Ring 211 January 2018 Report

IMG_6851Gil Scott presented our January workshop. One of the card effects he showed he wanted to reinforce into us to look at improving a flaw. One could improve the card trick by having a card reading “off by one” being produced. The second card effect dealt with having two cards being faced up after cutting the deck. The third involved guessing the number of cards, adding face up cards to one of the piles, and having the whole deck changing to being face-up. He also shared his thoughts on patter and scripting. He demonstrated the pass, the top change, and the double lift. He reminded us to take advantage of normal body movements when doing a card move and emphasized that the big move covers the small move (card move or sleight). Thanks Gil.

Tonight the program theme was “May the Force Be With You” with our program chair Ron Carnell. Magi could perform a trick or routine in which a force was involved. Marc Denton performed a card trick which challenged the spectator to avoid choosing the “death card.” The spectator was spared by a note which was next to the death card. Brad Lancaster impressed us with a card selection routine in which he spelled to the card and the rest of the selection was the four aces. Welcome back Joe Bennett from Paw Paw, Michigan! He dazzled us with a card routine in which the chosen card happened to be the only red back card in a blue back deck. Gil Scott intrigued us with a psychic card routine which involved two selections. Randy Vander Wal performed a favorite of his, Las Vegas Glasses (Karrell Fox, Dick Stoner). Jeff Brodrick enlightened us with a coin prediction involving many pennies with different dates. His prediction of the date matched. Hank Slagter impressed us by matching the chosen card with the same card from another deck. Steven Elkowitz “wowed” us by having the chosen card be revealed on his smart phone. The back of the card was shown and it turned around to reveal the selection. Ron Carnell thrilled us with four routines: a version of Tossed Out Deck, a “Scrabble-like” prediction in which he got the letter and the rest of the letters spelled out the revealed card selected, matching a chosen card by NLP (neuro-linguistic programming technique), and a 3 Fly Coin routine. P. J. Weber closed the show with a coin to large penny production and vanish and then a card selection in which the card was revealed from his back pocket.

Another night of magic and fun. A thanks to Ron and all the performers. Hope to see many of you at the I.B.M. Annual Convention this year in Grand Rapids! July 4 – 7. Smashing entertainment! Lance Burton Teen Seminar for the youth! Amway Grand Plaza Hotel — historic luxury blended with today’s indulgent luxury with eight lounges and eateries! Includes two Wolfgang Puck restaurants and a Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse! Shops, pool, spa and salon, tennis court, and fitness center! Over 25 walkable eateries between hotel and the classic vaudevillian Civic Theatre! Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum! Frederik Meijer Botanical Gardens and Sculpture Park! Plus more attractions! Oh, and check out a few of the many craft breweries in the Beer City! Convention will be Grand! All details at www.magician.org. Find out more about Grand Rapids at www.experiencegr.com.

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