Ring 211 June 2018 Report

Our June workshop was on gaffed decks. Six members performed a trick using the gaffed deck and explained how. Gil Scott showed us his performance using the Mental Photography Deck. He also added a blank card as to hand out during the performance. Also, he showed us by using a reverse fan of a regular deck, one could perform a “mental photography” routine. Jim Parkes presented a routine using the Svengali Deck. Hank Slagter amazed us with his routine of the Stripper Deck. P. J. Weber shared his version of the Invisible Deck and adds two Jokers to use as “backs.” Gary Laundre’ then performed a mind reading version with the Invisible Deck. Jeff Brodrick impressed us with a routine using the Pop Eyed Popper Deck. Thanks to these members for sharing.

Special Note: Many magi know that June Horowitz (Past International President 1987 – 88) has passed. She was a member of Ring 211 since its beginning (1969 and chartered in 1971) and the previous Ring 16. To add to the “early bird” period at each monthly meeting, she encouraged the Ring to have a “workshop” period. This was her idea. The workshop could be a report of something related to magic, a “show and tell,” or a “how to.” Well, Ring 211 has been doing this so called “workshop” ever since the idea passed at a meeting in the late 1970s. So, Ring 211 has in a sense “two programs” at every regular meeting. Thank you June!

Tonight was “Magician In Trouble” as the program. It’s a common theme in magic, and one that audience’s always seem to enjoy. They love to see us stumble and prove we, too, are merely mortal. Tonight, members performed a trick or routine where failure appeared imminent — just before we turn it around and once again do the impossible. To add to the program, Lilly Hartoon, eight year-old granddaughter of Bruce and Sara Wehr, enlightened us with her floating of a cup. Ring President Jeff Brodrick performed a three card selection effect and after failing finally revealed the the right chosen cards. Marcus Denton demonstrated his mental ability on Jim Parkes. Three random numbers were given. Marcus used the famous “No” gag in preparation. His prediction of him being “off by three” saved him. Randy Vander Wal performed a kid favorite, the Hippity Hop Rabbits. Gary Laundre’ followed with his version of McCombical Deck. P. J. Weber amazed us with a card selection and find. New member Benjamin Turner, previously from England now residing here, concluded the show with a card selection and find in which he correctly revealed the card after two misses.

Tonight was another night of magic, fun, and fellowship. We thank the performers and all for coming. As of this writing, the 90th I.B.M. Convention just ended. It was GRAND! Many, many compliments on the convention regarding the talent, lectures, contests, shows, dealers, the hotel, the city, and Ring 211 as the hosting Ring. Facebook was filled with posts. I hear talk of returning to this grand city in the future. Read all about the convention in the August and upcoming editions. A big thank you to all those who were involved in putting this convention on and to all who participated!

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