Ring 211 May 2018 Report

The May workshop was on Sponge Magic. Our workshop chair, Brad Lancaster had the following members perform and then explain their routine. Ring president Jeff Brodrick performed a sponge ball to pocket and then the famous Ball to Jumbo Square. Gil Scott performed a spectator favorite, the multiplying sponge rabbits. P. J. Weber followed with a sponge ball appearance, then the ball traveling to his other hand, a “which hand is it in” challenge, one ball becoming two, and balls (one at a time) from one hand into his pocket with the ending being the appearance of many from his pocket. Hank Slagter showed us a ball production of one into two and the balls vanishing and appearing underneath his hat. These members also added pointers to each other’s routines. A thanks to our presenters.

Tonight was “Magic with a Message.” Every magic trick tells a story, but some are clearly more explicit than others. Members had to perform a trick or routine that delivers a message to the audience. Gospel magic certainly qualifies, but there are many other possibilities as well. The message could be a serious one, but not necessarily. Brad Lancaster enlightened us with his story while performing the Colored Beads of Prussia. Marc Denton followed with an ESP card routine. Randy Vander Wal performed a silk routine using a change bag to produce silks (Jesus silk, a red and yellow silk) and then a blending into a large color version of the Jesus silk to the question of how we should know Jesus. P. J. Weber closed the show by amazing us with a story involving a coin appearance and vanish.

This was another night of magic and fun. A thanks to our performers. For all those who attended the 89th Annual I.B.M. Convention this past July in Grand Rapids: We thank you and hope you enjoyed the convention! It was a pleasure to be the hosting Ring.

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