Ring 211 June 2016 Report

Gil Scott presented our June workshop. Gil shared with us his thoughts on what an opener should be since the program tonight included that topic. He suggested that one’s opener may vary and may have to adapt to the situation at the moment. His topic for this workshop was on false shuffles and cuts. Gil at times will use an alcohol based lotion for his hands for better card control. He suggests for one to be casual and avoid attention. The false shuffles and cuts he demonstrated were: false overhand shuffle, three section false cut, swivel cut, and the Frank Thompson Cut with a swivel cut. He concluded his workshop with an ambitious card routine and card to pocket with a small talk on the Azra Illusion. Thanks to Gil for the workshop.

Tonight was Openers & Closers. One had to perform either an opener, a closer, or both. Dr. Jack Vander Wal performed the Vanishing Canary & Cage. Bill Rasmussen presented an amazing two packet card match. A sealed deck was unsealed by a spectator and used. A packet of cards were chosen for each of two glasses. The cards were mixed and then both packets matched in each glass. Jeff Brodrick dazzled us with a wand and silk appearance. Jesse Shira enlightened us with a card selection which involved the 52 on one card and the conclusion being a card to wallet. Randy Vander Wal closed the show with the Famous Far Eastern Card Effect which included constumes and dancing around Rajah the Rising Cobra to find the selected Card (Kyber Kobra).

Tonight was another “magic and fun” night. A thanks to all who came and the performers. Ring 211’s 30th Earl Ray Wilcox Memorial Hocus Pocus Party is Saturday, November 5. Details on the club’s web site.

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