Ring 211 April 2015 Report

MagicBob Zoerman presented our April workshop. He showed us a PowerPoint slide show presentation of his and his wife’s (SuZie) second mission trip to the Dominican Republic for two weeks this past February. MagicBob and SuZie were accompanied by another performer, Sonny (James) Shipman of Phoenix and two of their grandchildren, Daniel and Emily Spilker from southeastern Pennsylvania. Forty-seven magic shows and chalk art shows were performed by the team to incredible audiences in schools and churches in many Dominican cities and villages including Santo Domingo, Punta Cana, Higüey, Los Frailes, Bajos de Haina, and La Caleta. Between performances the team enjoyed the many ocean view beaches and visited the National Aquarium of the Dominican Republic. They brought back gifts of jewelry featuring the gemstone called Larimar, which is only found in the Dominican Republic and presented a Dominican Larimar necklace to our own PIP June Horowitz. Also, they brought back some flip rings which included the Larimar gem stone. MagicBob’s act featured the MisMade Flag using the flag of the Dominican Republic. He also passed out coins to many students, using sleight of hand, which had a prayer on one side and a Bible quote on the other. He also gave each of us one of the coins. Daniel and Emily were the highlight of the final show at a large Dominican public high school. Ten days after their return to the US, MagicBob & SuZie headed for Turkey. While there they performed one show and visited many archeological sites including the seven churches of Revelation, Istanbul, Troy (replica of the famous Trojan Horse), Assos (ancient Roman Road and an ancient remains of a temple), Ephesus, and many other sites. They also visited Pergamon and the ruins of the Sanctuary of Asclepius (also known as the Asclepium). Asclepius was the Greek god of healing. His symbol was a snake, used even today for the medical profession. MagicBob showed us a relic, a 2200 year old coin with the snake of Asclepius on it. MagicBob answered questions from various members regarding their trip. We all wonder where he’ll be going next??? Thanks MagicBob and SuZie and also to MagicBob in assisting in the writing of this report.

Bob-SandersTonight we had Bob Sanders present a lecture to our club as the program. Bob Sanders runs DoveLite Silk and is from Clanton, Alabama. He had his whole line of silks, gimmicks, THIS, Knots Off, dove harness, 20th Century Silks, Silk to Egg including his ceramic eggs, and more for those interested in purchasing. He had the pleasure of learning from Harold Rice and used Rice silks. He told us of the four sources of silks (Japan, China, Thailand, and India) and that statistics of silks: momme, weaves, hems, square footage, diamond cut, square cut, various sizes, streamers, and measuring by the straight edge. He told us that silk is two-thirds the strength of steel and showed us how to prepare a silk fountain with a tube. He showed us many shapes of silks, prints, custom designs and how to care for silks such as ironing, washing, storing, and some “do’s and don’ts.” Do not use hand sanitizers on silks and spray the magician with Static Guard, not the silk. Bob imports 100% pure China silk with 5 momme. We thank Bob for his informative lecture. Visit him at www.magicbysander.com. Also, check out Magic Valley Magic Convention held this October 2 and 3: flea market, shows, open mic, lectures, etc. See http://magicvalleymagic.com.

Another night of magic and fun.

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