Ring 211 January 2015 Report

IMG_4616Our January workshop was presented by Peter Stobie. Peter gave a short magic show with a Harry Potter theme. He was in costume as “Professor James ‘Mack’ McIlHenney.” He performed the following: Candle lit with d’Lite, Squaring the Circle, Follow the Leader (hand twist), wand twist, Two to One Glasses, Sponge Rock Gag, Boomerang Gag, Ball to Cube, Dead Man’s Finger, Skele-Grow Finger, Superman (physical push challenge), Card Illusion, Silk to Egg, and Son of Morning (lit match in hand vanish). The theme for the show was “Intro to Muggle Studies.” Professor Mack informed us that magic does have its purpose for us. Specifically, for all the young underage wizards (youth in audience) who cannot use spells outside of Hogwarts, there is no harm in using muggle magic. Muggle magic is based on mostly perception and the use of Muggle Science. After the performance, Peter gave a brief lecture on this Harry Potter Experience. Peter, his wife, and their church put on “All Night Lock-Ins” for youth groups. They have presented a few Harry Potter themes. They have presented one for a middle school age group and then another for a high school age group. His wife is quite creative with ideas and many members of their church also get involved. He does two magic segments, others present workshops such as Divination, Flying Lessons, Muggle Studies, History of Magic, Herbology, and Astrology. Snacks are served named and decorated as one were to find in a Harry Potter world. The church halls and rooms are decorated to fit the Harry Potter Experience. Peter gave a final thought for each of us as a challenge to fit magic into other themes, outside the normal genre.

Tonight’s program was Favorite Gimmick. One had to perform a routine using a favorite gimmick. Steven Elkowitz opened with a card selection routine in which he waved his hands over the deck which then magically cut by itself revealing the card flinging upwards. He performed another card routine in which the card was revealed in his hand after the deck had dropped to the floor. Ron Carnell impressed us with a cut and restored silk in newspaper. Jim Parkes dazzled us with a silk in hand vanish, vanishing a pen, and then the silk reappearing from a rolled piece of paper. Dr. Jack Vander Wal pulled a coat button from his suit jacket’s sleeve, vanished it, and it had reappeared back on the sleeve. Cassandra Heimbecker as “Professor Priscilla Peabody Perrywinkle” produced from a booklet spiders, flowers, more flowers, and then dollar bills. In fact, she magically stretched a one dollar bill. Peter Stobie humored us by pulling his finger off and restoring it, pen up his nose, and changing the color of the pen top. P. J. Weber astonished by pouring out the powder of a sweetener packet vanishing it in his hand, only to magically restore the contents into the packet. Bob Panlener amazed us by changing a one dollar bill into a five dollar bill. Wayne Ramsdell followed with a coin routine in which two coins in one hand turned to one coin in one hand and the other to another coin in the other hand. Gary Laundre’ as “Professor Elderberry Winegarden” closed the show by having his Harvey the Rabbit find a selected card.

What another night of magic and fun. Thanks to Peter for the workshop and all our performers. Michigan Magic Day in Kalamazoo this year on May 1, 2 , and 3. Sponsored by Ring 333. More at www.michiganmagicday.com.

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