Ring 211 March 2018 Report

Brad Lancaster, our workshop chairperson, presented the March workshop. He performed and then explained (with having us do a “hands on”) three simple magic routines which baffle regular audiences. The first was having a rubber band jump between fingers (Jumping Rubberband of Mystery). The next was the Jumping Four Coin Trick from hand to hand. Gary Laundre’ also provided an additional ending. The last routine was having the four aces appear as the top card of four piles after shuffles and cuts. Brad also reminded us that the performer must “sell yourself” within the presentation. Brad also kindly encouraged three members to perform one of the tricks on tonight’s program.

Tonight was Comedy Magic. Gary Laundre’ was the first performer. He opened with a laugh track gag and then a Campbell’s can applause. He had Jennifer Elkowitz join him with his Tipsy Turvy Bottles in which a bouquet of flowers were produced. After a souvenir ring gag, he had Steven Elkowitz assist him in baking a cake. The ingredients were mixed in a cup upside down on Steven’s head. The end result was a flower produced from the cup since they forgot to use flour. Sara Wehr impressed us with the rubber band trick from the workshop. Marc Denton presented a hilarious mind-reading prediction using cards with verbs. Bob Panlener amazed us with three rubber band penetrations with the assistance of Michele Parkes. Diane Cloutier astonished us with the rubber band trick from the workshop. Randy Vander Wal performed the MisMade Bunny Silk routine (Laflin). Hank Slagter intrigued us by magically putting a knot within a rope without letting go of each end of the rope. Steven Elkowitz dazzled us with his presentation of the four ace trick (using the kings) from the workshop.

Another night of magic and fun was had. We thank all the performers. Reminder: The I.B.M. Convention is being billed as “The Greatest Magic Convention of 2018.” Twenty smashing performers! Unbelievable Evening Shows! Lance Burton Teen Seminar with Jeff McBride and Dr. Lawrence Hass! Stage and Close-Up Contests with cash prizes! World Class Dealers! Eleven Outstanding Lectures! The Legions of Comedy Show! Special “The Amazing Jonathan” Late Night Show! Fireworks after the final show — over the Grand River! July 4 – 7! Amway Grand Plaza Hotel! Grand Rapids! Attractive and walk-able downtown! Eight excaliburish bars/lounges/restaurants in the hotel, over 25 eateries/bars between the hotel and theater! Beer City! Enjoy some craft beer! Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum! Grand Rapids Public, Children’s, and Art Museums! John Ball Zoo! A Francis Menotti favorite: Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park! Register at www.magician.org/convention. Convention schedule is posted. More about Grand Rapids at www.experiencegr.com. PIP June Horowitz and Ring 211 invite all magi to our grand city!

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