Ring 211 October 2016 Report

For our October workshop Jeff Brodrick brought in a few videos of Don Alan’s “Magic Ranch TV Show.” This show ran for thirteen episodes in 1961 on the ABC network. In the selection we saw Senator (Clarke) Crandall and Jack Gwynne. Thanks Jeff.

Tonight was Table-Hopping Round Robin in preparation of the upcoming Hocus Pocus Party (report to soon follow in upcoming edition). It will be the 30th Edition. Bill and son Christian Rasmussen (who will be one of the featured acts on the cabaret show of the party plus join together in performing strolling magic) performed an astonishing card routine called “Whitewash” (by Auke van Dokkum) from Card Shark. MagicBob Zoerman (in which the club . . . should have done this years ago . . . was just named Ring 211 Chaplain) presented a mind boggling challenge involving a spectator to lift three decks of playing cards. This was a weight challenge. He also performed a lottery type routine in which he matched the lucky number. Jeff Brodrick performed “Houdini’s Influence” (a photograph card routine) and a his Card Printer (a card silk routine). Randy Baker had his grandson Julian Leeball (5 years old — who will join him in performing strolling magic at the Hocus Pocus Party) impressed us with a three-shape prediction. Then Randy continued with another card selection and matching prediction along with a double prediction revelation. Wayne Ramsdell . . . oh boy . . . intrigued us with a string and ring routine and followed with a nut magically screwing itself off of the bolt. Dr. Jack (Happy Jack) Vander Wal performed Doc Eason’s “All Screwed Up!” This is a fabulous nut and bolt routine. He followed with Norm Nielsen’s (Japanese) Chop Cup Tea Cup Routine. Dennis Favreau closed the evening off with a thumb cuff escape, a two card transposition, and a dandy ribbon and finger ring routine.

Another night of magic and fun. Thanks to the performers and all who participated.

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