Ring 211 April 2018 Report

Our April workshop was presented by MagicBob Zoerman. He and his wife, SuZie, travel to India each year with few other magi and perform shows. Part of this is for mission outreach. He and SuZie (chalk artist) performed thirty-five shows with an average of 1000 students per show. Tonight his focus was on “Magic of India.” He deals with a few manufacturers from India. In fact, a tailor made him a twenty pocket black silk suit. This suit has a breast pocket tunnel to a side pocket which also includes a toppit. He performed the Big Time Root Beer Routine. In India he uses cola labels and calls it “Big Time Cola.” He also performed a large Tipsy-Turvey Champagne Bottle Routine. He showed us a multi-color changing champagne bottle using a tube. He performed Age Cards as a “Power Ball 60 Lotto Ticket.” He made a parlor size version. He showed us a paddle which has a princess on it which changes to an old lady and then a skull. The last routine he performed was Fraidy Cat Rabbit. This had nothing to do with India; he just wanted to perform it. A Time Machine Paddle and an Age Cards effect were handed out to those who wanted them. Thank you MagicBob.

Tonight was Money Magic. Performers performed a money routine of some sort since this is the month of tax filing. Marc Denton opened the show with a random number prediction effect and the two numbers selected happen to match. P. J. Weber impressed us with a production of a coin and then up to three more and then the vanish of the coins. Gary Oisten dazzled us with a coin vanish . . . well, it traveled up his sleeve and through his shoulders down Gary’s other sleeve and into the spectator’s hand. He concluded by having a coin penetrate his palm. Randy Vander Wal performed the quarter and half dollar in which the end result is a nickel and a half dollar in each of the spectator’s hands. Hank Slagter presented a four coin vanish, one at a time, with an appearance in other hand and tossed into a top hat. Ring President Jeff Brodrick performed his own Predictable Change. He has put this routine on the market. A selection of coins are pictured on large cards which are randomly mixed. A number and position are given by the spectator and the prediction matches the chosen coin of which is the only coin tails side up. MagicBob closed the show with Heiny 500 (Hundy 500 or Extreme Burn — Richard Sanders).

Another night of magic and fun. A thanks to the performers. And if this is in print prior to July 4 . . . It’s happening here in Grand Rapids! — “The Greatest Magic Convention of 2018.” Twenty smashing performers! Unbelievable Evening Shows! Lance Burton Teen Seminar with Jeff McBride and Dr. Lawrence Hass! Stage and Close-Up Contests with cash prizes! World Class Dealers! Eleven Outstanding Lectures! The Legions of Comedy Show! Special “The Amazing Jonathan” Late Night Show! Fireworks after the final show — over the Grand River! July 4 – 7! Amway Grand Plaza Hotel! Grand Rapids! Attractive and walk-able downtown! Eight awe-inspiring bars/lounges/restaurants in the hotel, over 25 eateries/bars between the hotel and theater! Beer City! Enjoy some craft beer! Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum! Grand Rapids Public, Children’s, and Art Museums! John Ball Zoo! A Francis Menotti favorite: Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park! Register at www.magician.org/convention. Convention schedule is posted. More about Grand Rapids at www.experiencegr.com. Explore the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel at https://amwaygrand.com/. Gerald R. Ford International Airport information at http://www.grr.org/. PIP June Horowitz and Ring 211 invite all magi to our grand city!

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