Ring 211 June 2017 Report

Hey! The 2018 I.B.M. Convention is in Grand Rapids, Michigan! Information and registration available at www.magician.org.

We held no workshop for this June meeting. Tonight’s program was “A Tribute To Couples.” This month Ring 211 celebrated the magic of, the magic about, and the magic for couples. MagicBob Zoerman opened the show with his version of Jumbo Split Deck. Jeff Brodrick used a blue backed deck and a red one. The card was chosen from the red backed deck and happened to be the 36th card down in the blue one. Dennis Favreau performed Napkin To Rose (Michael Mode). Phil Gleason impressed us with two parachute cords by by linking loops and penetrated the cords from finger to finger. Ron Carnell closed the show with what he called “Spell The Lie Card Trick.” By lady’s intuition, the chosen card had turned around in the deck.

Another night of magic and fun. A thanks to the performers and all who came.

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