Ring 211 August 2016 Report

In August, we do not have either a board meeting nor a regular meeting because we have our annual picnic. Once again, it was held at Dr. Jack Vander Wal’s back yard which blends into Crystal Lake. Members, their friends, and family members arrived just past 2 PM on Sunday, August 21, which happened to be a beautiful sunny day. Members brought salads and desserts. The club furnished the dinnerware, soft drinks, burgers, and hot dogs. Those who attended chatted among each other about their summer activities, the latest on the magic scene, and a few magi performed a close-up trick or two. Dr. Jack Vander Wal grilled the burgers and hot dogs (no he passed that down to me now). Jesse Shira assisted in the serving. The food was delightful and enjoyed by all. After the meal, an impromptu show was put on.

I began the show with the Princess Card Trick rolling out as a banner (marketed through Michael Mode). Gary Oisten performed his classic version of Signed, Sealed, and Delivered. Wayne Ramsdell humored us with his card selection and find routine which involved many piles and adding of cards. He successfully found the chosen cards. Jeff Brodrick amused us with a succession of diminishing fans and back. MagicBob Zoerman amazed us with a lottery tickets routine. Somehow, he had the winning number. Dr. Jack Vander Wal performed Sight Unseen by Joshua Jay. Bill and son Christian Rasmussen impressed us with their card skills and brilliance. Christian took a few seconds to scan the entire face up deck spread. Then two cards were chosen. The cards were mixed, shuffled, and cut. By Christian’s mental powers the two cards were found. As of this writing, PIP June Horowitz has just turned 103 years young! Happy Birthday June!

Once again, it was a great fun time of a picnic. Thanks to all who came and also for bringing their edibles. Hocus Pocus Party is Saturday, November 5. It is the 30th edition. All details on our web site.

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