Ring Event: Trevor Duffy Lectures to Ring 211

On Sunday, July 16, the day after the I.B.M./S.A.M. Combined Convention ended in which Trevor had a dealer booth, he began his U.S. lecture tour and Grand Rapids was his first stop.

Trevor Duffy is a professional magician and innovator of magic, who has performed in the United States, England, Australia, parts of Africa and now resides in Johannesburg, South Africa. He has received Gold medal awards in South African National championships. In 2002, he won a Gold medal in the category of invention, for his and Denton Cooley’s card trick, Minds in Focus and later in the year, placed second place in the Australian I.B.M. Close-up competition.

Ring 211 member Bill Rasmussen briefs us what Trevor’s lecture was all about in the below paragraphs.

He performed many effects such as: Double Your Money. Here he took a $5 bill from an audience member and right before us in his hands he folded it into a $10 bill and returned it to the audience member, handing it back with the comment that he learned early in life that “it is better to give than to receive.” Nice routine, very understandable, without any noticeable props.

Signed Card to Both Pockets. Here he had me select a card at random, sign it, and hand it to him. Within a few moves, he displayed that it was in his “right” trouser pocket! Then, after some more moves, it vanished! He removed the card from his “right” pocket and, surprisingly, it was a different, unsigned card! What happened to “my” card? Astonishingly, he removed a card from his “left” front trouser pocket and it was “my” signed card! Whew!

Invisible Deck. I have seen this trick performed many times by others and, in fact, Christian and I perform it sometimes. But, Trevor has a completely different twist to the trick. He starts with his hands empty. And I mean completely empty! Then, he goes through the “normal” routine of “throwing the invisible deck” out to a spectator having the spectator doing the “normal” twists and turns of “turning over” one of the cards, returning the card to the “invisible deck,” and throwing the deck back to Trevor. Then, out of nowhere, the deck turns “visible” in his hand! Astonishing! Then, after the revelation of the reversed card (the spectators selected and reversed card), he is able to make the deck vanish again, right before our very eyes! Incredible. Besides these three gems, he demonstrated other great tricks, as well. One of the great feats was his ability to make a deck of cards (and I mean an “ungaffed deck of cards”) smoke right in his hand before us “on his command!” I was mystified! At the end of the show I spent $195 for his complete package. This package included his unique creation (which, by the way, he builds and sells) that makes any deck (or other object) smoke right in his hands!

As is usual with great lectures such as this, I went away broke. Quite a bit of magic by him!

This was a splendid lecture. We thank Trevor and recommend him to any club. We thank our lecture chair Dave Bogdan (bogsmagic@comcast.net) and Bill for submitting what happened. For more information and video visit these links: More info and video visit these links: http://trevorduffy.co.za/products-page and www.trevorduffy.co.za.

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