Ring 211 July 2017 Report

Gil Scott presented our July workshop. This was on Banachek’s Ring of Truth. One can do this logic trick using a coin or any item one can hold in their hand. It was a truth or lie routine. Two people are used. Either one can lie or tell the truth. One holds the item and the magi determines whom. The magi asks the first person, “Did you choose the same.” That is, are you both telling the truth or lying? The person answers. Then the magi asks the second person, “Do you have the item?” The person answers. Then the magician requests whoever actually has the item to hand it over. Next, Gil did a similar truth or lie routine by asking “Does this road lead into town?” Thank you Gil.

At this meeting, our newly elected officers took their positions. They are Jeff Brodrick, President; Trino Schincariol, Vice President; Charles Bennett, Secretary; Michele Parkes, Treasurer; Sergeant at Arms, Jim Parkes; June Horowitz, Emeritus Member; Gil Scott and Dave Bogdan, Board Members at Large. We thank P. J. Weber for serving as president, Charles Bennett as vice president, and Jesse Shira for serving as secretary the last two years. We thank Jim and Michele Parkes along with Gil, Dave, and June for their service as they were also elected again.

Tonight was Mental Night or Mentalism. Ron Carnell was the emcee. Christian Rasmussen with the assistance from his father Bill presented Cataclysm by Brian Caswell. Three cards are chosen by a audience member and displayed. The numbers (each card has a random number on the back of it) from each of the chosen cards matched the numbers on the back of three cards displayed in a photo. Bill made a stage version of this routine. In fact one can view this routine on YouTube.

Dr. Jack Vander Wal performed a card routine by John Born. One audience member holds a wallet from the magi. Three audience members choose the card (red or black, then suite, then value). The back of the deck is shown in which each card has a different monetary value (dollar and cents). The card determined by the audience is shown and the value on the back of the card matches the value of the money in the wallet.

Marc Denton determined what two objects Trino was thinking by asking a few questions.

Jeff Brodrick impressed us with the “Phil” card trick. Then a plate of various food items was displayed and Jeff determined the food item chosen twice. This routine was “Food For Thought.”

Bob Panlener intrigued us with a card routine involving fate or chance.

Randy Vander Wal performed Sketch Book by Samuel Patrick Smith.

Gary Laundre’ baffled us by having a person choose a random shape among many pieces of paper in which the prediction matched.

Trino performed an impressive book test.

Steven Elkowitz (welcome back from the U. P.) had various people provide three digit numbers and these were multiplied many times as each person put in their number. The result was the final number rang Steven’s phone.

Ron Carnell closed the show with what he called “Blind Luck.” Blind Luck is his own routine, using methods by Woody Aragon for the first phase and Bob Cassidy for the second phase. In the first phase, a dollar bill was selected from many (to insure a random selection), placed into an envelope which was then signed by the volunteer, and finally moved around with four empty envelopes. He was blindfolded and, no matter where the volunteer moved the envelopes, Ron eliminated empty envelopes until only the signed envelope remained. Then is the second phase the dollar bill is removed from the envelope and he read the volunteer’s mind to determine the serial number.

Another night of magic and fun. Our annual Hocus Pocus Party takes place Saturday, November 4, at the KC Banquet Center. More details on the club’s web site. This party includes strolling close-up magic, cash bar, dinner, balloon twisting, face painting, fortune telling, and a cabaret show. Also, Ring 211 is excited to be the hosting Ring of the 2018 I.B.M. Convention right here in Grand Rapids. Hope to see you there!

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