Ring 211 May 2015 Report

Gil Scott presented our May workshop. It was on his continuing series: “Everything One Wants To Know About Card Magic But Is Too Afraid To Ask.” Gil performed a sequence from Darwin Ortiz on card counting and shuffle tracking. In each trick, Gil could cut to the chosen card. He also showed how he did this and had Steven Elkowitz assist. Gil gave insight on “breather crimps” and on Frank Thompson’s False Cut. While at it, Gil also talked about corner shorts, gluing a center of a card onto another to make a locator card, how one can use Superglue on the corners of a card to make it a locator card, “reversed” Svengali Deck, and a “reversed” Pop-eyed Deck. Thank you Gil.

Tonight was Office Magic Night. One could perform magic with items found around one’s office. Randy Vander Wal performed a book test using a dictionary and two die (Elmwood Magic). Dr. Jack Vander Wal performed a coin pail routine with a large coin finish using a pen/pencil container. Jesse Shira performed Composition by Aldo Colombini (from his Card Festival DVD). Then Jesse performed a self folding napkin to crane. Steven Elkowitz impressed us with Hundy 500. Gary Laundre’ amazed us with his salt shaker through table routine and his jack knife (Hot Rod) routine which included the knife vanishing.

Also, tonight President Michele Parkes presented the following award certificates: Peter Stobie, Excellence in Stage; Gary Laundre’, Excellence in Close-Up; Brad Lancaster, Workshop of the Year; Gil Scott, Workshop of the Year. The following received Most Service to Club: Jerry and Kathy Herdegen, Peter Stobie, Ron Carnell, and Dave Bogdan. Stephen Bargatze received Outside Lecturer of the Year.

Another night of magic and fun. Ring 211’s Hocus Pocus Party (29th Edition!) will be Saturday, November 7. See web site for details.

Ring 211 Youth Chapter May 2015 Report

The Ring 211 June Horowitz / John DeVries Magic Club Youth Chapter met on Friday, May 15, 2015 from 6:30-8:30 Denny’s on E. 28th Street in Grand Rapids. Youth present included, Jessie Shira, Paul Vander Woude and Evan Priem. Youth Advisors present included Peter Stobie and Dr. Gary Laundre. We thank the parents and siblings for their support and transportation to our Youth for these meetings.

At 6:30pm, Paul showed us some of his magic from his Magic set from England that got him started in magic. Jessie and Pete helped Paul with his paddle move. Jessie shared a few card effects before Evan arrived. We than all shared different effects with rubber bands, cards, and other items. Evan showed us a ring that he crafted from a half dollar. He hopes to sell these and ones made from quarters in the near future. Pete and Gary provided encouragement, tips and taught a few techniques for the boys to work on. Gary was thrilled with the progress that Paul made in 20 minutes with his paddle move and the many ideas Paul came up for possible patter. It was fun to watch. Gary also enjoyed seeing Evan for the first time as Evan performed many sleights. It was great to have Jessie join us and share his experience and encouragement. Jessie wrapped up the meeting for us with a three parlor routines including, a clever color changing shoe lace routine, asuper hero prediction routine where Paul was given a free comic at the reveal, and a VanderWal family tradition of the Die Box. Great performance to wrap up a very enjoyable low-key evening.

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