Ring 211 Youth Chapter June 2015 Report

IMG_0173.JPGThe Ring 211 June Horowitz / John DeVries Magic Club Youth Chapter met on Friday, June 19, 2015 from 6:30-8:30 at the residence of June Horowitz in Grand Rapids. Youth present included, Jessie Shira, Steven Elkowitz, Dalton DeWitt, Tori Shannon and Evan Priem. Youth Advisors present included Peter Stobie, Dr. Gary Laundre and June Horowitz. Parents present included Kristen Priem, Jennifer Elkowitz, Tom Shannon, and also June’s caretaker, Richard. We thank the parents and siblings for their support and transportation to our Youth for these meetings.

We had a great meeting for our 6 month mark! We had our meeting at Past International President June Horowitz’s house in Grand Rapids, MI. June will be 102 in September, 2015 and she was full of enthusiasm as our hostess for this meeting. June welcomed the youth with cookies and beverages and we all gathered around her dining room table. Pete started the meeting with announcements and from there went into introductions of everyone.

We then opened the floor for performance. The topic was magic from a book, however, any performance is always welcomed. Dalton started the magic off with a torn and restored in a card box effect. Jessie performed the card effect Order from Chaos from Joshua Jay’s Magic the Complete Course and another card effect titled Cheek to Cheek. Evan freked Tori out with Michael Ammar’s Little Hand as “a creepy little hand reaches out of Evan’s Hands and snatches a coin he attempted to vanish! Tori’s reaction was priceless! Gary entertained us with his spring-loaded boxing glove he used to get our attention. He then did a cup & ball routine with a small crystal box and a small ball. Gary also got everyone involved with a card prediction as Jennifer held a closed card case. We all held hands and Gary connected the group with a transparent cylinder, a clear tube! When the circuit was complete the tube had lights and sound that went off! Gary checked and made sure the energy had built up with a light bulb. When Gary waved the bulb over the circle it lit up. He then had a member name a card and when Jennifer opened the deck the named card was the only one flipped over in the deck!

We then were all treated to Steven’s first public performance of his Manipulation Routine he has been practicing for Competition! Steven has a sure to be award winning smile and his magic was as smooth! He combined card and coin flourishes with billiard ball and silk routines. Everyone complemented Steven on his hard work and entertaining manipulation. We wish you well in your upcoming competitions!

IMG_0172a.JPGWe wrapped the evening up with a Q & A session with PIP June Horowitz. The kids asked her what her first trick that she performed? “The Egg Bag.” What kind of magic did you perform? “I started on stage with my father, but I really enjoyed close-up magic.” What is your go to trick that you perform now? “Card Tricks.” Other questions were asked, but June had one for us. She wanted to know if 10 year old Tori, our only girl representative member would perform a trick? Tori asked to borrow a quarter and proceeded to vanish it with an impressive French Drop.

I turned the question and asked June if she would perform a trick for us? She responded by asking if we insisted? We did! She took out a deck of cards and removed five of them. She tore them all in half showing an impressive feat of strength at 101! She then separated the halves into two piles. She then asked us to choose a pile and she said a word. She counted the cards to the bottom for the number of letters in each word. June made us laugh by saying, “Wouldn’t it be great if I blew this?” We were allowed to have her switch piles at point in the counting. She did this four times after each of the words which spelled “Last Two Cards Match.” When she asked someone if they wanted to switch, she turned to Evan and said, “Should I use him or an honest person?” True enough, she turned the last two halves over and they matched. Then to everyone’s amazement she turned over the other four pairs and they all matched as well. Thank you June for hosting and everyone else for an entertaining evening and a fantastic meeting!

Jim will be sending out an e-mail soon about the July Meeting, scheduled for July 24, 2015. Remember, that as a youth you are welcome to join our Monthly Youth Chapter Meetings for six times before you officially join the Club. We ask you to Join IBM Ring 211 for Yearly dues of $10 and strongly encourage you to check out the International Brotherhood of Magicians and become an official junior member through their website at www.magician.org. Also keep up on all upcoming Meetings, Lecture and other Ring 211 events at our website at WWW.Ring211.org and also like us on FaceBook at I.B.M. Ring 211.

The next Youth Chapter meeting will be on July 24, 2015 at 6:30-8:00pm. Location Denny’s on 28th Street. Watch your e-mail!

The purpose of the IBM Youth Chapter is as follows.

  • Youth magicians will have an opportunity to get together and share, practice and perform magic in a setting that is comfortable to them.
  • Have available resources for them to grow in the art and hobby of magic through the local Ring 211 Magic Club and IBM as a National Membership.
  • Have a limited number of adults present during the meetings so this can be primarily youth driven and not pose the adult intimidation factor often experienced by youth in front of adults.
  • All adult members who wish to visit the Youth Chapter Meetings should clear this by the Youth Chapter Advisers and attend only as observers unless otherwise directed by Youth Chapter Advisers.
  • Youth can waive Ring 211 dues for their first 6 attendances to the ring 211 Youth Chapter meetings but will be required to pay Ring 211 dues after that at $10 for Youth age seven to seventeen. For more information on IBM Ring 211 please see Ring 211 Website at www.ring211.org
  • Also after six attendances of Ring 211 Chapter Meetings, Youth will be strongly encouraged to apply for IBM National Junior Membership for age seven to seventeen. For more information on IBM Membership please see International Brotherhood of Magicians website at www.magician.org

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