Ring 211 February 2018 Report

Brad Lancaster presented our February workshop. His topic was on thumb tip techniques. Brad showed us a metal and cream color thumb tip he had which dates back to 1968. He displayed an array of thumb tips and prefers to use plastic and vinyl. He informed that the best fit for a thumb tip is when it fits right above the knuckle so there is enough space to vanish items. He emphasized the key to success in using a thumb tip is “naturalness.” Whenever one show the hands empty, always point the thumb tip directly at the spectator and do this briefly. Do not show the the hand with the thumb tip as a challenge. He gave examples of this by demonstrating what he calls “the wave,” “the in the face point,” and “the open palm display.” Also, do not hold up your hands as if in a robbery pose — instant giveaway. For the silk vanish, he demonstrated four methods of getting the thumb tip into the fist: closed fist method, left thumb method, right thumb method, and stroke method. Next, he demonstrated three methods of stealing the thumb tip from the fist: the tuck principle, the pivot principle, and the tail principle. He advises to always add theater. One is going to do a minor miracle, so treat it as such. He continued by showing us how to show the hand with the thumb tip empty and making the silk reappear by the “look and grab” and “point and grab” methods. We thank Brad for the workshop. Look for some interesting upcoming workshops. Brad is now our workshop chair. We thank Charles Bennett for his time as the chair. He is recuperating from a fall.

Tonight the program was titled “A Tribute To Couples” with Ron Carnell as the emcee. Dennis Favreau opened the show with his cocoa beans, sugar, and tin foil in one hand . . . add heat . . . and two Hershey Kiss candies is the result. He continued with Napkin to Rose (Michael Mode) and then with Nancy Greiner presented a duo cut and restored paper heart routine in which exchange corners matched the restored paper hearts. MagicBob Zoerman illuminated us with a prediction involving a phone note book of a girl friend from his youth days. His prediciton matched with a comic picture. Jeff Brodrick followed with a card prediction involving Bruce and Sara Wehr. Next, Marc Denton chose three cards from a choice of two decks, one blue and one red. Jeff matched the cards chosen from the other deck. April Thompson (daughter of Steven) produced balloons from a bag, made a heart out of one of them, and vanished the rest. Very well done . . . she stole our hearts. Nancy Greiner (new member) chilled us with her act as being “Chi Chi” and performing another torn and restored paper heart routine and Dennis Favreau was involved again in this one as the disrespectful lover. Ron Carnell closed the show with a performance on the power of suggestion. He had MagicBob Zoerman and his wife SuZie challenge each other. Somehow by the power of suggestion (magic?) SuZie could maintain her arm held up strong, MagicBob could not. SuZie could bend a nail, MagicBob could not. SuZie could break a thread and tear a slip of paper. Could MagiBob? No.

Another night of magic and fun was had. We thank all the performers. Reminder: The I.B.M. Convention is being billed as “The Greatest Magic Convention of 2018.” Twenty smashing performers! Unbelievable Evening Shows! Stage and Close-Up contests with cash prizes! World Class Dealers! Eleven Outstanding Lectures! The Legions of Comedy Show! Special “The Amazing Jonathan” Late Night Show! Fireworks after the final show — over the Grand River! July 4 – 7! Amway Grand Plaza Hotel! Grand Rapids! Attractive and walk-able downtown! Eight excaliburish bars/lounges/restaurants in the hotel, over 25 eateries/bars between the hotel and theater! Beer City! Enjoy some craft beer! Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum! Grand Rapids Public, Children’s, and Art Museums! John Ball Zoo! A Francis Menotti favorite: Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park! Register at www.magician.org/convention. More about Grand Rapids at www.experiencegr.com. PIP June Horowitz and Ring 211 invite all magi to our grand city!

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