Ring 211 August 2011 Report

In August, we hold our annual picnic, instead of the regular meeting. Here members bring themselves, family, and friends for a great time of socializing, eating, magic, and also fishing.

Magi and friends began arriving just past 2 PM on Sunday, August 21, in the back yard of Dr. Jack Vander Wal’s residence. One could not ask for a better sunny and with a light breeze day. Gil Scott, Jeff Haddock, MagicBob Zoerman, and June Horowitz, I noticed were showing each other tricks. Gil and Jeff were exploring false shuffles. To add to the fun, Ron Carnell brought two people with him from Colon, about a ninety minute drive away. Dave Bogdan, eager to visit with Gil, Jeff, etc., found himself upon the shoreline of the adjacent lake unhooking the many fish being caught by his sons Keegan and Kellan and then other youngsters from the Sam Durocher clan: Savannah, Max, and Jasmine. Max came quite close to breaking the record set by Gary Oisten three years ago. Members brought delicious salads, desserts, chips, and dip. This went well with the hot dogs and burgers furnished by the club. Dr. Jack fired up his new grill and flame-broiled the burgers adding his secret spices. He left me grilling the hot dogs on the old charcoal one.

After the meal, it was time for an impromptu magic show. I opened the show with the Ball to Jumbo Square (Goshman) and later presented Paint My Flower (Laflin). Jasmine (four or five years of age) Durocher begged to perform to enlighten us with a hand vanish. Chuck Bennett exercised our minds with his mental die routine. Many chose by random a particular side of the die. He matched the many sides chosen. Dr. Jack Vander Wal performed a Professor’s Nitemare routine plus a cut and restored rope routine involving a ring. Ron Carnell astonished us with a four coin routine which involved vanishes and appearances. Jim Parkes, also on the mental mind set, puzzled us with his revealing of numbers involved with a Keno lottery ticket. Peter Stobie wore an “a-moose-ment” cap and engaged us with a few cow related one-liners. He then magically blew steam to cause his cap to rise from his head. He amazed us with his card rise routine. June Horowitz closed the picnic with her enlightening way of presenting the Twenty-six Cent Trick.

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