Ring 211 to host Duane Laflin and Wayne Houchin lectures

At the September 12 Board Meeting, Lecture chair Dave Bogden announced two lectures being added to the Ring 211 schedule.

October 10, 2011 – Duane Laflin Lecture

The Ring will host the first of what may be two back-to-back lectures by Duane Laflin (more details will follow should the second, very different, lecture be scheduled). Exact time and place will be forthcoming.

Update 9/27 – As hoped, Dave Bogden was able to schedule a second lecture for Duane while he’s in town. The first lecture will be Monday, October 9, with a second lecture following the next evening, Tuesday, October 10. Both lectures will start at 7:15pm and be held at Brann’s.

Duane is a sought-after lecturer among magic clubs, most recently both performing and lecturing at the 2011 Michigan Magic Day event (I was there; he was great!).  Duane was a featured lecturer at ClownFest 2004, a popular clown convention and also lectured at the 2007 convention of The International Brotherhood of Magicians held in Reno, Nevada. Duane produced and starred in a popular four-volume series of instructional videos on silk magic, and also produced and appeared in the instructional video, “Simply Beautiful Silk Magic”. For most of the past two years, his very popular stage show has been booked solidly at the “Magic Beyond Belief” theater in Pigeon Forge, TN, until the facility was sold in late 2010. Word has it that the Laflin family is currently building a new stage (literally) in South Dakota. We’re going to be very lucky to have him in Michigan for a few weeks this Fall.

Check out Duane’s Web site at http://christianillusionist.com/ for more details about the man and his magic.

November 11, 2011 – Wayne Houchin Lecture

Ring 211 will host a lecture by Wayne Houchin. We’ll get you the precise time and location as soon as we can.

Update 9/27The November 11 lecture with Wayne Houchin will start at 7:30pm and be held at Brann’s Steakhouse.

Wayne Houchin has been making national headlines since he was 16 (for escaping from a straightjacket while hanging upside-down fifty feet in the air). In 2003, or there abouts, Banachek stumbled across an underground tape featuring Houchin’s original magic and subsequently took the young magician under his wing. That led to consultation work for the A&E series, Criss Angel: Mindfreak, and that led to a DVD of Houchin’s signed quarter through soda can, Sinful, with Angel. Other effects released by Houchin include Stigmata and Indecent.

In 2007, Houchin joined forces with others to form www.theory11.com, a new online site devoted to the advancement of the art of magic that quickly gained in popularity.

Here’s a video of Houchin describing his X-Elent Lecture Tour, taped with Ring 211’s Lecturer of the year, Shawn Farquhar (okay, so Lee Asher makes an appearance, too).



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