Ring Event: Richard Osterlind Lecture

2011-08-osterlind-327-largeOn Wednesday, August 24, Ring 211 had the pleasure of hosting a lecture by Richard Osterlind. This same week Richard also lectured for Ring 22 in Detroit and Ring 36 in Flint. In this new exciting lecture, a number of effects from Mind Mysteries DVD Series (L&L Publishing) were performed and taught in a In this new exciting lecture, a number of effects from Mind Mysteries DVD Series (L&L Publishing) were performed and taught in a hands-on environment:

  • Perfected Center Tear
  • Mental spoon bending and twisting
  • Breakthrough Card System
  • Irrestible Forces
  • Industrial Strength Link
  • The Dynamo Deck (his stacking method)
  • corner short techniques to reveal chosen card
  • use of Dunninger’s Fan to reveal chosen card
  • Transparent Forces
  • Ultra Board and Epitome Board
  • ThoughtScan

Richard also offered deep insights on the subject of magic and mentalism, as only he can, taken from his many experiences, books and DVD’s on the subject. The Osterlind Trilogy (his essays and philosophy of performance magic, comprised of Making Magic Real, Making Real Magic, and Essays), has changed the way many performers regard our art. He has been a prolific performer and creator of mentalism and magic for his entire life. Besides the Osterlind Breakthrough Card System, he is the originator of the Perfected Center Tear, the Radar Deck, ThoughtScan, the Osterlind Stainless Steel Blindfold, the Epitome and Ultra Boards, Industrial Strength Link, the Dynamo Deck, and many other marketed and widely-used magic and mentalism effects. His published works include Mind Over Matter, his Mind Series (seven volumes), Zodiac Revolution, The Principles of Mentalism, The Principles of Magic, Mystique, The Osterlind Trilogy (comprised of Making Magic Real, Making Real Magic, and Essays), The Very Modern Mindreader, The Perfected Center Tear, Dynamic Mysteries, Three Miracle Routines, Two Perfected Routines, and a guide book series for his Mind Mysteries DVD series (of which five of the projected seven volumes are already in print.) In addition to the seven volumes of the Mind Mysteries DVD series, he has also appeared in a number of other very popular DVD projects, including Corinda’s 13 Steps to Mentalism, No Camera Tricks, Easy to Master Mental Miracles (all from L&L Publishing) and Challenge Magic. He had all his routines he showed, his books, and DVDs available for sale as well as a bonus disc.

A side note: Richard was the featured cover story in the February 2008 Linking Ring Journal. His Mind Mysteries is the most successful mentalism DVD series in history. The set represents almost all of Richard’s creations over his professional career. Besides doing scores of shows yearly for Fortune 500 companies, he’s found time to create some of mentalism and magic’s most original effects. This was a unique & rare lecture, we did not want miss, given by a working professional and prolific creator/writer for the last 40 years! Ring 211, 22, and 36 all highly recommend him to any club. This lecture was through Nathan Kranzo (nathankranzo@gmail.com) with the help of John Luka (johnlukamagic@gmail.com). Visit Richard at www.richardosterlind.com and www.osterlindmysteries.com for his products.

–Randy Vander Wal (Mark Kandel of Ring 22 contributed to this report.)

Photographs taken by Dr. Jack Vander Wal (click images for bigger picture)

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