Ring Event: Gregory Wilson Lectures to Ring 211

Ring 211 Gregory WilsonGregory Wilson is a two-time FISM award winner who specializes in close-up magic, and is the subject of a chapter in Paul Harris’ book, Art of Astonishment, Vol. 1. He is a regular performer at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, as well as large corporate events all over the world. He is professionally represented by Secret Source Entertainment, Inc. Check his web site out for his full line of product, http://thesecretsource.com. Gregory has also been one of the resident “Wizards” on Syfy’s magic show Wizard Wars with Penn & Teller.

He thinks that every routine must be cool, clever and cutting edge. Also, originality is a high priority while using natural props, direct methods and compelling presentations. Plus, a few special effects along the way are always a nice added bonus. He emphasizes to engage with your audience; bring them in.

His Twitter caption reads, “I earn my living and laughs with deception: card- sharking, pick-pocketing, street-swindling and mental manipulation.”

Ring 211 Gregory Wilson with Rick HowellHe presented a lecture just about ten years ago to Ring 211 and was “back by popular demand!” on Saturday, April 18. Early on he used member Rick Howell (who has a lot of Gregory’s DVD’s) as the “butt of jokes and magic happenings.” Rick was astonished as we all were and was a good sport at being the “go to victim.” All because he innocently was mistaken as a possible heckler/”tongue and cheek wise guy.” Usually, member Wayne Ramsdell fills that role.

From his lecture promo — what we will learn: “Picture The Sting and Catch Me If You Can. This charming and debonair con man will reveal ‘Things I actually carry and use.’ Imagine how much usable material he pulls from his pockets! What will you learn? . . . Cards, Coins, Rings, Pens, Smoke, Paper Money, Poker Chips, Toothpicks, Silverware, Dog Tags, Mentalism, Pickpocketing, Coffeehouse Conjuring. In Greg’s lecture, nothing is what it seems. With a healthy dose of misdirection and psychological influence, you’ll become deeply mystified and love every deceptive minute of it!” — And we did!

Highlights of Gregory’s lecture were:

  • His Something For Nothing Coin Routine
  • An “off the wall” (not planned, he found himself presenting) pick pocket routine using Rick Howell which included use of Rick’s wallet, credit cards, coin pouch, deck of cards, and cell phone
  • Tell of a coin in hand with a watch steel
  • Pointless
  • Recap
  • Holy Smoke
  • Revolution — spinning a playing card on tip of his finger after spinning the deck
  • likewise
  • Exact Change
  • Bandwidth
  • Foreign Affair
  • Switchcraft
  • Coffeehouse Conjuring
  • Plip-ipedia
  • Unleashed

He had available for sale what he presented as well as the following: Double Take, On The Spot, Off The Cuff, Card Stunts, Ring Leader, Pyrotechnic Pasteboards, At The Table Live, and The Poker Test 2.0.

We were well entertained and informed, in fact, engaged. We thank Gregory for his lecture and recommend him to any club. We also thank Dave Bogdan (bogsmagic@comcast.net) our Lecture Chairman for obtaining this lecture through Martin Mercy (mercymemagic@att.net).

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