Ring 211 June 2015 Report

IMG_5036.JPGGary Laundre’ presented the June workshop. He titled it, “Making An Old Classic New.” He performed four routines and explained “the old into the new.” What he called an “energy tube” purchased from a hobby store, he used to magically link people’s hand together to transmit energy which lit up the so called tube. He even used the magic light bulb with this and an Invisible Deck routine. Also, he mentioned one could incorporate this tube with the Nut Off Bolt by creating an “energy vortex” from the audience. Next, he performed his Cat Scan routine an impressive card and find routine which involved a “cat scan” with a fluffy toy cat which was hooked to a processor and the result was a picture of the spectator’s brain with the insert picture of the card chosen. Next, six various color gem stones all turn red matching the red stones of the Hot Rod. A card selection (using the Pop-Eyed Popper Deck) and his wind up mini bunny rabbit (which appeared from a mini top hat he had made) found the card. He noted that he uses the mini top hat in his “No Chop Cup” Chop Cup routine. Thanks Gary.

New officers took their positions at this meeting. P. J. Weber, President; Charles Bennett, Vice President; Michele Parkes, Treasurer; Jesse Shira, Secretary; Jim Parkes, Sgt. at Arms; June Horowitz and Dr. Jack Vander Wal, Board Members at Large. The club thanks Michele Parkes for her presidential duties the last two terms, as well as Bill Rasmussen for being the Treasurer, Dr. Jack Vander Wal for being Secretary, Gil Scott and June Horowitz for Board Members at Large. The club looks forward to the newly elected officers.

Tonight was “By The Book.” One could perform a routine learned from a book or any magic periodical. Steven Elkowitz treated us to a performance of his manipulation act for competition which he just did at the Youth Chapter Meeting (see above report). Greg Raven, who is in town playing Dr. Grin’s Comedy Club (previous member now residing in Florida), performed a book test called the Yogi Book Test. Jim Merrills shared a story about how he and his daughter Kristi (and much credit to her creativity and genius when she was nine years old) built a sword box illusion from Pete Eldin’s “The Magic Handbook.” She had found a way to add more swords to the illusion, twenty-three in all. This “homemade” illusion caught the eye of Doug Tilford and it was sold through his publications. Some magician performed the first one sold through Tilford at the Excalibar Hotel in Las Vegas. Eleven were sold each at $1495.00. Cool story. Peter Stobie impressed us with Earthshoes from Joshua Jay’s “Magic The Complete Course, Nose Break, Eye Scream, and French Fry Up Nose (all from “Tricks With Your Head” by Mac King and Mark Levy). He finished with Son of Morning (lit match vanish) from “Tricks For The Part- Time Pro” by Gene Anderson. Gary Laundre’ astonished us with a sponge ball routine using Silvia, June Horowitz’s friend. The routine was from Mark Wilson’s “The Complete Course In Magic.” Jesse Shira followed by performing Order From Chaos (see above report). Dr. Jack Vander Wal performed The Trick That Cannot Be Explained by Dai Vernon.

What another fun-filled evening of magic. We thank all our performers. Saturday, November 7 is the 29th Hocus Pocus Party. See web site for details.

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