocus Pocus Party!

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